Tangerine Tango

Hey Dolls! 

So sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have been super busy and feeling a little uninspired, but now that spring is around the corner there is lots to be inspired about! I don't know if you guys have heard about Pantone but I will give you a brief overview on that first.  Pantone creates pigments and produces coloured inks that are used throughout cosmetics, paint, and fabric.  Designers request the colour specifically by number to be used to dye their fabrics and the same thing goes for paint collections and cosmetics. Annually, Pantone releases a "colour of the year." Which you will see ALL over, throughout fashion, cosmetics and home decor - so cool! 

Check out some of the "colour of the year" colours from the past few years... 

Andddd (drum roll please!) 2012 colour of the year... Tangerine Tango! 

So pretty right? So wanna be fresh to death and totally in fashion for the whole entire year? Pick up some tangerine tango! Try nail polish, accessories, scarves, home decor, flowers, pumps! ... the list goes on and on. Any colour along this line is great too, try lighter and darker hues of the TT! Check out some of these pics for some inspiration... 

Alsooo... some very exciting things happening at Sephora with Tangerine Tango! I don't want to spoil the surprise but Pantone and Sephora may be teaming up to make an awesome collection! But you will have to come in and see for yourself! Once products are released I will for sure be posting a review on them - stay tuned! 

Classy not Trashy

Hey Dolls! 

Loving the peek-a-boo bra trend right now.  So many ways to do it but what I want to talk about is doing it with class!  I think this look can be super chic and sexy but also sophisticated if done right.  

Things to remember... 

1. The bra you choose to show off should be classy/timeless/elegant rather then slutty/cheap.  Pick bras with beautiful intricate detailing, a bra you don't want to cover up with a t-shirt!  Stick to feminine detailing and colours rather then bright over the top styles.

2. When showing off the bra try a sheer blouse, a tailored jacket or an oversized tank.  Pairing a professional look with something sexy is key. **if you do an oversized tank choose a tank with a very soft fabric, something that looks and feels expensive not just a plain cotton**

3. If showing off the bra is a little too much for you shop around for a super sexy feminine camisole or a lacy little tank.

4. Keep the rest of your outfit semi-conservitaive.

5. Make-up should be soft yet sexy, try a really smudgy smouldering smokey eye and a nude lip

These are some bras I am loving and would be great choices to show off... 

Here are some looks to inspire... 

Nail Art

A long over due HEY! to all my Allure followers, 

Sorry for my absence lately guys but I have been super busy!  Just wanted to fill you in on my latest obsession. Nail Stickers! They are a take off of minx nails but wayyy less expensive.  They come in all sorts of adorable patterns, the one's I applied tonight are leopard print (which is going to be HUGE again for the fall). You can get them at Sephora for only $12!  There are a few different types such as Nail Patch and Nail Bling.  

I prefer the Nail Patch, I find they last longer.  Also the Nail Bling is awesome for a night out but I find the Bling catches on clothes and can get annoying - might be ok on toes though! Check out your nearest Sephora and if your in the London area come visit me at the Whiteoaks Sephora :)   The ones I put on tonight are called "Rrrrr" My next set I am going to try is called "Chinese Blossom." Also love "Pretty Miss" and "French Dentelle"! 

With each pack you get instructions to help you, but I will give you some instructions of my own because after using them a few times I have found some tricks that help! 

Step One

Remove any nail polish and buff nails. Buffing nails makes for a rough texture that will give the adhesive some to really grip onto. Do NOT apply a base coat, even though the instructions say to, it will make for a smoother finish and the sticker will slide off.

Step Two

Go through all the sizes and separate the ones you are going to use.  Roughly size them to your fingers/toes for each hand.

Step Three:

Remove protective cover and apply to the nail, rub nail vigorously until the sticker is completely stuck.  

Step Four:

Take a large nail clipper and clip the remaining sticker off the end of the nail, then file the remainder of the sticker after clipping. Do NOT apply a top coat, in my experience I found it to make some of the Patch art dye run, causing the pattern to blur. 

And Voila! You have yourself awesome salon style nails for at least a week, maybe longer! That is another thing I love about the Nail Patch Art, how long it lasts.  I hate having to re-paint my nails ever couple days, this is a perfect alternative! 

The Patch Art I am trying next, Chinese Blossom...

Holiday Hair

Try one of these sexy holiday hair styles for your office party, or New Years Eve and you will be sure to turn some heads... check em out!

Faux Bob

For those of you with longer locks that are looking to rock a short haired look for the night, rather then chopping it off because your craving a change (and might regret afterwards) try this faux bob look...

Untamed tight curls

Tighter curls are becoming more and more popular.  To put a current twist to traditional ringlets, mess them up.  Once you have curled your whole head, shake your head upside down and spray with hair spray.  Some inspiration...

French Twist

A french twist is always in style.  It is a timeless, classy and elegant look.  Check out my fav ways to rock this look...


Hair braiding has been around for thousands of years and will be a trend for thousands to come I'm sure. Here is a little history for you guys... Hair braiding has been traced all the way back to a picture of the mummy Queen Nedjmet (1070-946 B.C.E.). Nedjmet lived and ruled in the ancient African civilization of Kush, now known as the Sudan.  Which means that hair braiding has been around for... well a LONG time!

Head Bands

For the holiday season, go for a glammed out head band with sequins and crystal detailing.  Check out these looks...

Glam Waves

This look is so elegant and old hollywood.  This is probably my fav holiday hair look...

Side-shaved Look

We have seen this look on a lot of celebs this year, but for a normal person who has to go to work on Monday shaving the side of your head isn't always the most professional look.  Here are ways to create the look without the jaw dropping reaction...


Holiday Trends!

As promised, I will be sharing all my fav trends for this holiday season!  All these looks are great for work parties, dinner parties, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve etc etc.

Ladylike Details

Anything with feminine ruffles, sequins, pleats, ribbons and bows are a great choice for a holiday event.  I love anything that has some feminine embellishments.  For example...


A fur coat, vest, scarf, purse or hat is a great accessory to an evening outfit.  And a great way to stay warm, and still look chic.  These are some of my fav looks...


Long Sleeved Dresses

I LOVE this look.  It is so great for winter, you can be warm and still look sexy by choosing a dress that either cuts down a little bit more in the front or in the back. Or try a long sleeved one shoulder dress!  Check out these looks...

Oversized Accessories

Big necklaces, bangles, and rings are SO in right now and look very fashion forward.  Sport one of these oversized dazzling accessories and your sure to catch someone special's eye!


Pick and choose from this list of trends... mix and match them together... and you have got yourself a great holiday outfit!

Let the Fall Fashion begin!

I LOVE FALL!! One of my favourite things about fall is the fashion, it's so exciting to see the new trends and create your own style with them.  I am going to do a ton of posts on fall fashion/make-up/beauty but this one is going to be about some of the fall staples for this year that I love and how you can rock them!  One great thing about fashion is you can take a piece that everyone is wearing and make it your own, step out of your fashion box this year and buy a piece that you wouldn't necessarily pick.  If you wear it with confidence, your bound to like the reaction you get from it!  So here it is guys, these are some of the things that I think everyone should have in their closet this fall!


Fur is going to be HUGE this fall and I'm happy about that because I loooove it!!! Whether it be in the form of a vest, purse, boots, coat, a chubby the list goes on.  Find a key fur piece that you can make your fall staple, something that you can get a lot of use out of and wear with just about everything.  That's one thing thats great about fur, you can dress it up or dress it down.  Faux fur will be everywhere this fall, so no need to worry about price, you will be able to find something somewhere in your price range! Here are some of the top designers fur pieces, try and find a more affordable version of these and no one will ever know!

I am in LOVE with this Michael Kors fur purse and I intend on finding myself a look-a-like or splurging on the real thing! check it out...


Camel coats are classic and timeless.  They look elegant and very put together, if you purchase a camel coat this fall I guarantee you you will be able to wear it for many falls to come.  They come in many shapes and styles, its just a matter of finding one that you love and looks great on you.  Keep in mind this fall the camel colour is a very "in" colour, look for it in pants, leggings, boots, heels, scarves, gloves and pencil skirts.  Check out the look...


Big knits are everywhere this fall, scarves, sweaters and skirts! Try pairing a knit sweater with a waist belt to help make the look a little more flattering! Check it out...


Animal prints are extreeeeamly hot right now.  Try rocking the look subtly with a leopard print scarf or a pair of gloves, or try a bolder look with a leopard print coat or dress.



Pairing nudes with nudes can be some what tricky, you need to make sure that the pieces are just different enough to avoid clashing.  I love the nude on nude look but depending on your skin type some people need to be carful what level of warmth they wear, if its too cold of a nude it can wash you out.


Wide leg pants are super flattering on pretty much everyone if they fit right and are long enough.  When trying on wide legs it is very important that they are verging on too long, if they are even the slightest bit too short the look is ruined.  You may even need to have different pairs for heels and another pair for flats.


Stay tuned... MUCH more fall fashion/make-up/beauty to come!!!

Mixing Metals

A common question when it comes to jewlrey is wether or not you can mix silver with gold.  For a long time I would NEVER mix the two but now I am more open to the idea with a few exceptions...

Rule #1: Try to mix metals that are close to each other, like mixing gold and silver bangles or layering up silver and gold rings on one finger.  Putting them this close will a) make it look like you are going for the metal clashing looking and b) blend the colours better.

Rule #2: Mixing gold shoes with a silver dress is ok if the accessories are done right but don't mix a silver top with a gold skirt.  Since the clashing of colours is a big part of the outfit and so close together it wont look right, were are shoes and a skirt are further apart giving the eyes time to adjust.

Rule #3:  If you are planning on mixing metals its a good idea to look for accessories that have a metal combination in them alrready, for example, a charm braclet with different metal charms.  This will help each of the other peices of jewlery blend well with the outfit.

Over-sized Watches

Over-sized watches are a great fashion statement.  It's also a very timeless look, the over-sized watch as been worn by women from Jackie O to Gwyneth Paltrow.  Even the famous Nina Garcia (fashion journalist, critic and author) listed the "men's classic watch" as one of her "Top Ten Timeless Fashion Must-haves" (in her book The Little Black Book of Style... which for those of you who lack a natural knack for fasion, pick it up...and even for those that don't!)  The over-sized watch can be worn with just about anything, it can be dressed up or down.  It's a a must-have staple in the jewlrey box.  Michael Kors has some absolutely stunning over-sized watches, check them out here.  Here are some of my fav Michael Kors watches...

Looking to spend a little less but still purchase something with great quality that is long lasting?  Check out these Fossil watches!  Here are some of my favs from Fossil... (very similar styles to Michael Kors which is great! And I have a Fossil watch that has lasted me years with no problems, it's a great brand!)



Ok so this is something that I want with all my heart.  The Judith Leiber cupcake clutch.  It's my heaven, I want to live in this clutch.  I love looking classy and finished and I know this clutch is so flash n' trash but it defines me.  I know there are soo many other girls out there that agree with me on this! ... and so many that don't! haha but this is me take it or leave it betchessss! And if you wanna be really nice, BUY ME THIS!! Oh and I also forgot to say in the last post, want clutch inspiration?  Click here!

other amazing styles... hehe happiness!

Fav Clutches

I love clutches, you can do sooo much with them but choosing the right one is very important.  Choosing the wrong one can be fatal... well not actually but you know what I mean.  Clutches can be a great pop of colour, really bring together the outfit by matching it well with the other pieces, or just blend well with what your wearing.  For me, I only wear clutches out because during the day I love caring about a hundred necessities with me that would never fit in a clutch.  I trim down what I bring with me at night by like 98%.  Here are some of a my fav clutches right now...
I love the simple look of a classic clutch, this style would look great with a clean classic tailored dress!

The studded clutch is a really in, it's definitely a fad of right now.  If worn properly can look super cute.  I like this look with a cute two piece outfit: skirt and top.  But would also look good with more of a girly dress with tule and layers to contrast the hardcore look of the clutch.

Fringe purses and purses with odd shapes are super adorable.  I have a rose shaped clutch that I love but I am on the look out for a bow shaped one like this... [this one just happens to be a Valentino which helps ;)]

and the fringe...

Last but not least the simple gold, silver or black envelope clutch, goes with basically everything!  Afraid of not picking the right clutch? ... pick this one!

Fierce Rings!

Rings are becoming a huge fashion statement.  Finding an amazing ring that stands out is a great accessory to an outfit.  Try making the ring pair well with your outfit, for example... If you are wearing a girly outfit with light pastel colours, ruffles or lace try a bow shaped ring or a rose, something like these... (anything that adds to the girliness of the outfit!)

If your rocking more of an urban look or even with skinny jeans and a graphic tee try three or two finger rings. There are also some really cute ones with words written across the knuckles. Look for ones with studs or spikes to really funk up the outfit!

I'm loving the full finger rings right now as well, they look great with a military inspired outfit or as the main focus paired with a little black dress, really anything goes!

Cool Trends!

Anyone who knows me knows me knows that I am always super warm.  I am very hot blooded so when summer roles around I am always trying to find ways to stay cool.  I love the summer and warm weather but sometimes its just TOO humid!  If you find yourself getting too warm, here are some tips for staying cool in the summer!

Tip #1: Choose breathable fabrics!

100% cotton is a great lightweight, comfortable fabric and totally breathable.  Try not to put your cotton items in the dryer, hang dry is best.  This will keep them looking new longer and avoid shrinkage! A simple cotton T is a great look.  Pair with jean shorts, leather belt, fun accessories and your set for a day out in the hot sun!  Stay away from synthetic fabrics, they will lock in the heat.  The more natural the fabric the more cool and breathable it will be!

#2: Looser fitting styles and summer dresses!

Choosing a looser fitting top or a summer dress will really help you stay cool.  I know I hate wearing a tighter fitting outfit and being hot, it's an awful feeling.  At least when your wearing looser clothing and you get hot, you feel more comfortable!

#3: Change to a light weight make-up or a tinted moisturizer!

If you can, change from your full coverage winter foundation to a lighter weight foundation or a tinted moisturizer!  Melting make-up is never a good look and allowing your skin to breath is also going to help you feel cooler.  Check out your local drugstore for a tinted moisturizer or if your regularly buy a certain line (such as M.A.C) head in and ask them what are some light weight foundations they carry that would work best for you. 

Tinted Moisturizer by smashbox (sheer focus)

Light Weight Foundation (by Joe)

#4: Wear Sandals!

Wearing sandals and allowing your feet to breath will really make a difference in how cool you feel.  Check out these super cute sandals from Aldo...

#5: Eat small meals and lots of them!

Eating a big meal will cause your metabolism to push into overdrive which will make your body temperature rise.  Eating smaller meals and more of them will allow your metobolism to work at a more steady rate, keeping your body at a normal temp.


Picking the right Heels!

Choosing the right type of heel for your body type is actually pretty important.  There are little tricks you can do to make your legs appear longer or more slender.  There are certain styles that you should stay away from and certain styles that will enhance what you already got!

If you have small ankles stick with a smaller build shoe, nothing that will over power your tiny little ankles. You don't want to look like you have tooth pic legs, choosing a chunky heel or a shoe with an overpowering amount of ruffles on the front may not be the right choice for you (that doesn't mean you can't choose shoes with detailing just be carful its not TOO much), stick with something sleek like a simple delicate pump with a thin heel.  Such as these...

If you have bigger ankles or you have a thicker lower half (i.e big booty), choosing a tiny little pump wouldn't look right.  To put it frankly, you don't want to look like your going to break your shoes. Try something like this...


Types of shoes that will be flattering on anyone...

- nude tone shoes will elongate the leg

- shoes that have no back or sling back style also make the leg look longer


These are a few of my favourite things

Hey Guys,
Online shopping can be so much fun, even if you don't buy anything its great to browse around and look for the latest trends.  There are all sorts of shopping websites but one of my favourites is www.etsy.com.  I just wanted to show you guys some of my favourite sellers on Etsy, some very talented people that either work from home, have a small shop somewhere or just do this for fun on the side.  I like looking under the handmade category or vintage categories.  Here are some of my favourite sellers... (to see more pics of what they sell, click on their names!)

The Pink Purse

This seller finds vintage pieces (mostly bustiers and frilly ruffley things!) and fixes them up.  Here are some of my favourite pieces by the seller...

Tree and Kimball

This seller makes amazzzing accessories but she has closed up her shop to celebrate her wedding, check back in a few days to see pics.

Simply Chacha

This seller makes handmade Victorian and Mod style jewellery.  I am in love with this line, the pieces are so unique and different!

Under the Root

This seller makes vintage inspired, made to order undergarments.  They use sustainable, repurposed, recycled, vintage materials.  To read more about what they do click Under the Root above.  I love these pieces because they look so natural, fresh and comfortable.

Meschantes Corsetry

These corsets are absolutely stunning.  They are hand made and made to order if you would like.  They use traditional corset making techniques but made to fit the modern body type.  Their corsets have been seen in Playboy, Maxim, KinKats, DDI, Bizarre, Marquis, Gothic Beauty, MilkCow, Social and more.  Not only are these corsets great for your own personal use ;) but they also would be great for the undergarments for a bride, or as a top for a night out as well as a two piece ball gown (you would just have to find a skirt to pair with it).  Some of my favs...

(love the colour of this one!) [above]

Ma Petite Amy

"I'm Amy...I spend a lot of time shopping around for cute (or potentially cute) second-hand and vintage finds. I do a lot of sewing and enjoy transforming hopeless dresses into current and lively pieces for vintage-loving girls." - Amy Ma Petite Amy ... Some of my favs...

Cottage Weekend must-haves!

Hey Guys,

Tis the season to be cottage-ing so here are just a few things to remember to bring with.  Now, just because your going to be in a secluded area with not many people around doesn't mean slum it like a bum!  You can still be cute and stylish but in a relaxing and comfortable way. Not only are the options below great for the cottage but also great just for summer in general!

Bathing suit cover-ups:  They are great to just through on and off all day while lounging by the water!  It's always nice to be able to through something on over top if your running inside to grab a bite or heading to the washroom and still be cute doing it! Here are some sexy and stylish cover-ups from Victoria Secret...


Cozy Sweater: There great for tossing on at night if your heading for a walk on the beach or sitting around the camp fire.  The oversized "old man" sweater is a great way to go, cute, stylish and comfy.  **head to Value Village or your nearest thrift shop and look for a retro "old man" sweater, you will be sure to find one! If not, check out Old Navy or the Gap! Here is some inspiration...

Beach Bag: Oversized beach bags are great for toting all your essentials (towel, sunscreen, flip flops, change of close ect.) to the beach or where ever your heading! Check out these super cute beach bags! Try finding a beach bag that you would also double as a purse, multi-purpose purchases are great!

Sun Glasses: Not only are they a great accessory but it is also very important to protect your eyes from the UV rays!  Here are some styles I am in love with right now...

Lip Balm/Mascara/Tinted SPF: Everyone who knows me knows I love wearing make-up! But sometimes its nice to have a fresh face, especially when at the cottage or beach catching some rays.  But that doesn't mean you have to go COMPLETELY cold turkey (hehe).  Try using a SPF with a little tint to even out your complexion, also a lip balm (with an SPF would be preferable) with a bit of a tint as well to add colour to your lips! And if you feel naked with out a little something on the lashes either try and clear mascara just to give the lashes some length and definition or a waterproof mascara (no one likes raccoon eyes!).  Check out the products below!

Neutrogena® Tone Correcting Tinted Moisture SPF 30 from Ageless Intensives

"Daily moisturizer that effectively hydrates, protects, fights the look of stubborn dark spots, and provides a sheer tint for an instantly more even and luminous complexion"

M.A.C Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

"A protective emollient balm formulated with SPF 15, a sheer wash of colour and an all-natural sheen. Conditions lips, locks in moisture." ...(I LOVE this product)

Cover Girl Volume Exact waterproof Mascara

"Plump ‘em, don’t clump ‘em—whatever the weather! Wateproof VolumeExact’s flexible bristles surround-each-lash with microchambers, to plump and separate each individual lash—for volume a whole new way." (I find this washes off easier then most waterproof mascaras!)

buns buns buns

Hair buns are a great way to give your hair a break from styling tools for the day. Also, you can take a day off shampooing to allow your natural oils to nurish your hair. Plus, they are totally cute and classy looking.  They look great during the day or for a night out on the town.  High, low, messy, ballerina and roll there are tons of different types of buns it's just a matter of finding one that your comfortable with and that flatters your face!  Some tips...*when wearing a really tight slicked back bun play with your make-up, a more dramatic eye with a nude lip or dramatic lip with simple eye makeup, (for earings try large studs such as this or this)... with a messy bun try a nice smokey eye and allow some peices of hair to fall around your face (for earings try a dangle earing with detailing or something like this or this)... with a classic roll bun try liquid liner and a red lip (for earings try something that dangles but that is still simple like this or this)! Really anything is possible just play with it to figure out what looks best on you.  Here are some pictures to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing! 


Here is a look I tried with the ballerina bun...

It's all about Hoops

Hoop earings have made a million come backs over the years and they are back yet again!  But this time not just plain gold or silver, look for hoops with intricate detailing or different shapes such as these...

Fuchsia is the new Black

Almost every designer has fuchsia as a stapel in their collection this summer, especially accessories.  Pump up a neutral outfit by adding a splash of fuchsia in the form of purses, belts, neclaces, rings, scarves or shoes!  Fuchsia just happens to be one of my fav colours too! Check out these great fuchsia peices!


Christian Louboutin:

Louis Vitton:

Marc Jacobs:

Halston Hanna:

Star looks:

Affordable options from Aldo:


So, I have a fav nail polish I bought in the states and I don't get to go there too often.  A little tip to salvage nail polish that has turned goopy *add a little bit of nail polish remover into the bottle, give it a shake and you have got yourself some brand new polish! Now, you may need to do this every time you use it after it's turned goopy but if you get an extra few weeks out of your fav nail colour its soo worth it! ;) Also... here are some great colours for summer.



China Glaze: