Cut Crease Smokey Eye

Hey Guys! 

Happy New Year! So glad to be back doing what I love :) I've been busy today and there are TWO posts coming your way. This one and another on how to achieve soft big waves/old hollywood style waves. I've been getting some requests on doing different kinds of cut crease looks so here is one for the books! I also did another one you can check out here!

I used the Naked Basics Palette (all matte) for this entire eye look. I highly recommend this palette - I'm obsessed. Here is a closer look at the palette... 

1. Start with a primed clean lid. Then apply W.O.S all over the lid. Use a flat dense brush so you can really pack it on and get a very opaque finish. Then, pick up Crave on a small brush and draw out your crease. I always suggest going just above your crease as when you blend it will come down just a touch. 

2. Take a blending brush and pick up more Crave. Apply it directly on top of the line you just drew and blend up (not to much!) in small buffing motions. 

3. Next, pick up Faint on a different clean blending brush and apply right where Crave finishes - blending up. 

4. Apply Venus as your brow highlight and apply your liquid liner. 

5. Line your waterline with a waterproof liner then drag Crave along the lower lash line until it is very black and pigmented. 

6. Grab a smudge brush and pick up Faint, soften the edges of Crave with this soft brown hue.

7. Apply false lashes.

8. Apply multiple coats of mascara to the lower lashes.  

There you have it! A super sultry smokey eye with a cut crease. A cut crease technique is great for people with hooded lids. If you can master this technique with softer more natural colours it's great and helps any eye appear much larger! 

Here is a closer look at the finished product... 


Christmas Special!

Hey Guys! 

To welcome the holiday season and give you guys an excuse to look fabulous for all your events - I am offering my services at a discounted rate! Check out more details here... 

To inquire about this special or to book an appoitnment feel free to contact me directly!

Here are some of my before and after makeovers. To check out more click here!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with family and friends, celebration and giving! oXo 

Luscious Lips

Hey Guys! 

So yesterday I posted a look on my friend MARS on facebook and instagram. A few people were asking about the lips in the look so I decided to recreate it for you! If you didn't see the first look on MARS here it is... 

Here is how to recreate the lips and make them appear larger and fuller! 

1. Line the lips with a neutral lip pencil. Something that is a shade darker than your lips.

2. Apply Cosmo by MAC on the outer corners of the lips (upper and lower).

3. Apply Hue by MAC into the center of the lips (upper and lower).

4. Apply Spring Break lip gloss by NARS just in the very center of the lips then press together.

Here is a look at the products used to see if you have something different by similar in your makeup bag... 

A closer peak at the look... 

Hope you guys enjoyed and as always, feel free to contact me to ask any questions or to book me for your next event! 


QC Academy Blog Post!

Hey Guys! 

As some of you know I guest blog for QC Makeup Academy and I just wanted to share a recent look I did for them! To see the step by step tutorial on creating this look yourself click here!

Stay tuned for a this look as well! It will be posted on their blog next week. Also be sure to check out a contest QC Academy is running called All That Glitters

To check out some other looks featured on the QC Blog click here!

Dressing for a curvier figure

Hey Guys! 

Ask and you shall receive! I have been getting TONS of requests on where to shop for curve friendly or plus size fashion, how to dress to flatter curvier features and how much skin is appropriate to flaunt! I will be touching on all of these topics :) 

Here are a couple emails that got me thinking this is something I need to put more of a focus on... 

I'm a really big fan of your blog/Instagram/Facebook page and just wanted to say thanks so much for all the work you're doing! As a bigger girl myself I do find days where it's really hard to love what's looking back in the mirror, but your updates help make it a little easier. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for stores that you buy all your clothes! I love your style and it's so flattering to your shape, and I was hoping you'd help make the shopping experience a little better too!

I have been following your posts after seeing it on Tumblr. I have to say that you are an inspiration for curvy woman! As one who often battles with self love and acceptance, it has brought me comfort coming across your posts and seeing how you embrace yours. Now I am slowly but surely feeling comfortable in my own skin and 'eff'ing those beauty standards! Thank you for that. Truly.

I love your work, you truly are someone who inspires me, any good books you've read on self confidence and stuff like that, because you girl are on fire :) Just wanted to tell you that! I had a bad day today with someone in a clothing store saying something to me and just wondering if you had advice or things you would recommend ? 

I have a very random question for you...I know you do more make up but was wondering if you could give any suggestion on where I could get any plus size dresses for my cousins wedding. The new stores (that I shop at) I find tailor to the thinner sizes so I'm having a hell of a time. You always look great when you post your pictures so I was hoping you'd have a suggestion for me :) 

First off I want to thank my amazing clients and followers who have taken the time to send me these kind words! YOU are all helping me with the daily battle of pushing out negative influences from the media and so forth and accepting who I am right now!

I will have to say I am kind of lucky as I can shop at both regular stores and some plus size stores as my size hovers in both options. You may not be plus size yourself but I find that if you do have a curvier shape, larger breasts, a bigger butt, or large calves or quads - sometimes it's hard to find things that fit even if you wear a size 6/8 or smaller! Sometimes it's good to check out plus size stores as trying to make something fit that just doesn't, can be very unflattering. Just get over what the tag says and buy clothes that fit well! 

  • I LOVE Asos Curve line. The pieces are so fashionable and trendy and really affordable!
  • Additionelle has super cute well made clothing that fits a curvy figure so nicely. Depending on your size you may or may not be able to shop there. I usually take their smallest size so if you are smaller then me it might be too big for you there! Their smallest size is a 14 :) Even if your not plus size but have a broader frame and have a hard time finding jackets that fit your shoulders or arms they have an amazing selection! I also find it's great to find oversized sweaters - since it's easier to find larger sizes then yours, you can grab something that is a few sizes bigger for a baggier fit. 
  • If you want some inspiration follow theashleygraham and nadiaaboulhosn -- two of my favourite plus size models that have amazing fashion sense and are great for curvy girl fashion inspiration! 
  • I also find that H&M and Joe Fresh tend to fit my figure nicely as well! 
  • Forever 21 also has a plus size line, unfortunately  they don't carry it here at the London location (although I can still manage to find some great pieces in there that fit me), you can order it online or go on the hunt for locations hear by that carry it! 
  • Another couple great places to check out is Winners, Marshalls and Reitmans! Not only do they carry a very wide range of styles and sizes but they also all have a plus size section! 

Don't be afraid to get things tailored! I have started getting clothes tailored more often in the last 5 years and it's amazing! My pants are notoriously too big around my waist as I have quite a big bottom half, so buying pants that fit my butt perfectly and then getting the waist tailored in to fit is so great. I have done the same with blazers, I have larger arms and breasts but I only wear a 34 around in my bra so I always need it taken in. 

Strategically Placing Blacks vs Colours/Patterns

I love to find pieces with panelling and colour blocking. Check out this blazer I got last summer from Target... 
Features this jacket has that you should look for when shopping for a piece: 
- Black colour blocking along the sides and underarms. This helps your torso and arms appear slimmer
- The bottom of the jacket comes to a point down the middle - this helps the eyes draw in and down creating a longer slimmer line
- The jacket cinches just below the bust - this works great for me as the smallest area on my body is right under my bra and down from there about 5 inches. 
I wore all black underneath the jacket and on my bottoms as it helped add more focus to the colour blocking on the jacket - ties it all together nicely! I also wore a plunging neckline to aline with the darting tails at front of the jacket, again drawing the eyes in and down. Picking and choosing where you show off skin is important. Since curvier girls have more skin to show, when something is just a little revealing it can seem more revealing then you intended. For me, if I'm wearing a plunging neckline showin' off the girls - I tend to keep everything else pretty conservative. Or if you're wearing a shorter dress and showing off legs, choose a higher neckline. Just my opinion in keeping it classy looking! Plus, gotta leave something to the imagination - keep em guessing ;) 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I think that all shapes and sizes can benefit from this as there are some good pointers to keep in mind in dressing for the female body shape in general! Have a fabulous day :) 



Yesterday's Look

Hey Guys!

Just sharing a really quick post. I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday listing all the products used. It was quite popular so I decided to make an entry for you to refer to! Check it out... 

Complexion: Naked Foundation by Urban Decay mixed with Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier - Kat Von D concealer - set with Mineralize Skin Finish 

Bronze/blush/highlight: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - Nars Seduction Blush - Soft and Gentle Mineralize skin finish by MAC

Eyes: Yogurt, cranberry, Folie, naked lunch by MAC - red cherry lashes #43 and Line Stiletto by Maybelline 

Lips: Smashbox medium lip liner and Chatter box by MAC 

Brows: Anastasia brow powder in Brunette

My Hair Ladies!

Hey Guys! 

Just wanted to share some info with you on who are my go to ladies in London for my hair needs! I just recent changed my blonde/ombre to a cooler look for winter. Before I had very warm strawberry blonde hues... 

Yesterday I went to see my go to hair stylist Brittany Laine who works out of Scissor Hands here in London. She gave me some layers and blended my hair extensions into my natural hair as well as toned my blonde... 

Before going to get a colour and cut I visited Ray Leah owner and founder of Dream Hair for amazing luscious long hair extensions! I absolutely love her work and love my long hair! I wanted to show you the two different lengths she offers. In the first picture I am wearing the 24 inch hair and in the second 18 inch hair. Love them both but went for 18 inch this time around as it is a little more manageable for me! 

These ladies are super talented and definitely worth going to see for your next hair appointment! 

New Blog Look & Step by Step Eye!

Hey Guys! 

I am so excited to release my new blog colour scheme! I wanted to lighten things up a bit and give you guys a new pretty place to come and look at my portfolio, tutorials, product reviews, step by step looks and more :) I hope you like it! 

I would like to thank my good friend Edmond Huszar/Overwerk for always creating amazing new looks for my blog. If you have been following me for a while you have probably seen a few different looks and he as created ALL of them! He is so talented, and an amazing artist and musician - check out his work through the links above!  

With that being said I also wanted to post a new step by step tutorial with the release of the new blog look. This is the eye look that I am wearing in my new pictures found under the Brittany section as well as all my new display pictures for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Here is the look... 

Here is the steps on how to create this eye look yourself! 


1. Start with a clean freshly primed eye lid. 

2. Apply a pink-gold shadow into the inner corner of the eye blending down around the tear duct. I used a Make Up For Ever Star Powder. 

3. Then apply African Violet by Laura Mercier (gold-purple hue) all over the lid avoiding the pink-gold and just softly blending into it. 

4. Apply a brow highlight of your choice, I used something with a pink iridescence which happens to be discontinued :( 

5. Apply Blackberry and Sketch by MAC into the outer corner. 

6. Deepen the very center of the crease with a matte black shadow, I used Carbon by MAC. Use a smaller brush to make sure you are just applying product to the very center of the crease. 

7. Apply liquid liner and false lashes! 

8. Apply Eye Bright by Benefit along the lower water line and smudge into the lashes. 

There you have it! Super easy and very pretty :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed that post as well as the new blog look! I would love to hear your feed back in the comments below or as always, feel free to contact me to book me for your next event or to simply ask a question! 

$50 MAC Gift Card Giveaway!

Hey Guys! 

I'm so excited to announce my latest giveaway for a $50 MAC gift card! This giveaway is exclusive to Instagram so in order to qualify you must complete the following...

1. Follow me on Instagram and like the giveaway picture! :)
2. Repost or regram this photo using the regram app or screenshot!
3. In your repost, hashtag #mubbgiveaway (stands for Makeup by Brittany giveaway) as well as mention me @makeupbybrit!
*If you have a private Instagram account comment on this picture "Private account, I have reposted and followed!"
*You can only enter this giveaway once.
*This contest will run from Nov 4th to Dec 4th.
*I will be using to randomly select the winner of this giveaway.
*This is an international giveaway!

I absolutely love MAC and use TONS of their products. I will also be sharing with the winner my top 5 current picks from MAC. The products I can't live without and what I use them for! To give you some ideas on what to put your give card towards! 

Makeup Haul

Hey Guys! 

Just did a mini makeup haul the other day and I thought I would share. Here are some of my staple items in my kit that I can't live without! 

1. Blanc Type by MAC (pan form - cream matte) 
2. L'Oreal True Match LUMI (light ivory w1-2 I love this shade for fair skins!) 
3. Maybeline Line Stiletto (blackest black) 
4. Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC (light - I use for highlighting/brightening T-zone) 
5. Studio Fix Fluid by MAC (C4.5) 
6. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (love the neutral matte hues!) 
7. Folie by MAC (pan form - red/brown matte)

My Hat Find & 3 Fall Musts

Hey Guys! 

So as you know (if you've been reading), my hubby and I spent this past weekend in Niagara celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! To read that post click here! While we were there I came across this adorable hat shop called Baue Chapeau (even an adorable name!). Unfortunately their online selection is not even close to the amazingness that is in-store. The hat style that I purchased is called "Cloche" and was a popular style in the 1920's/30's. 

Check out the hat... (it's more of a deep maroon/purple as shown in the second picture) 

 I am a SUCKER for packaging and pretty boxes. This hat box took the cake. Look how pretty???

I am totally loving this wine/maroon/deep purple (whatever you want to call it) colour right now. It's so nice for fall and carries nicely into winter. This hat was $59.00, which I thought was a pretty amazing price for a beautifully crafted, timeless piece. 

 Next up, some fall staples I can't live without... 

1. Flannels! They are comfy, fashionable and warm. I actually bought one for $3.99 at Value Village and then studded it up to add some flare. Check it out here!

2. Puffy vests are back. I loved them in the early 2000's and I love them again now. So convenient and multifunctional. They've got some really cute styles and finishes out there! This is one of my faves, check it out here.

3. Leather leggings. They are a go to for the last few seasons now. I'd say they are a pretty timeless number so it might be a good idea to invest in a quality pair. They can be dressed up and dressed down, super easy to wear and very on trend. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned, next up I will be doing a step by step eye look ;) 


Fall Beauty Must Haves - Ottawa Faces Mag

Hey Guys! 

I recently shared my fall beauty must haves with Faces Magazine Ottawa! To check out the entire issue and read it online click here! Here is the spread as it looks in the mag:

Check me out under "contributors"... 

My good friend Kelcey Brady is the Creative/Art Director at the magazine, she also designed our wedding invites! She is a super talented graphic designer - contact her for any and all inquiries! 

Gold&Cran Fall Eye Look Step by Step

Hey Guys! 

Here is another step by step for you! This is one of my fav looks :) If your interested in looking through other step by step looks I've created head to the search engine and type in step by step. Golden, pink and cranberry hues on the eyes - complementing a cranberry/sangria blush, golden highlight and soft pink lips! Here is the look: 

Here are the steps to recreate this look yourself! 

1. As always, start with a clean primed eye lid! 

2. Apply a gold/pink pigment all over the lid. I used one from Makeup For Ever, Pink Gold 916. 

3. Apply a cranberry eyeshadow in the outer crease. I used "cranberry" by MAC. 

4. Apply the cranberry shade in the inner corner and inner crease blending into the upper crease to meet the colour in the outer corner. 

5. Apply a brow highlight, I used just a matte cream colour as the other two lid colours I used were a shimmer finish I don't want my whole eye to look shimmery. 

6. Apply the same gold/pink pigment along the lower lash line just in the centre, mirroring the upper lid. 

7. Apply the cranberry shade along the lower lash line just in the inner and outer corners, mirroring the upper lid. 

8. Apply lashes and liquid liner and you're set! 

Try this pretty fall eye look out this week and let me know how it goes! 

Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Review

Hey Guys! 

As you all probably know by now, I love my self tanners! I'm always open to trying new ones and comparing them to my favourites. I recently purchased the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid from Lash Queen of London located in Byron (while getting my lashes filled). I had just finished my bottle of Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mouse which I swear by and still love, but it was time for another bottle and I thought I'd try something new! 

As soon as I opened the box I was impressed. You get two plastic gloves as well as a mitt (the extra hand protection is nice!). First off, the mitt is amazing! It is so thick and durable, unlike other tanning mitts I've used in the past that tend to fall apart after multiple uses. I think this mitt is going to last me a long time with its cloth like fabric! Also, the side you apply the product is already brown so you don't have this nasty-brown-stained mitt lying around. 

The actual product itself is super liquidy, which I wasn't expecting but ending up really liking! You are provided with a spray bottle nozzle to replace the screw cap (which is great for traveling). You then spritz a few sprays of the tanner onto the mitt and apply from head to toe. Because of it's super light weight texture I was able to use it on my face no problem! The liquid tanner is tinted so you can see where you are putting it and you get immediate results. I felt super dark right after applying it and woke up this morning with a nice golden tan! 

What comes in the box... 

All in all I think it's safe to say I have a new addition to my list of favourite self tanners! Stay bronzey ;) 

Pinterest Eye Look Step-by-Step #2

Hey Guys! 

So here is another eye look I found on Pinterest and decided to recreate it! Now again, same as last pinterest eye post, keep in mind the pinterest photo is airbrushed almost to the point of looking animated and taken with a professional camera. Where my look is not edited at all and taken with my iPhone :)

Here is the Pinterest look...


Here is my take on the look... 

Step by step on how to create the look...

1. In order to make bright colours pop I always apply a white cream shadow/liner base. This helps the colours look more true and also acts as a primer. 

2. Apply an orange on the inner corner and a bright pink on the outer corner (or any colour you would like!) 

3. After softening/blending the orange and the pink just so they are barely touching, trace your crease with a small stiff brush. This doesn't have to look perfect as you will be blending it out. Use brown or black or a dark colour of your choosing! 

4. Use a smudge brush to soften the cut crease even further. Follow up with a fluffier blending brush and a lighter brown (or lighter hue of whatever colour you decided to cut your crease with). 

5. Apply a brow highlight and soften the crease colour into the highlight. 

6. Apply liquid liner and mascara and smudge some black shadow along the lower lash line blending into the wing. Apply a white eye liner to the inner rim! 

What a fun look! Have some free time? Try it out yourself! If you don't try you will never know if you can do it! It's much easier then it looks, trust me! Have a great day guys! 

Product 411 - Fakeup

Hey Guys! 

Haven't done one of these in a while eh!? I used to do product 411's a lot more and I'm going to start them up again! Today's Product 411 is on the new-ish Benefit Concealer "Fakeup." There are a few reasons I decided to blog about this product, first off I personally love it and it's the concealer I've been waiting for my whole life. Secondly, I have been getting a lot of requests lately asking me about pictures I post of clients, either before and after's or just "looks" and how I achieve that "lightness through the t-zone". Well here goes... 

What I love about this product: 

- so hydrating for the under eye area

- never looks cakey or dry 

- doesn't draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles 

- looks super natural 

- medium coverage 

- I use the "light" shade on practically EVERYONE 

- can be used to highlight when contouring 

- easy applicator stick 

- great for adding hydration and coverage to a dry flakey pimple 

- great for dry under eyes that tend to look cakey with most concealers 

A closer look at the product... 

The style of applicator/packaging is like a lipstick style, it rolls up and rolls down. That ring you see around the outside of the product is almost like a moisturizer, then inside is where the concealer is. As you apply it they mix together creating an amazingly hydrated and creamy application. 

Below is a picture of one of my clients. I have drawn in where and how I apply the product. Using small strokes I apply the product in V shapes with three lines...

I apply this product after I've applied foundation. Using a small concealer buffing brush I then use small circular motions and smooth the product into the skin blending it into the foundation for a natural finish! All in all I LOVE this product and highly recommend it!

Vacation Must-Haves

Hey Guys!

We just got back from Cuba yesterday and had a fabulous time! Sometimes packing can be a little stressful for people "What will I need?" "Will I like this on once I get there?" "Have I packed enough?" the list of questions goes on and on. These are three things I ask myself while packing clothes... 

1. Have I worn this in the last two months?   

Because if you haven't, it's likely that you wont wear it on vacation.

2. Is it comfortable? 

To me, comfort is extremely important. Especially on vacation, the worst is bringing a bunch of items that you actually find more trouble then they're worth. Usually comfort has a lot to do with fit. If something fits  well its usually very comfortable if it's too big here or too small there you may fidget with it, which is never comfortable.

3. How many ways can I wear this?

It's important to pack items that can be worn all together. I like to pack things that I know I can wear a couple times in different ways. Creating a new look each time. 

Now for some of my must-have travel items... 

Tide Travel Sink Packets 

As I mentioned earlier, I like to make sure I'm able to wear one item with a few different outfits. Now you may not have to wash the item after wearing it depending, but just incase of a spill or excessive sweating its nice to have to option to do a quick hand wash if need be. I swear by these little guys, you just fill up the sink or bath with warm water and do a quick hand wash of a couple items, rinse and hang to dry. 


Tide to-go Stick

Tide to-go sticks are a life saver! I always have one in my purse even when I'm not traveling. But they are especially essential when traveling. During a long day of eating meals on the go a little stain or spill is somewhat bound to happen. I absolutely hate walking around with a stain on my clothes so it's great having one of these on hand for a quick fix!


Beautifying Oil

I'm a moisturizing freak. Especially when I'm vacationing some where sunny. After a long day in the sun all I want to do is shower and drench myself in oil or moisture from head to toe. This Beautifying Oil from the Body Shop is SO convient and amazing. It can be used on your hair, body and face eliminating the need to pack three separate items! It comes in many different classic Body Shop scents. With a very affordable price point of $14 CAN for one bottle!


Jewellery Bag

I love to accessorize so cutting back on the jewellery I pack isn't really an option. But what is an option is packing it in a way that saves a ton of space and is super convient to sift through once you unpack. I have an amazing one from Stella and Dot that I received as a hostess gift for having a party. They sell a ton of great options, I love the Multicoloured Striped Jewellery Roll...




Manicure Set

If you are like me, before I go away I usually get a manicure and pedicure to ensure long lasting groomed nails. But the worst thing is getting a hang nail, breaking a nail, chipping a nail and having nothing to fix it with! So I always bring a little travel manicure set as well as a back of polish (either the colour that your nails are painted or one close to it, to fill chips or repaint if needed). Ton's of options for sets, check out some Sephora offers here.


Now, when it comes to makeup - some may be shocked by this - but I pack extremely light and only bring a few key items. This list only pertains to tropical trips/some where warm and relaxing. Where I know wearing a lot of makeup is just not what I want to do. Now if this was a trip to NYC or Boston, completely different story! I'd probably pack my whole kit ;) 

These are the items I pack, click on each to see some of my favourites! 

Tinted Moisturizer


Bronzy brown cream eye shadow (or a colour that suits you well)  


Blush/Bronzer Brush 

Eye brow powder/brush to apply it 

Cream Highlighter 

Mascara/Liquid Liner 

...That's it! 

Hope this helped you guys out and maybe gave you some ideas on what to pack for your next vacay! Happy long weekend my lovlies :) Thanks for reading! 

Girlie Bridesmaid Eye Look Step-by-Step

Hey Guys! 

With wedding season swinging into full gear I thought I'd do a wedding inspired look today. This look is great for any occasion but it is especially girlie and elegant and perfect for a bridesmaid or even a bride! 

Here goes... 


1. Apply a rose pink matte shadow all over the primed lid. Here I used Makeup For Ever Eye Shadow in "Cotton Candy" #88.

 2. Apply a light brown matte shadow into the crease and blend. Here I used Laura Mercier Eye Colour in "Cafe Au Lait."

3. Apply a matte brow highlight onto the brow bone just under the eyebrow and blend out. Here I used Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in "Vanilla Nuts." 

4. Take some Glitter Glue and apply a little bit of loose sparkles to the centre of the lid. (This glitter I used is unfortunately discontinued but easy to find one like it - it's white with pink and gold). 

5. Blend out the edges of the glitter with a pinky gold shadow to match. This will help the glitter look faded into the pink. I used "Scratch" by Urban Decay which is a Rose Gold Shimmer. 

6. Apply liquid liner and lashes and then apply a white eye liner to the water line. I used Le Crayon Khol by Lancome in "Blanc" - any white liner will do. Be sure not to smudge this into the lash line as that can look messy, especially for the effect we're going for (clean and crisp). 

7. Take a sharp flat liner brush and apply a dark brown shadow just below the lash line. Approach the application from underneath the lower lash eyelashes. This will help the eye's appear very large. Filling in the water line with white and creating a new lash line just below your natural line will make the eyes appear wider. 

8. Apply mascara to the lower lashes.

Ta-dah! Pair with a peachy pink lip stick and there you have it, fresh faced, girlie and glowing! 



Hope that helps some of you out and have an amazing rest of your week!