Our Wedding!

Hey Guys! 

So happy to be home and back doing what I love. Thank you to everyone for being patient with your requests and bookings. As promised, I am doing a little blog post on my Wedding! There were some amazing, talented professionals involved in the day and I would like to share them with you guys! I don't have all my pictures yet, just a preview of a couple that I will share. I'm sharing with you the main points of the wedding and if you are planning a wedding how far ahead you should book things. I feel like my timing was perfect with what I had booked, I was able to get everything into place on time and there was really no last minute scrambling. If you have any further questions about all things wedding feel free to post in the comments or message me and I will go into more detail for you!   

Location (booked about 2 years before hand) - Sunningdale Golf and Country Club 

I was absolutely thrilled with the service.  I had someone help me plan everything from start to finish, food, drinks, timing of the evening etc etc. She was an amazing help and went above and beyond constantly. The night went so smoothly, the food was all served together and was piping hot and delicious. Since our wedding was Thanksgiving weekend we served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a Pie Bar for dessert! I highly recommend booking your wedding with Sunningdale, they are awesome! When I have my pictures I will post a selection so you guys can see what the room and decore looked like. 

Photographer (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Jess Shields Photography

She was AMAZING! I felt like I had a girlfriend there with me taking pictures and having fun along the way. She was very professional, was so keen on all my ideas and helping me make my vision come to life. She is extremely talented and creative and her prices are perfectly reasonable. Going to continue to use Jess for all important events coming up in our lives, maternity photos, family photos etc etc. Thanks again Jess! Here are some pictures... 

Photobooth (booked 1.5 years before hand) - MUGZ Photobooth

This was the attraction of the night! Everyone had so much fun running in and out of this booth, taking fun and crazy pictures! This would count as a favour for your guests as well. As each guest goes home with every picture they were in in the booth! Here are some pictures from the night and what the print out that your guests will receive looks like... 

Dress (purchased about 1 year and 4 months before)  - Kleinfelds

I LOVE my dress! Absolutely perfect. My experience at Kleinfelds was so memorable and if you can do it I highly recommend making the trip to NYC. Every dress you can imagine and a very wide range of price points and sizes. 

Hair and Makeup (suggest you book hair/makeup at least 4-5 months ahead) 

As you all can assume I did my own makeup and hair for my wedding (so if you liked it, contact me for your wedding!). Since I am lucky enough to know so many talented artists I was able to hire a couple good friends and colleagues. Britt Havens did the hair styling for my bridesmaids, she is an amazingly talented young woman and I highly recommend her for your next event! I had Jackie Boldock do the girls and my mothers makeup, everyone was thrilled! Jackie is an UNREAL artist, with loads of experience! 

Cupcakes and Cake (suggest about 8 months before hand) - Boombox Bake Shop 

They were absolutely delicious! Homemade, and you could taste the love every bite! Highly recommend booking with Boombox

The Flowers (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Springhill Flowers

Mary at Springhill is absolutely AMAZING! She completely understood exactly what I wanted.  She made my vision come to life through her amazingly talented and creative work with flowers. I was blown away when she arrived the morning of the wedding with the bouquets, they were exactly what I had envisioned and I couldn't have done it better myself! I HIGHLY recommend booking with Springhill, you will be completely taken care of and given exactly what you want for the price you want. Thanks again Mary and Springhill! Here is my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets... 

My Headpiece (hand made by Monica Viani) - monica.viani@sympatico.ca/info@monicaviani.com

Monica is my husband's Aunt and she is unbelievably talented! She has a huge background in hat making for theaters and is extremely experienced! We were able to work together to create exactly what I wanted. She has an eye for beauty and made a stunning headpiece for me that is of amazing quality. Highly recommend her for creating your wedding accessories! (you can check out the headpiece in all the pictures posted above!) 

My Shoes - TOMS wedding collection 

This was the best decision ever! My feet were in absolute heaven all day! Since my dress was so big no one really saw my feet but when they did I had these adorable pink satin TOMS peeking out. SOOOOO comfortable I was able to dance the night away! At the end of the night the one thing that didn't feel completely and utterly exhausted were my feet, yay! My Husband also wore TOMS, his were black perforated leather and he was just as comfortable, actually in his words he siad he felt like a Ninja in them... ?? Guess thats good! We got some really cute pictures of the two pairs of TOMS together, can't wait to see the rest of my professional pictures! I will totally share more then I get them ;) 

This was the best day of my life and it made me feel so loved and special.  I am so lucky to have the family and friends that I do and this day made me realize that even more! I married the man of my dreams and I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together with our friends and family close by! Hope you all enjoyed this and if you are planning your wedding I wish you all the best! And if your just a wedding junkie I hope this scratched an itch! Talk soon, muah! oXo 


Hey Guys! 

I recently got Instagram and I love it! I think it's such a great creative outlet. There are so many different ways to express yourself and be inspired by others! Here are some pictures I have posted so far... Follow me at @makeupbybrit :) 

Have a wonderful day beauty junkies! oXo 

Showers n' Things

Hey Guys! 

So this past weekend I had my second of two AMAZING bridal showers! I am so excited and happy to be going through all of these amazing events leading up to our wedding! Here is yours truly at my shower with my sister/Maid of Honour... *need your makeup done for YOUR shower or another special event? click here!*

I also wanted to let you guys know I will be doing a full blown planning-your-own-wedding-how-to post after the wedding, SO exciting and great for all those attending weddings, standing up in weddings, planning weddings or just in LOVE with weddings :) This post will be about some of my favourite things, some people/places I like and trust, some mistakes made along the way, and all things pretty! 

That being said I also want to remind everyone I will be MIA from September 29th to October 20th (ish) and posts will be slowing down immensely with the count down closing in on the 6 week mark! But that is a small period of time in the year so feel free to contact me regarding a booking outside of that time slot as I am booking up for next summer quicker then I thought! (...yay!). No event is too small to feel and look amazing! Let me help! oXo 

The count down begins...

Hey Guys!

I'm getting married in 61 days!!! I apologize for the lack of posts (still going to post when I can) but I will be really busy with planning and then off on our honeymoon! So bare with me and I look forward to getting back down to business near the end of October! Still feel free to contact me regarding makeup appointments, as I will try my best to accomodate all you lovelies :)

Muah oXo 

Ahhh Romance...

Romantic tid-bit: Feeding each other cake on your wedding day has such an interesting history! Check out this wedding from the 50's on the left and a current picture of the tradition on the right... This tradition goes back wayy further then the 50's and has so many traditions and superstition that go along with it! In Medieval England, cakes were stacked as high as possible and the Bride and Groom had to kiss over them - if they reached the kiss they would have a wonderful and prosperous life together. May have to bring this kissing-over-the-cake tradition back!

Makeup Appointments/Referral Program!

Hey Guys! 

It is officially the busiest season of the year for me! Prom and Wedding season :) I just wanted to remind everyone of my freelance services and if you, or someone you know is getting married, has a prom coming up or any other event (shower, engagement shoot, shoot of any kind ;), birthday night out etc etc) please let them know they can contact me and book a makeup application! If they would like to check out my portfolio they can do so here! My contact information is as follows: 


Contact via The Allure

On Facebook

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I really appreciate word of mouth business and I have implemented a referral program! Which means if you refer someone to me, at your next appointment there will be a lovely gift bag awaiting ;) I will start to give all of my clients a few of my business cards, when you give them to someone else (refer) write your name on the back and I will log who has referred.  Then at your next appointment... goodiesss! 


I would like to apologize for my lack of posts/tutorials. I have a lot going on but trust me I will pump one out whenever I get a minute! oXo 

Bring Spring Home!

Hey Guys! 

Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is always a great way to spruce up your home in any season.  But the upkeep can get expensive and replacing them on a regular basis can be hard with a busy life.  I have been loving the pastel colours of the season so I wanted to incorporate them into my home in some way without throwing off the current colour schemes (nudes, beiges, golds, burnt yellows, dusty rose). I went on a Chapters run this afternoon looking for some candles on the discount rack (gotta love the home sale rack at Chapters!) I came across this great bon bon jar... It was $19.50 with %50 off! 

Then I went to Bulk Barn to find something to fill it with.  I was drawn to Mini Eggs but I knew those would be gone in a day (especially with a boy in the house!). So I wanted to find something more long lasting... like mints! A perfect spring colour - blue pastel :) They were $3.50 for this amount. 

Ta Dah!!! 

Next on my list is to find two other jars with different shapes and finishes.  For example, frosted or crackle finishes in a tall slender jar or a tear drop shape. I plan on filling them with Lemon Drops and Lavender Candy Hearts. So you get the idea! Get creative with it and create your own little spring candy bar! 

Body Image 101

Hello to all my beautiful, sexy, smart, strong Allure-a-lites, 

As you all know from reading and following the Allure and what it stands for, you all know the importance I put on trying your hardest to love your bodies.  I say trying your hardest because its a battle that sometimes you loose at but it's just a matter of knowing deep down that you are beautiful and sexy.  You may have momentary lapses where you are hating on this or that but when those moments pass you want to be left with self loving feelings. 

There is something that I want you all to think about for a second... 

"It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth anywhere between 40 to 100 billion (U.S.) a year selling temporary weight loss (90 to 95% of dieters regain the lost weight).1 On the other hand, research indicates that exposure to images of thin, young, air-brushed female bodies is linked to depression, loss of self-esteem and the development of unhealthy eating habits in women and girls." 

As people in the 21st century we are well aware of the biological and physical elements that go into someones body type.  We have the knowledge, we know that everyone is prone to a different body type and not everyone is stick thin - yet the media insists we all look that way.  Now if your wondering why, there is one simple answer: MONEY.  Not because men prefer this body not because being thin means your healthy, money. Like I mentioned above, the diet industry is a billion dollar development. 

As women we are the targets of this issue.  We spend our money trying new workout programs, joining a diet program making this industry what it is.  Now I want to make something very clear here.  I am not knocking healthiness or trying to obtain a healthier body.  What I am saying is being healthy and happy does not mean being thin.  Listen to your body. Life is about balance, and if you deprive yourself of something you love, like sweets or salty foods, we are human and are bound to cave.  Which can cause a bigger problem then just allowing yourself to have treats now and then - you may find yourself pigging out on those foods because you have missed them so much.  If you enjoy your treats and salty foods, hit the gym, drink lots of water or green tea to help clear out some of those treats. 

I spent too much time when I was younger disliking my body.  It took a few different things in my life to change my way of thinking but part of it was accepting my body as it is.  My one suggestion is not listening to anyone around you (I still battle this).  Block out any negative words and just tell yourself that your looking damn good today, or how great your ass looks in a certain pair of pants. There may be certain people in your life that make you feel negatively about yourself, either remove that negativity from your life or learn to ignore it. Their negativity most likely steams back to a lack of self confidence in themselves. 

As I said before I spent too much time criticizing my body when I was younger and I don't plan on looking back in 10-20 years from now and wishing I would have embraced what I had.  I made a promise to myself to always enjoy my body no matter what state it is in.  I consciously started to change my thoughts when I was in high school, a few things have brought me down from time to time, like the media or comments from people. But for every negative comment I heard about my body there must have been 5 good ones, so I just focus on those. I know the same goes for all of you, we tend to focus on the negative as women and that is the first step in changing your ideas about your body.  ONLY hear the positive, so so hard I know but try and it will make you feel sooo much better and happier.  At the end of the day everyone has things they wish they could change about themselves - and just think - other people are way too concerned with their own things they dislike to worry about yours.  

Some people are naturally thin and have poor eating habits but since they are thin no one questions them. Some people can diet diet diet with no results and still have some extra cushion.  It's a harsh reality but it's the truth, if you were not meant to be skinny you will not be thin without a huge amount of depravation and even some unhealthy risks. Accepting that fact and moving forward is all you can do.  

Something that has helped me personally is embracing all body types, loving (not hating) the way a thin woman looks in a bikini but also loving the way a curvier woman fills out a low cut dress.  Appreciating the hard work it took a woman with washboard abs to obtain them but also admiring the confidence of a curvier woman rocking a bandaid dress.  When it comes to men, there's some that love and drool over that washboard stomach and theres some that go weak just thinking about a curvier woman's jiggly places.  Something I have learned which took some maturity to understand, is that no matter how many men hit on you or are attracted to you that will not change how YOU feel about YOU, only you can do that. 

As women who are the victims of this body crisis we must band together not hate on each other. Learn to see the beauty in all the woman around you and you will see it come back to you.  Celebrate your friends bodies and boost their confidence it will make you feel good and them! If you find your friends talking about another woman's body in a negative light, be the first to do the right thing and say something that looks good on her whether it be her bag or her butt.  Your friends will follow your lead and admire your kindness.  

I hope this makes you all feel better about YOU! Dedicate a day this week to pamper yourself and treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, now if that means going for a run or enjoying a piece of chocolate - listen to your body! Or... type in some of these key words into The Allure's search engine and get some ideas there! 

- pamper

- spa 

- naked 

- confidence 

- tea 

Here are some healthy body images to admire... 


Feel Sexier by Tonight!

Have a date tonight? Planning a special evening with your boyfriend or husband? Or maybe you just want to feel sexier for YOU.  Try these simple tricks and you will be slinking around proudly in your skivvies in no time! 

Tip #1 walk around the house like a naked champ

If your home alone, walk around naked.  Do everything naked - clean, watch tv, do some crunches.  Getting comfortable being naked and doing things that involve bending over and twisting and turning will really help you feel better about your body.  If you just lay there naked that's most likely all you will feel comfortable doing naked.  We want to boost our confidence when doing things that our body may not look as "perfect" doing - like bending over and allowing your stomach to roll or your sides to crease. Getting comfortable seeing your body naked will really allow you to feel more comfortable letting your hubby or bf see you naked.  

Let's be honest ladies, if your naked with a man he is NOT thinking what you might be thinking: "I could loose ten pounds" or "I really need to use that gym membership" He is thinking "OMG a naked woman, OMG, OMG, OMG." ... and that's really about it.  The fact that he is there with you should relinquish any thoughts about being undesirable or unattractive because hey, pretty sure he's over the moon happy that you are there with him... naked.   

Tip #2 avoid salty treats that day 

Personally, I feel the least sexy when I am bloated.  No one is touchin me with a ten foot pole if I got the bloats.  Salt is the number one cause for feeling bloated, well that and our monthly friend.  No salt = No bloat, simple as that :) 

Tip #3 strut your stuff

It is a proven fact that when we hold our heads high and stand with a straight back not only do we feel better about ourselves, our body and joints feel better and we exude confidence to the people around us.  Making a conscious effort to do this more will benefit you in so many ways.  Making sure to do this the day of your special night will just add to your confidence level and help make your body look more elongated. 

While your strutting with a straight back and your head held high, let yourself feel sexy as you walk.  Our hips have a natural sway when we walk, let your body feel this sway with each step.  If you hips don't naturally sway when you walk - let them.  Slow your pace and take notice to how your body moves and how your hair is moving. 

Tip #4 take your time

As soon as you get out of the shower apply your favourite body cream.  Take your time putting it on don't just slap it on like you do most days.  Rub it in to every inch of your body with ease and care.  Treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, massaging the lotion in and enjoying every second of it.  Our sense of smell is huge, smelling good is feeling good.  Immediately after applying the lotion spray your naked body with your favourite perfume not allowing the lotion to dry is key.  The perfume will sink into the lotion that will sink into your skin and leave it smelling delicious for longer. 


This post was about FEELING sexier and I hope all of you do after trying out these tips! XoX 

Exciting News!

I am SO excited to announce to you guys, my engagement to my wonderful fiance!  It all went down last Saturday and it couldn't have been more perfect, I was totally surprised.  I not only wanted to share this news with you guys because I appreciate your commitment to The Allure, but also to let you know I will be blogging about wedding goodies here and there, and wanted you to understand why ha ha! I will not only be talking about the planning aspect but tips for wedding goers, for example, what to wear, what to bring, what to buy for gifts etc etc!  Very exciting.

Also, the Christmas season is here!  So you can be expecting some info about party dresses/hair/makeup/accessories that are in for this holiday season.  For those of you who are heading South for the winter, there will be tips and tricks for what to pack for your vaca!!! Stay tuned for all sorts of fun new blog entries!!


Hey guys!

Sooo since I know a lot of my readers are apartment dwellers... sometimes there are a multitude of scents lurking around... fish, garbage, weird food smells, garlic etc.  Well I know I really hate when I get home and walk in to a unfamiliar, odd smell.  I love when my apartment looks great but especially I like it to smell great and have a welcoming environment.  I have a bunch of things I use to make my place smell good and I like to switch it up.  One thing to remember is wether you live with your boyfriend, girlfriend or roommates make sure to check with them before, make sure they like the smell too!  There are a couple different options when it comes to making your place smell great, room sprays, incense, candles, burning oil, plug ins etc.  Some of my favourites are...

Incense: Nag Champa

Incense is a great way to make a room smell amazzzing.  It can be on the stronger side and some people really prefer not to use it, so make sure to be courteous and check with your fellow house mates before lighting one up!  My fav sent ever is called Nag Champa.  This is a very popular sent and you can probably find it anywhere that sells incense.  The box looks like this...

Decorative Diffuser: (Fruits and Passions)

You would never guess that this cute little vase with a flower made of bamboo would be the reason why my apartment smells so good.  The ceramic vase holds a scented oil (of your choice) and the bamboo flower helps release the scent into the air.  You can also choose the colour of the flower to match with your decor.    Here's a pic... (I have the nude one!)


Candles:  Some of my favs are from Bath and Body works (creamy pumpkin and caramel apple... I know there fall/winter smells but they are sooo yummy and homey)

Candles are a great way to warm up a room and make it smell delish.  There are soo many different options for candles these days, other great options are...

Voluspa Candles (amaaazing, sold at chapters sometimes! *also Kim Kardashian's fav*)

LOL Candles

KOBO Candles (pure soy)

... and for those of you who didn't know, olfaction is your sense of smell!


Happy smelling :)



Mirrored Furniture

Hey Lovelies!

So I am moving in a year and I am already planning my new interior decor!  I am in looove with mirrored furniture, I think it is so classy and elegant looking.  The style can be very modern but timeless at the same time. Another great thing about mirrored pieces are that they are very versatile, they pretty much go with anything.  They also add the illusion of a bigger room, the reflections of the room in the mirror give it that appearance.  Here are some pics for inspiration...


Ok so this is something that I want with all my heart.  The Judith Leiber cupcake clutch.  It's my heaven, I want to live in this clutch.  I love looking classy and finished and I know this clutch is so flash n' trash but it defines me.  I know there are soo many other girls out there that agree with me on this! ... and so many that don't! haha but this is me take it or leave it betchessss! And if you wanna be really nice, BUY ME THIS!! Oh and I also forgot to say in the last post, want clutch inspiration?  Click here!

other amazing styles... hehe happiness!

busy busy busy

Hey guys, so I just wanted to give a heads up and apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I have been working sooo much, like 55 hour weeks!!! It's going to be a crazy busy next little while for me, but I will do my best to post more! I'm so happy with all the posetive feedback I have gotten about The Allure and I'm glad you guys are loving it.  Keep checking back for more fashion, beauty and make-up!! There is lots of great stuff to come! And again, if you guys want to see something in particular or have a question about anything just click here. Muah!

Rather be a Mermaid or a Whale?

Hey Guys,

So I have known about this little article for a while and I just love it, so I wanted to share it with you guys!  Especially for all the woman reading this, read it carefully!  I think it gives girls a really good idea about what you should think about before you wish so badly to be, well in this case, a mermaid.  Click here to read this great little peice and tell me what you guys think!!

Welcome To The Allure!

Hey Guys!

I'm so excited for my new blog!  I owe the amazing design to Ed Huszar from TGCHU.  Ed has been a long time friend and I really appreciate his hard work that went into designing this blog for me! I am looking forward to sharing all my favorite make-up looks, fashion trends, beauty products and much much more with all of you! I am especially looking forward to sharing my portfolio with you guys.  If you are interested in me doing your make-up for ANY event you can contact me through this blog!  Also, if you guys have any questions about my posts, make-up tips, booking appointments with me or just general inquiries you can just click contact in the navigation bar.  Look forward to hearing your feedback, muah!


Brittany Sheahan