The Starlet Treatment

Hey Guys! 

I just want to share a new package I will be offering called "The Starlet Treatment"!

Had recently had the pleasure of giving Genevieve Fisher this new service! It includes body bronzing/body glow, soft curls and a full makeup application including false lashes for $180! Here are a couple before and afters of her look... 
Genevieve is an amazingly talented young woman from right here in London. She is one of Canada's brightest up and coming country stars and has accomplished so much already at such a young age! She's all glammed up and ready to attend the CMAO Awards (Country Music Association of Ontario) tonight! Here is a peak at the finished look... 

Looking for that red carpet look and the full Starlet Treatment? Book me for your next special event here!


Peachy Glowy Goodness

Hey Guys! 

So I recently posted this motd (makeup of the day) picture on my instagram and got tons of emails and messages to do a tutorial/step by step on the look. Ask and you shall receive! 

This look is super easy to achieve and super quick! I love a dewy look anytime of a year really but in summer, it's a must! This post has 3 step by steps on how I achieve each section of the look. Let's start with complexion... 


1. Mix a liquid illuminator with your foundation. I used Sun Beam by Benefit with NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation

2. Use a kabuki style foundation brush and buff into skin, starting from the center of the face (T-zone) softening outwards. I did not set this step, I wanted to keep the dewyness going! 

3. Next up apply a concealer/brightening product to the under eye in a V shape, between the brows blending up into the center of the forehead, chin and anywhere else you wish to brighten/conceal. I used the BH Cosmetics Concealer palette. I went ahead and used the darker shade in this palette to also contour my face. 

4. Then, apply a matte bronzer to the areas you contoured (hollows of the cheek, hair line, sides of the nose etc). I used Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced

5. Finish off your complexion with a peachy coloured blush and a glowing highlight. The blush I used is unfortunately discontinued but compare the picture to one you might have or wish to purchase! The highlight I used along the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose is Soft and Gentle by MAC

Next up, eyes! This eye look is sooo easy and sooo fast - it's literally going to be my go to all summer! Here goes... 

1. As always, start with a clean primed eye lid and brows done. 

2. Next take the same highlighting powder you used to highlight your face (I used Soft and Gentle by MAC), pick this product up on a flat dense brush. Begin to build the colour on your lid by pressing the product into the lid rather than dusting it on. Doing so will provide you with a super pigmented look. 

3. Then pic up a little of the matte bronzer you used (I used Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced) on a fluffy blending brush (I used Sephora Pro Blending brush), blend it through the crease using somewhat broad strokes. This will give a beautiful natural looking contour to the eye. 

4. Apply your liquid liner. My go to liquid liner is Line Stiletto by Maybelline

5. Apply false lashes. I used Red Cherry Lashes #43.

6. Apply a white eye liner to the waterline on the lower lashes. Top off the look by highlighting the tear duct and brow bone with the same highlighter!

Lastly, a peachy pout...


Whenever you are creating a super nude/pastel/light coloured lip you always want to neutralize any pink/redness in your natural lip colour. Doing this will help avoid those muddy tones and will help the lip colour that's in the tube show up true to colour. 

1. Take a concealer that matches your skin (nothing too light, something closer to your skin colour), press the concealer into the lips getting into all the little lines and cracks. I used the same concealer as linked above, BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette. 

2. Use a peachy pastel lip colour. I used a shade from the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette. This product is an awesome investment (yes, it is quite pricey). But it can do SO many things! It is definitely more of a professional product but if you are comfortable playing and creating it is perfect for you. It can make foundations, lip sticks, brow fillers, face paint, body paint the list goes on! From the palette I used this pretty pastel peach hue and filled in my lips using and lip brush. 

3. Finish off with a gloss if you wish and highlight your cupids bow! This will all add to that end result of peachy glowy goodness! 

There you have it... 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and all the best recreating this look at home! As always, let me know if you have any questions or if you wish to book me for your upcoming event! 

Have a fabulous day! oXo 


Summer Must Have's of 2014

Hey Guys! 

I recently picked up some summer essentials and thought I'd share them with you. If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen a couple but I had so many questions as to what I was wearing in my recent photos, so, I thought I would fill you in on all of them! For me, summer is about ease, comfort and beauty! I want to look summer fresh but still naturally glam (a girls gotta stay up on her glam!). Check out some of my must haves below. I will be going through each individual product with you! 

Beachy Dream Waves...

Nothing worse on a hot humid day than having to blow dry your hair for a half hour and getting all sweaty! I plan on taking the easy route a lot this summer by letting my hair air dry using these Marc Anthony products! First off, I comb all the tangles out of my hair so it's smooth, then I run an oil through it to smooth and help with frizziness. Next up I apply Strictly Curls Styling Foam in my hand and tousle it throughout my hair, scrunching as I go. Then I shake it out and turn my hair upside down a few times (still scrunching). Next up, I mist on some of the Beach Spray (can be used on straight or curly hair!), scrunch a few more times and call it a day. What's awesome is you can use the Beach Spray to touch up throughout the day as well as the next day to maintain the style. Also, these products smell amazing. That is hugely important to me when it comes to hair products. The beach spray smells like coconuts :) I bought these products at my local Shoppers Drug Mart - it was about $23 bucks for both. 

Peachy Keen... 

This product is a bit of a splurge but OMG, it's my new obsession. I may have to buy a couple other shades... uh-oh! The product is by Dior and it's their Addict Fluid Stick. I purchased mine here in London at Sephora White Oaks for $36.00. This amazing lip product doubles as a lipstick and a gloss. Takes away the two step application process and leaves you with a beautiful pigment as well as a deliciously glossy finish. It feels so silky smooth on the lips, I love it! I picked up #239 Frisson, a nude peach hue (it looks way brighter in the picture for some reason). All in all I am such a fan and will be rocking this all summer long! 

Tropical Pink...

Another lip product I know, but I am going to be all about lips this summer. Keeping my eyes fresh and natural and focusing on lashes and lips! This product is unreal. SUPER pigmented, a little goes a very long way. It has a matte finish with a slight luster/moisture so it doesn't dry up and crack like a lot of mattes. It's creamy and long wearing - perfect combo. This colour looks quite a bit different on, I would say on me, it looks like a bright pink/peach pastel-ish hue. Picked this guy up at Sephora White Oaks for $20. My sister grabbed a darker hue called Mulberry which I may have to get next - a deep raspberry hue. Check out the rest of the shades here!

Dewy and golden...

This has been a staple product of mine for a while now, those who know me know I'm a sucker for a golden glow. This summer I will be religiously mixing this product with my foundation. It gives that perfect all over glow with a beautiful golden undertone. Sun Beam by Benefit can be found at Sephora as well for around $32! 


I am an oil addict. Constantly running oils through my hair as I tend not to wash it for a few days and like it to stay smooth (ish) looking. I also use oils to hydrate my face and body. This little mini on the go oil is perfect for summer to through in a beach bag and drench yourself from head to toe after a long day in the sun! The Divine Oil by Caudalie is all purpose - body, face and hair! This little guy was $10 but you could grab the full size for $52. 

Sweet Jasmine, Orange blossom and more... 

Summer scents can evoke so many memories, beach days, cottage nights or dewy sunny mornings. Bath and Body Works says this candle is...

Fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and the fresh scent of fluffy white towels evoke the endless-summer feel.

Sign me up! Also, love the mason jar packing and mint green hue :) 

Flower Crowns (need I say more?)... 

I'm a bit of a flower crown junkie. If I could wear one everyday, I would. Our wedding was almost two years ago and my husbands' Aunt constructed me one of the most beautiful crowns ever! Check it out (hehe great excuse to show a wedding photo)... 

The crowns from the first photo I picked up at Claire's for about 12 bucks each. Flower crowns are such a great accessory for summer! I think they show off your hair and frame the face really nicely! 

Below I am wearing one of my flower crowns, styled my hair using the products listed above, Sunbeam is mixed into my foundation, and I am wearing the Sephora Luster Matte lip in Pink Flush Luster... 


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 

Dry Shampoo Love

Hey Guys! 

Sad to say but blogs are going to be a little less frequent now that summer is upon us and I will be diving full speed into weddings! I will still do my best to get out as many as I can for you. As always, feel free to request topics here

Today, I want to share with you my new favourite dry shampoo. I use and love many but I'm always willing to try new things. Who knows, you may be missing out on your favourite product because you have been using the same stuff for years. Don't be afraid to switch it up! 

Product: Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder

What Bumble has to say... 

It's equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume in a pinch.

I seriously love Bumble and Bumble, I find their product do what they say they are going to do. I also find a little goes a very long way with most of their products, this one in particular. The powder is a very very finally milled powder that is almost a similar consistency to the Make Up For Ever HD Powder, if any of you are familiar with that. It's silky yet powdery enough to absorb oils and build volume.

I love applying it on freshly washed and blow dried hair, doing this not only adds volume but also extends the life of my shampoo, keeping my hair looking cleaner for longer. As most of you know I am a huge proponent of washing my hair as little as possible. I find it styles better a few days in and the look becomes more lived in and tousled. This product is amazing for all of those purposes! Also, it smells amazing: sweet and citrusy (in my opinion). 

I gotta say, I also love the packaging. That opalescent finish? I'm digging it. 

All in all, two thumbs up Bumble, keep it coming! 

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, to book me for your next event or to inquire about my freelance blogger services :) 

Have a fabulous day oXo 

Out of the Office

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be out of the office from Wednesday April 30th to Wednesday May 7th. I will be away in Vegas for a portion of that time for one of my best friends bachelorette party! I will try to post some of my makeup looks while I'm there for some on-the-go inspiration on my Facebook and Instagram for you guys! Feel free to inquire here - I will get back to all emails promptly, upon my return. 

Thank you!! oXo 

Matte Brown Smokey Eye

Hey Guys! 

Here is a look that's great for day or night. Being that I used all matte shadows the look has a bit of a softer look than if I were to use something more shimmery or iridescent. This is a great look to take you from day to night. If you are attending a wedding in the early afternoon but would like your makeup to look suitable for both the ceremony and the dinner and dance, this is a fab look to try... 


Here are the two palettes I used to create the look as well as the exact shadows from the palettes I used... 

I used the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay and the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. From these palettes I used shadows... 

1. W.O.S

2. Faint 

3. M5 

4. M2 

5. M1 

6. M6 

Let's get started with a step by step tutorial on creating this look...

1. Start with a clean base. Apply a lid primer that conceals any pigmentation in the lid and leaves a smooth neutral canvas to work on. 

2. Pick up Faint and #4 (M2), mix together and apply all over lid. Use a pressing motion rather than a dusting motion to get a full pigmented application. 

3. Pick up #4(M2) and #3(M5) on a fluffy blending brush and blend through the crease, softening the lid colour creating a seamless finish. 

4. Apply W.O.S as a brow highlight blending into the crease colour. 

5. Pick up #5(M1) and #6(M6) and apply these two colours into the outer corner and outer crease, blending until perfect. 

6. Apply liquid liner. 

7. Apply a soft brown pencil liner along the lower waterline and into the outer half of the lashes. This step will look a little messy, just go with it! 

8. Take a smudge brush and a bit of Faint, blend out and soften the liner you just applied on the lower lashes. 

Lastly apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes and a set of false lashes if you wish! 

Here is a closer look at the finished product... 

I finished the look with a matte pink blush and a matte pink lip - making this look totally matte. Feel free to finish it multiple other ways, using peach, coral, orange, or even a darker lip would work! This look is very versatile and can be worn tones of different ways - get creative!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to book me for your next event!  

Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Hey Guys! 

Hope your week is going well! Thought I would brighten up your Thursday afternoon with a review on a brand new product that I am LOVING. It is the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick...

I grabbed two shades, the Melted Coral and the Melted Peony. Other shades include Melted Nude, Melted Ruby, Melted Violet and Melted Fuchsia. Basically the product is exactly what it sounds like. Lipstick melted down into a tube. But not just any lipstick, long wearing, hydrating and deeply pigmented lipstick. Although the lipstick finishes to a matte eventually, it does not dry out the lips like most matte/long wear/stains tend to do. I'm loving these two colours - perfect for spring!

The product features a felt tip squeeze tube, great for applying directly to the lips but still able to squeeze some out onto your hand or a dish to apply more sanitarily with a lip brush. 

Here is a look I did using the Melted Peony with a light application. Another quality I like about the product is you are able to sheer it out or build it up. Allowing to create many shades within just the one colour :) 

Hope this review was helpful for you and as always, feel free to contact me regarding booking me for your next event or any other inquiries! 

NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Review

Hey Guys! 

Thought I would just share a quick product review with you guys! I have been using this product for about a week now and I'm loving it. With spring upon us it's nice to switch up our skin care and makeup routine to include some lighter fresher products. 

The NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation does exactly what it says, it blends into the skin and leaves such a nice dewy finish. I would say it has a light coverage verging on medium if you want to build it up a bit. Not only is the product great but the price point is even better! I picked mine up at Target for $4.99 (CAN).

I also love the packaging, it features an easy to clean pump and pretty metallic pink... 

Here is a closer look at the product itself, lightweight and creamy! I wear shade Medium to Deep, they are "skin matching" so it blends in really nice. If you tend to be oily be sure to set it with a translucent powder! I just leave it as is and apply my bronzer and blush right over once I've given it a minute to set. I do this because I enjoy that dewy finish although it may not be for everyone! 

Here is a look where I am wearing the foundation but I have also used a concealer on my under eye and through my T-zone to brighten and add a bit more coverage...

 Hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have as well as to inquire about booking me for an event! 

Purple and Glitter

Hey Guys! 

Thought I would play around with more glitter today - I've been feeling glitter lately as I'm going to Vegas in May and excited to go all out glam and glitz while I'm there! 

What you will need to achieve this eye look: 

Glitter Glue by Too Faced 

A purple/pink glitter of your choice (unfortunately the one I used is discontinued) 

Sketch by MAC (dark purple)

Beautiful Iris by MAC (lavender with an iridescent sheen) 

Naked Basics Palette 

1. Apply Glitter Glue onto the center of the lid. Then pick up your glitter on a flat synthetic brush and press it onto the lid where you applied the glue. 

2. Apply Sketch onto the inner and outer corners of the lid. 

3. Blend out Sketch and soften the colour into the crease connecting the two over the glitter. 

4. Apply Beautiful Irish onto the tear duct blending up along the crease. 

5. From the Naked Basics Palette apply Naked 2 (soft grey) into the crease softening Sketch and helping to blend out the look further. Also apply W.O.S as a brow highlight. 

6. Apply liquid liner and lashes! 

7. Mirror the top lid by applying sketch along the lower lash line only on the outer and inner edges. 

8. Pick up a bit of Glitter Glue and glitter and press a few sparkles onto the center of the lower lash line. I then finished this look with a bit of white liner along my water line! 

Give this look a try! It's a lot easier than it looks :) Here is a peak at the finished look... 

I finished the look with a super nude lip "In the Buff" by Too Faced and lined with Smashbox The Nude Lip Pencil in "Medium"!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to inquire about booking me for your next event, guest blogging services or product reviews! 

Step by Step Smudged Lash Line

Hey Guys! 

Today's step by step is going to be on this eye look... 

Instead of doing my go-to liquid liner I applied a pencil liner and smudged it along the lash line for a more naturally full lash look. 

You will need...

- blending brush 

- smudge brush 

- flat eye shadow brush 

- stiff flat liner brush 

- pair of lashes 

- lash glue 

- pink/gold shadow 

- cranberry shadow 

- dark purple shadow 

- brow highlight 

- brown soft pencil liner 

Follow along with my step by step instructions!

1. Apply a pink/gold shadow all over the lid. I used a Make Up For Ever pigment. 

2. Apply a cranberry shadow into the crease blending along into the inner corner. 

3. Apply the dark purple just in the outer corner keeping it concentrated to the very outer crease. 

4. Apply a brown soft pencil - I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil Liner. Make sure to lift your lid and apply this deep into the root of the lashes. 

5. Take a stiff liner brush and blend the liner out smudging slightly and dragging out into a slight wing. 

6. Apply false lashes! 

7. Apply a highlight into the inner tear duct and on the brow bone! 

Here is a peak at the entire look... 

Hope you guys enjoyed and as always feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have about this post, booking me for your next event or inquirying about free-lance blogging/product reviews! 

Key Botanicals

Hey Guys! 

I was recently approached by the creator of Key Botanicals Mineral Makeup - a brand new toxic-free cosmetic line. Elena, is from Toronto where she works as a graphic designer but a few years back decided to start her own line and it is now being launched! Being a makeup artist herself and having a passion for the industry made my attraction to working with her even stronger. Being a female entrepreneur myself, I think it is important to support fellow hard working females in our field! 

I used Key Botanicals Mineral Eye Shadow's to create this eye look:

1. Start with a clean primed eye lid. Then apply "Bronze Olive" by Key Botanicals all over the lid. Since these are loose powder shadows I like to use a flat synthetic brush so I can pick up the product and place it on the lid. Use a slow pressing technique to avoid fall out. 

2. Next up, I took a fluffy blending brush and picked up "Urban" by Key Botanicals (tapping off excess) and buffed this into my crease focusing on the outer corner. 

3. Next I applied a brow highlight - I wanted to use something with a matte finish because I don't want the lid to be shimmery from lash line to brow bone. It's nice to break up the look using different textures. I used "Marzipan" by Key Botanicals - a matte creamy shadow. 

4. I then picked up a little bit of "Bewitched" by Key Botanicals (a beautiful full pigmented matte black shadow/liner) and applied that with a smaller blending brush in the outer crease. 

5. Then I picked up a bit of "Sparkle Taupe" by Key Botanicals and I applied that in my tear duct to give a nice bright pop in the inner corner. 

6. Apply liquid liner. Use "Bewitched" damp!

7. Apply false lashes. 

8. Then pick up a bit of "Urban" and a bit of "Bronze Olive" and smudge it along your lower lash line. Don't be afraid to bring this down a bit farther to really create a nice shadow. 

There you have it! A complete eye look using all Key Botanicals Mineral Eye Shadow. I highly recommend the shadows and I find them to be nicely pigmented. This is a great line to try if you tend to have reactions to other brands and want to try something a little gentler. 

To finish the look... 

I used "Sparkle Taupe" to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and cupids bow - I find it hits the light so nicely and goes well with my complexion. Yes, it is an eye shadow but that doesn't mean you can't use it for other things! I use eye shadows all the time to highlight my face ;)

I used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and I set it with the Key Botanicals Mineral Face Powder #2. It gave some great added coverage and a nice matte finish! Used alone and with a bit of a heavier hand then just setting - I believe you could build this powder to quite a full coverage if desired! 

I applied blush and bronzer to top things off and for my lips, I lined them with "Spice" by MAC and then use "Rose Berry" Creamy Lip Colour by Key Botanicals as my lip colour! 

A closer look at the product... 

Over all I had a fantastic time trying out this product. I highly recommend trying it out especially if you tend to like more natural and less chemically based products. Stay tuned as I will be creating a second look using all Key Botanicals for an ultra sexy smokey eye! 

Please help Elena's business grow by liking her facebook page here!

As always, feel free to contact me for any questions about this post or any others or to book me for your next event! 


Golden Natural Eye

Hey Guys! 

I posted this look on my instagram yesterday and decided to share the eye look in a step by step tutorial! Check it out... 

1. Apply a gold shadow all over the lid. I used the gold from a NARS eyeshadow duo called Mediteranee. Colour on the left: 

2. Apply Folie by MAC in the crease. Or any bricky brown shadow. 

3. Apply a gold brow highlight, I used the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm Cosmetics. This is a face illuminator but works great to highlight the brow bone as well! 

4. Take a fluffier blending brush and sweep Cafe Au Lait by Laura Mercier through the crease, blending and softening everything. 

5. Apply the same product you used to highlight your brow bone into the inner corner, close to the tear-duct and also just outside it. 

6. Apply your liquid liner

7. Apply mascara or false lashes. 

8. Apply white eyeliner along the lower waterline. Be sure not to touch the root of the lash too much as that can look a little messy. 

There you have it! A beautiful bronzy gold, natural look - great for any occasion!

Finish off the look with a soft coral pink lip, be sure to bronze and luminate your complexion as well! Check out my post from yesterday on what I used to create this glowing complexion...


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this post or any others! Or to book me for your next event, inquire about free lance blogging or product reviews!

The Balm Luminizer/Bronzer Review

Hey Guys! 

I recently tried a new Bronzer/Luminizer duo that I am literally head over heels in love with. Mary-Lou Manizer aka "The Luminizer" and Betty-Lou Manizer aka "The Bronzing Bandit" by The Balm Cosmetics go further then their adorable kitschy packaging. These products are packed full of pigment and luster! 

Right now you can order the duo from for $36.00 (CAN) regularly $48.00! I was recently introduced to and I have to say its great to have a website that ships free to Canada on hand. From hair products, to lashes and lips, skin care, nail polish and tons of makeup brands you will find it all! Being in Canada and most of the popular websites for ordering product tend to be from the States, shipping costs can add up! You literally just can't beat the free shipping within Canada! 

Here is a closer look at the product... 

Both products are super pigmented which means you only need a light dusting on your brush. I am usually partial to a matte bronzer but the golden luster in this dark beautiful bronzer is lovely! It's perfect for along the cheekbones. The bronzer is quite dark (which I personally LOVE) so fairer skins can absolutely still use it just apply it gingerly with a soft hand. 

The Luminizer is also stunning. It gives that perfect glow to the skin without looking like too much or super shiny. I applied it along the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose, on my cupids bow and in my tear-duct. 

The combination of the two products was fabulous, made me feel like a glowing goddess ;) 

I highly recommend trying these products out! If you loved the look, order here!

15 Minute Hair 15 Minute Makeup

Hey Guys! 

As promised, here is my 30 minute getting ready routine! Since you have committed to reading this post, I'm sure you can commit 30 minutes to getting ready! I think 30 minutes is a very reasonable amount of time to spend getting yourself ready in the morning. Spending five minutes as you are running out the door is not enough time. Spending these 30 minutes will set the tone for the day. 30 minutes spent on yourself with no interruptions will calm you and get you feeling prepared for the day ahead! 

Waking up just a bit earlier to do your hair and makeup will give you that extra skip in your step. First impressions are very important and who knows who you are going to meet that day? If you aren't willing to take care of yourself, in the professional and personal world people may ask themselves... "Well if she doesn't take care of herself how will she take care of me? Or this presentation? Or this commitment?" Presenting yourself and clean, polished and put together is a big part of your impression on the world. 

After showering and blow drying my hair my next step is styling my hair and doing my makeup. I always start with hair so curls can sit while I do my makeup. If I'm straightening my hair I will do it after my makeup although this blog is about being able to curling your hair in 15 minutes or less! 

Loose, beachy, soft waves/curls are very in. Don't spend all this time curling little tiny pieces and making each curl perfect. Follow these steps for tousled loose curls: 

1. Split your hair in half putting half on each side of your shoulders. 

2. Take a piece of hair (depending on how thick your hair is the amount you curl will vary), I usually take about a 1 inch section. My hair isn't overly thick so that makes for about five, 1 inch sections on each side of my head I need to curl. I hold each curl in place for about 30 seconds each. 

3. Wrap your hair around the wand away from your face. Start the curl about 1/3 of the way down your hair. The reason for this is we are going for that relaxed curl so starting at the root will give too tight and too bouncy of a curl. 

4. Depending on the length of your hair, that will determine how many times you wrap the hair around. But how I like to think of it is you leave out 1/3 of your hair starting from your root, wrap about 1/3 of your hair around the wand, then leave out about 1/3 of your hair at the bottom. Looking something like this... 


See how I am wrapping the hair around in an elongated, stretched out fashion? This will create that wavy look we all know and love. With my hair length, I start curling about 3 inches from the root and leave out about 2.5 inches at the bottom to be straight - allowing me to wrap around the wand twice. 

5. Finishing curling and spray with hair spray. Let these sit without running your fingers or a brush through while you do your 15 minute makeup routine... 

1. Apply your favourite foundation all over your face, blending in with a kabuki brush or foundation brush. 

2. Apply concealer to areas that need it - under eyes, around the nose and mouth, spots etc. 

3. Next you can set with powder and go in with bronzer/contour. Apply your bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, along the top of your forehead and under your jawline. 

4. Apply a blush just above your bronzer blending in to your apples. 

5. Fill in your brows! This is a very important step. If you don't fill in your brows, please start ;) It will make ALL the difference and really complete your look. Giving you that polished look without a noticeable amount of makeup. Use a powder, gel, pencil, pen - whatever works best for you! Avoid applying product to areas that don't need it and are already full for a more natural even look. 

6. Apply a neutral beige (one shade lighter than your skin tone) all over the lid. 

7. Apply a neutral brown into your crease giving the eye some definition. 

8. Apply the same shadow you used on your lid as a brow highlight. 

9. Apply liquid liner if you are good at applying it/fairly fast. If not substitute this step and use a dark brown or black shadow and smudge it into the lash line, or use a pencil liner to do the same! Be sure to really blend the product into your lash line. Lift up your upper lashes by pulling your eye lid up and tight-line your upper waterline/lash line. Doing this will really help add volume to the lashes as well. 

Lastly, apply mascara or false lashes - whatever is quicker/your fave or most appropriate for your day! 

To finish off the look apply your favourite everyday lipstick. If you have time, line your lips with a lipliner that matches your lip colour or natural lip. This will help your lips last longer and add more definition. Below I am applying Spice Lip Liner by MAC and Chatter Box Lipstick by MAC. I tend to go with pink/peachy hues for an easy everyday application. 

Now that makeup is done lets go back to hair and finish it off. I take a brush and lightly comb through my curls, you can run your fingers through or shake your head upside down if you wish. Soften up the look and finish with more hairspray. I usually spritz in a couple sprays of shine spray or run a dry oil through. This is because my hair is on the dryer side, if you don't have this issue and your hair is silky and shiny then skip that step! 

I timed myself while doing this look and it took me 28 minutes - not bad! Here is the completed look... 


As always, feel free to contact me regarding this post or any other post! As well as to book me for an appointment or to inquire about other business related matters!  

Metal Marvels

Hey Guys! 

So if you have been following me for a while you are aware of my obsession with jewelry, whether it be costume or real I love anything that sparkles! Recently I have really been into colourful statement necklaces. I came across this awesome vendor on Instagram called Metal Marvels and I just had to order this gorgeous set! It's called Egyptian Goddess Necklace and comes in 4 different colours.  


What drew me to this line even further was the fact that is was started by a young female entrepreneur. Being one myself I just had to support the line! Katie is a recent college grad from OC California. She let her passion for business and beautiful jewelry guide her to this successful jewellery line - Metal Marvels! Not only are the pieces so pretty and unique but also are very affordable - my purchase came to $27.50 including shipping to Canada. 

I look forward to filling my jewelry station with more and more of these beautiful things! 

Also, if you like this makeup look a step by step tutorial will be going up on the QC Makeup Academy Blog very soon! As always feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have as well as booking me for your next event!  

Handbag Essentials

Here are the essentials you will find in my purse on an average day... 

1. My wallet, a given ;) This one was a birthday pressent from my husband by Deux Lux!

2. A brush or comb to tame my mane. 

3. Gum or mints! As a makeup artist I am a freak about always having gum in my mouth when working with a client. Because of this I have become a little like Dwight (in that episode of The Office where Jim tricks him into needing a mint everytime his computer turns on!), I NEED MY MINTS! 

4. A touch of fragrance, whether it be a roller ball, solid perfume or a mini perfume like this adorable mini Miss Dior! Whatever I am in the mood for that day I will pop in my purse. I don't really care if it isn't the same one I applied that morning - not a huge stickler about matching scents. 

5. This is somewhat of a new gadget for me - it's an Ollo Clip for your iPhone! There are a couple different lens options which allow you to take amazing close ups, fish eye shots, wide angles and more! If you are a photo junkie this is super fun. I keep it on hand because you never know when the photography urge will strick or you might be driving into an amazing sunset you want to capture! 

6. Lip balm is a must. I have ten thousand and today it just happens to be an EOS Balm in Strawberry Sorbet. 

7. Hand cream. I can't live without my hand cream. One in my purse, one in my car, one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom... the list goes on! This one is also by EOS it is their Berry Blossom Hand Lotion! I like it because it is super light, perfect for on the go as it doesn't have any residue. 

8. I always bring my lipstick touch up and gloss. Whatever I applied that morning I pop in my bag to touch up with during the rest of the day! 

9. I am super oily and tend to get ultra shiny (yum.), therefore a powder touch up is a must. I usually bring my Mineralize Skin Finish powder by MAC and a brush - but it will again depend on what my look is that day. I usually only apply this through my t-zone, where I tend to get oily as not to dull my blush and bronzer :) 

This list of essentials changes as per what I am up to that day - a longer day away may call for more touch up prodcuts! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post and as always - feel free to contact me with any and all questions or to book me for your next event! 


Valentine's Day/Date Night Look

Hey Guys! 

So Valentines day is right around the corner, some love it some hate it! I say no matter if your single or taken you can enjoy this love filled day! Look nice for yourself, family or friends. If you do have that special someone you want to impress, I have some little tips I like to live by when it comes to this day or any other romantic event. 

First off, a good rule of thumb is you don't want to stray too far from what you normally do. You still want to look and feel like yourself just turn it up a notch ;) You also want to give off a touchable and approachable vibe so I tend to avoid super harsh looks like a red/bold lip or perfectly styled hair. You don't want your special someone to feel like they will mess you up if they decide to sweep you off your feet. 

This is the look I went for... 



Instead of going for those perfectly set curls I decided to go for something a little more tousled looking. I used my Bombshell 1.5 inch Waver. This tool is just like a curling rod with no clamp but instead of being round it is flat and the waves come out in a zig zag form. It looks like this... 

After I curled my whole head in about 1 inch sections I let the curls cool. Next up I ran my fingers through them loosening them up - while doing this I also sprayed in Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, scrunching and tossing my hair back and forth. Once I was achieved those perfectly tousled locks, I set the look with a finishing spray.


I love a softly blurred smokey eye with a bold liquid liner, lashes and a clean under eye - that tends to be my go to look. I stuck with what works for me and created this eye look. I decided to use a white eyeliner along my water line to brighten up the look and give it a sense of innocence. I used purples pinks and creams, sticking with soft feminine colours. Here are the colours I used (all MAC shadows)... 

The look... 

1. Start with a clean primed eye lid.  Then apply Yogurt by MAC all over the lid with a flat dense brush. 

2. Next up pick up Folie on a blending brush and buff it into the outer corner of the eye and along the crease. Then add a touch of Sketch and Blackberry softening and blending towards the center of the lid. 

3. Apply a brow highlight, I used Yogurt again for this. 

4. Take a small dense brush and apply Carbon to the very outer corner/crease. After you've applied the product, blend it out with the fluffy blending brush you used earlier. 

5. Apply liquid liner

6. Apply false lashes. 

7. Apply a white eye liner onto your lower water line, be sure to avoid the lashes as we are going for a clean look - smudging onto the lashes can look messy. 

8. Apply In The Nude lip liner by Essence all over the lip, creating a neutral base.  Then apply Spice lip liner by MAC slightly over lining for fuller lips. 

9. Apply Chatter Box by MAC all over the lip! 

 Here are the lip products: 

There you have it, a pretty&romantic, touchable&feminine v-day look! Hope you enjoyed this post, as always feel free to contact me with any questions or to book your next event! 


Winter Special

Hey Guys! 

To help you avoid the winter blues , I've decided to offer you guys some winter deals to give you a good reason to come and get glammed up! With Valentines and Easter around the the corner there will be lots of events to look your best for. 

Referral Discount: 

If you have referred someone (who has booked an appointment) your next appointment (if booked between now and the end of April 2014) you will receive $10 off

Return Client Discount: 

If you have had your makeup done by me before you and you book an appointment between now and the end of April 2014, you will receive $10 off

Makeup Party Specials: 

Get a group of people together for a group lesson/makeup party (minimun of 4 people) and you wil receive a reduced rate if booked between now and the end of April 2014 - $40 a person

Makeup and Hair Special: 

If you book an appointment for makeup and hair between now and the end of April 2014 - you will receive $10 off

If you would like to take advantage of one of these amazing Winter Specials feel free to contact me

*To ensure you receive this discount please print off the above photo and bring to your apt*

*This offer does not apply to parties over 3 people* 

Sparkles & Pink

Hey Guys! 

This look is the definition of pretty and feminine. Using soft rosy pinks, plums and a sparkle pigment - it's perfect for a special event or evening look! 

1. Apply a pink matte shadow all over the lid. I used a blush by Make Up For Ever that unfortunately is discontinued but just use something similar! 

2. Next, I applied Cranberry by MAC into the crease. Softening the lid colour and blending out. 

3. Next I applied    by MAC into the outer crease with my focus on the outer edge. 

4. Apply a white eye liner along your water line - avoiding your lashes. 

5. Take     by MAC used in the outer crease and smudge it along the lower lash line, blending down and out. 

6. Apply a white/gold sparkle into the inner teat duct and blending down a bit onto the lower lash line. 

7. Apply liquid liner. 

8. Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes and false lashes if you wish! 

There you have it, a pretty in pink look with a touch of glitter! 

I decided to go with a really soft lip - I used Spice (MAC) to line and Coral Bliss (MAC) lipstick then topped it off with Spring Break lipgloss (NARS)! 

Had so much fun creating this look! As always feel free to contact me with any questions about this post or any other as well as to inquire about booking me for your next event! 

Brown Smokey Eye

Hey Guys! 

I posted this look on my instagram earlier today and thought I would share a step by step tutorial! I used all brown or gold products for this look - the only black products used were liquid liner and mascara :) 

1. Apply a soft gold/champagne shadow over the lid. I used Laura Mercier Sun Lit. 

2. Apply a dark brown along your crease (cut crease technique - to check out other looks like this one type in "cut crease" or "step by step" into my search engine here!). I used Laura Mercier Rich Coffee. 

3. Take a blending brush and pick up a little more of the dark brown shadow just used and blend out the crease. 

4. Take a lighter brown and blend out the very edge of the dark brown shadow just applied. I used Folie by MAC. 

5. Apply a brow highlight - I used a Maybelline shadow in Linen. 

6. Apply your liquid liner then take a dark brown pencil liner and line the water line as well as the lash line. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glid-On Eye Pencil in Currupt

7. Blend this out using the lighter of the two brown shadows used earlier. 

8. Apply false lashes. 

9. Apply a few coats of mascara on the lower lashes. 

There you have it - a wearable brown smokey eye! I find that since this look is a bit softer because we used browns instead of blacks, it can be worn during both day and night! 

Here is a peak at the full look... 

I used a different set of complexion/bronzer/blush products for this look so as promised here is a full product list: 

Foundation: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation (I am loving this product! The coverage is perfect for me - not to full not to sheer) 

Contour/Bronzer: I actually used a pressed powder in a darker shade for this step. I used the Fit Me! Powder also by Maybelline in Toffee/Caramel. It's the perfect shade of bronzer for me and actually very very similar to the Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced that I always use! 

Blush: I used Razin by MAC as a deeper contour blush - I applied this along my cheekbones. Then I applied Sunset Glow by Clinque along the apples of my cheeks 

Highlight: I used Soft and Gentle by MAC Cosmetics 

Lips: I lined my lips with Spice by MAC then I mixed two lipsticks. First I applied Creamy Nude by Essence Cosmetics then I applied just a touch of Cosmo by MAC. I then topped it off with a Stila gloss in Blush. 

As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to book me for your next event! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have a fabulous week! 

oXo Brit