My Journey as a Makeup Artist


I’ve loved everything to do with makeup for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school, I would do full applications for my friends for dances and proms. However, I felt as though my future was uncertain. I found that it was difficult to listen to my own dreams. After I graduated high school, I attended the University of Ottawa for a degree unrelated to makeup artistry. I began taking makeup even more seriously and started freelancing between classes. I had no professional training or certification and was charging below industry standard rates merely to gain experience and build my portfolio.


After completing two years of my degree, I decided to focus on Makeup Artistry and Cosmetology. My family wasn’t exactly thrilled about my decision, but supported me nonetheless. It was at this point that I began blogging, which played an integral part in my career looking back. Being from London I had many friends and family there who followed and read my blog, passing it on to their friends and family and spreading the word. This was also happening in Ottawa, where I was living at the time.

I then attended the Ottawa Academy. My makeup artistry teacher there was amazing, she had worked for Stila cosmetics for quite some time as a pro artist and had many other professional credentials - she was awesome! I looked up to her and envisioned doing similar things. I saw the multitude of opportunities this industry had, as now she had slowed down, was pregnant, and teaching with a more regular schedule. I saw this career helping me do all the things I saw for my future, success in both my professional and family life.


After graduating I moved back home to London where I was hired at Sephora as a Colour Cast member. I learned so much working at Sephora, I gained product knowledge, learning how different textures and finishes work, lighting and wearability, application techniques and so much more. At Sephora, I was constantly doing makeup applications. I soon became Beauty Studio Captain and myself and a couple other artists were doing the majority of makeup applications. I would have to say that as a makeup artist the best way to improve your skills is to apply apply apply. Sephora and all the amazing people I worked with there taught me so much about this industry, myself and my skills as a makeup artist. Thank you Sephora White Oaks

Starting my own business had always a goal of mine, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. I still continued to blog and freelance when I could. Eventually, I decided to look for a job with a little more flexibility to work in my freelance clients. I wasn’t ready to be fully self-employed, but I knew that I was getting close. After I left Sephora, I began to promote myself via my blog and social media platforms. Things quickly began to take off and I was getting requests for weddings and events well in advance. I then got a job at Cake Beauty (a Canadian product sold within Sephora) as their National Educator. I traveled across Canada training all the Sephora cast members on the Cake product. Because I made my own schedule, I was able to accommodate more freelance clients.

After working for Cake from January to May (a slower time for makeup), my freelance work started to thrive. I could see that I no longer needed an additional income so I left my position with Cake. I started to book up into the following year during that same “slow period” and I could see that I was finally where I wanted to be.


That was over a year and a half ago and since then I have been self employed running my own business. Making my own hours, deciding my own income, and designing the life I want. This journey was by no means easy but it taught me so much about myself and what I’m capable of. I learned so much about this industry I love so dearly and I can’t wait to continue on. I am now booking into 2016, blogging for multiple outlets and running a successful social-media-present business and blog of my own.

In my opinion, in this industry working for yourself is where it’s at. But that is not to say that there aren’t so many amazingly cool and fun positions available If you are a person who is better at receiving a task and completing it. If you love to travel and live out of a suitcase, keeping busy and being on the go - so many job options out there. I on the other hand prefer to make my own rules.

Do what’s right for you and your personality strengths and weaknesses, life goals and ambitions and most of all happiness! That’s what it’s all about in the end :) Hope you guys enjoyed this post, because I truly enjoyed writing it

This was a topic I was also asked to discuss by one of the outlets I blog for, QC Makeup Academy. If you wish to check out the condensed version of this post or to look into their amazing courses offered click here!



A New Chapter...

Hey Guys! 

For those of you who have visited my little home studio over the past (almost) two years of being self employed, you know it's been rearranged, redecorated and revamped. I love my little space and it has done me well during the beginning stages of my business. I am SO excited to announce that my husband and I will be moving this October to a cute little house fairly close to where we are now. At our new place I will have a full room and some more space to work with - very exciting! 

I thought I would do a little post on my sweet little space, giving myself something to look back on and see the progress I've made. The same sort of style and vibe will carry over to my new space as I will be using some of the same decore and furniture and I want to stay true to my style. I always get so many comments and questions on where I get some of my decor so I will share that with you in this post! 

This wall happens to be my favourite, it features this beautiful Tassel Garland from Studio Mucci. I absolutely LOVE all of their tassel garlands and I secretly want one for every room in my house. This particular one is called Sherbet Love Mini and happens to match my business colours perfectly. The white mirror is from Target and the empty frames are from Michael's Craft store. 


This cozy corner is for my waiting clients, or friends and guests of clients to sit comfortably while waiting. I also love these prints by Stephanie Sterjovski...


One of my favourite places in my makeup room is my pin board filled with some of the beautiful thank you cards I have received over the years. Sometimes I look through these and am reminded of why I love my job so much... 

Something else I am really going to miss about my studio is the view, looking out onto the city as I sit and blog, reply to emails at my desk or am doing a clients makeup. I love the sounds of the city and I am totally inspired by the hustle and bussle. Our new place looks out onto the river, which will inspire me in a whole new way :) 

Thank you to all my amazing clients who have been with me since the beginning! And welcome to all my new clients who will continue on this journey of mine. Thank you for your support, this local female entrepreneur owes you the world! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 









Out of the Office...

Hey Guys! 

As you all know I love to blog but I'm also a free lance makeup artist! Prom and wedding season has begun and I have been letting my blogging slow down. I promise when I have a free minute I will post reviews, step by steps and all the things you love! With my blog you will notice there will be tons of posts during my slower season and not as much when things get crazy. I apologize for that but a girls gotta make a living :P! 

I also wanted to let you guys know that I will be away on a vacation with my husband May 10-17 and will be replying to emails when I return on the 18/19/20 (no later then the 20th will your email be responded to!). This will be applying to my email address as well as any contact inquires submitted on here. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having and I look forward to returning and getting back into the swing of things! 

Lot's of product 411's, step by step looks and all things pretty coming your way upon my return! Thank you all again for your continued loyalty and support on my blog and for my business! Muah! oXo 


I'm always instagraming so need a quick fix come follow me there @makeupbybrit! I plan on gramming while I'm away if I can find wifi ;) 

Mental Heath Week

Hey Guys! 

Mental Heath Week is coming up on May 6th thru to May 12th and I want to get involved. Currently, mental heath issues affect (on average) 1 in 4 people. I had the opportunity to donate a gift card for my services for a "treasure chest" being put together, raffle tickets will be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to the Street Connection program. 

The Street Connection is a drop in centre for at-risk youth between the ages of 16-24. Mental heath issues are quite prevalent in our youth today and to be homeless or in an unsafe situation on top of that? - can't imagine. I plan to look for more charities involving youth, mental heath and local homelessness in the months to come. Any of you know of some great charities that support this cause? 

If you would like to purchase tickets for this "treasure chest" that will be raffled off - let me know and I will put you in contact with the right person! There will be more information on everything in this "treasure chest" coming soon, my gift card being one thing in there! The gift certificate is good for a full application including false lashes! Again, all the proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to the Street Connection program.   

Thanks for your support! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :) 

Bar Tray


Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy/awesome and I've got the next few days off so stay tuned for lots of entries! Ok, so I want to talk about this trend that I totally thought I started but clearly didn't (I tend to do that sometimes oops). The "Bar Tray" - a tray filled with and array of glassware and liquor. I think this is a super simple, easy, affordable way to add a touch of chic to any home. Don't drink but think this look is super fab? I have a solution for you too! I have posted some pictures of what I've done with mine, but I plan on adding a lot more to it and looking for an actual bar cart. Something like this... 

Now, for those of you who don't drink and don't usually have liquor in the house, you could totally do a bar tray/cart with tea! If you are a tea fanatic and love loose leaf teas and silk tea bags, you could create a beautiful tray with all the different fancy tea's. You can really get creative and create an adorable little tea bar! Something like this... 

Here is the affordable little bar tray trend done in different ways that I adore! ... 

Here is my little tray :) ... 



1. These adorable tumblers were a Christmas gift from my sister and her boyfriend. They are "Countdown Glasses Set of Four" by Indigo at Chapters. 

2/5. Recently my parents gutted out a bunch of glass ware and home decore so I snagged this crystal decanter as well as the two crystal snifters. There are some really pretty crystal decanters here at - if real crystal isn't important to you, you can find regular glass ones anywhere! 

3. This decanter was also apart of the Christmas gift I mentioned in #1, also by Indigo at Chapters! Check it out, it's now 66% off! "Perfect Scotch Decanter" 

4. This martini shaker was a birthday gift from my good friend Michelle, she got it at Homesense

5. Snifters, mentioned in #2.

6. This tray came in a set with another one slightly smaller, I use the other one on my coffee table and I put books in it. They are so so pretty (more so in real life), they are glittery and twinkle very nicely - especially at night with lamps on! My sister-in-law, Morgan gave me these for my birthday! Here are some other really cool options from Pier One!

Do you guys like this trend? Would you create a bar tray of your own? Have other ideas of what kind of bar you could create or ideas in general? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you! 

(The pictures that are not of my bar tray were found on Pinterest!


As of late...

Hey Guys! 

Some exciting things have happened in the last month or so and I want to fill you in! Also just wanted to to chit chat about daily happenings as of late :) 

I was able to really enjoy the holidays this year which was wonderful. As some of you may know I left my job at Sephora to peruse my own business. This Christmas was one of my favourites yet, got to see lots of friends and family! My sister who lives in Toronto spent a lot of time here in London over the holidays, as did two of my girlfriends one from Toronto and one from Ierland! 

Christmas morning was lovely. It is mine and my husbands first married Christmas together so I made sure to make the morning special. I baked a bread pudding with a buttered rum drizzle which was a huge hit! I had my eye on this two-tone Michael Kors watch for a while and lucky me, my husband got it for me for Christmas! We spent a nice morning together opening our stockings and presents and then we head over to my parents house. Spending time at my parents house truly makes me feel in the Christmas spirit, so it was a great day to say the least! 

I don't know about you guys but I love to dress up and plan an awesome night for new years eve! Not only do I get to celebrate new years but its also my birthday new years day so my friends and family always wish me happy birthday at midnight. This year a really good friend of mine hosted a new years house party which was tons of fun. After the ball dropped and everyone got their kisses in, then out came a birthday cake from my husband and friends, it was an amazing surprise! 

I had some amazing clients for new years eve, some of which being my good friends! Was a very fun day of glamming and beautifying! 

In the new year, I had an interview at Cake head office in Toronto to be their national trainer! Cake happens to be one of my favourite beauty brands and a product I've loved for years! To my readers who have been with me for a long time you have seen Cake pop up in lots of my posts I'm sure. If you wish to read some of the reviews I've done on my favourite Cake products, head over to the search engine and type in Cake! Anyways, I got the job which is sooo exciting! I will be traveling all over Canada training Sephora cast members on this awesome brand, super excited. It's also only about 4ish months out of the year so I still have lots of time to focus on my business and you, my clients! Once the new year hit I also started to cut back on sweets and try to get back to normal eating. I made a batch of healthy apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins with protein and have started drinking kale shakes every morning! 

With a healthy step into the new year, my husband and I have decided to make trail hiking a weekly date with our puppy! There are some beautiful trails in and around the London area and we are planning on exploring all of them! On this walk, we took our pup Rosie and a big thermos of hot cocoa :) 

Like these pictures? They are from my Instagram, follow me at @makeupbybrit :) 

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year!!! oXo 


January & February Deal!

Some exciting news! For the month of January and February I am going to have a special on makeup appointments. Have a birthday party? A date night with a special someone? Or just a night out on the town? Look extra special with a personalized makeup application to suit you and your features! If you want your makeup done, bring a friend to get their's done as well, and you will both receive $15 off your application!

Makeup Room!

Hey Guys! 

I just recently started re-organizing and re-decorating my makeup room. I thought I would share some of the neat things I found and ideas I had on how to do this! For those of you who love makeup and want to organize your personal collection a little better or for other makeup artists out there who need some inspiration! I know there are tons of youtube tutorials on different ways to organize your room but this is how I did mine! 

First off I went to Solutions (my new favourite place). I checked to make sure they have a good return policy because I knew I wanted to buy a bunch of different things to see what worked and what didn't. Turned out, I used everything I bought and everything worked out perfectly! 

They actually have a ton of cosmetic specific organizers which was awesome, go to their website and type in cosmetics or lipstick and they will all come up. I bought the "Lipstick Holder With 18 Spaces" ($13.99) as well as the nail polish holder. 

Next up I wanted to organize my foundations. I actually used a "Letter Tray Organizer" ($9.99) for this and put my most used foundations, tinted moisturizers and primers face down in this. I was a bit worried about the bigger bottles fitting but everything did. I bought two of these. 

I wanted a way to have my palettes out without taking up too much space, well my most used palettes anyways. So I grabbed the "File Rack" ($12.99) and I use this to stack my palettes in, the ones that are too short I just stand them upright. There were so many options for this, all sorts of file holders or magazine racks that could also work! 

I wanted my most used lip glosses, lip liners, eye liners and mascaras close at hand so I bought four of the "Mesh Pencils Cups" (on sale for $3.99). Now the ones that I got have a little divider inside that splits the cube up into sections of four. These were on sale and they are not on the website so I think they are being discontinued but any of their pen holders will work! I bought about 6 of these and used the other ones in my big drawers to organize overflow. I also put my alchole bottles, makeup romover, setting spray ect. in another one. 

I bought a couple "Mini 3 Drawer Organizer" ($9.99). I put my most used single eyeshadows, concealers, and setting powders in here. Love these! 

All in all it was a very successful shop at Solutions and I totally recommend them or any other organizing storage store near you to complete your makeup room! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, I love hearing from you guys! 

MUAH! oxo


PiP Studio

Hey Guys! 

I just received a BEAUTIFUL bridal gift from one of my bridesmaids who lives in Ierland. It was a lovely package of goodies, which included a stunning mug set from PiP Studio. After opening and enjoying a lovely cup of tea in one of these gorgeous mugs I decided to research the brand further. The mugs are very well made and have gorgeous textured gold lining throughout the cup which I love. The style and packaging of the product is beautiful and sterdy, I wanted to know more... Turns out they carry tons of beautiful things all the way from bedding to bags (their makeup bags and totes are to die for!). The downside... it costs an arm and a leg to ship to Canada. There may be other ways to get it, I haven't looked into it to far as of yet. For those of you traveling this is definitely a brand to keep an eye out for! This is the beautiful set my girlfriend got me... 

Some other favs... 

PiP Chinoise Duvet Cover Light Blue

Birds of Paradise Beauty Case Large

PiP Bathrobe Birds in Paradise White 



Now they also have the most STUNNING wallpapers and I am obsessed with ALL of them so check them out here... 

But if I HAD to pick a couple favourites they would be... 

PiP Cross Stitch Pink/White Wallpaper

And the PiP Chinese Rose Grey Wallpaper


Thanks Siobhan! I love my PiP set and I plan to continue to grow my collection into the Home Textile, Bath Collection and Wallpapers! Hope those of you who are interested are able to get your hands on some PiP! 

The count down begins...

Hey Guys!

I'm getting married in 61 days!!! I apologize for the lack of posts (still going to post when I can) but I will be really busy with planning and then off on our honeymoon! So bare with me and I look forward to getting back down to business near the end of October! Still feel free to contact me regarding makeup appointments, as I will try my best to accomodate all you lovelies :)

Muah oXo 

Bring Spring Home!

Hey Guys! 

Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is always a great way to spruce up your home in any season.  But the upkeep can get expensive and replacing them on a regular basis can be hard with a busy life.  I have been loving the pastel colours of the season so I wanted to incorporate them into my home in some way without throwing off the current colour schemes (nudes, beiges, golds, burnt yellows, dusty rose). I went on a Chapters run this afternoon looking for some candles on the discount rack (gotta love the home sale rack at Chapters!) I came across this great bon bon jar... It was $19.50 with %50 off! 

Then I went to Bulk Barn to find something to fill it with.  I was drawn to Mini Eggs but I knew those would be gone in a day (especially with a boy in the house!). So I wanted to find something more long lasting... like mints! A perfect spring colour - blue pastel :) They were $3.50 for this amount. 

Ta Dah!!! 

Next on my list is to find two other jars with different shapes and finishes.  For example, frosted or crackle finishes in a tall slender jar or a tear drop shape. I plan on filling them with Lemon Drops and Lavender Candy Hearts. So you get the idea! Get creative with it and create your own little spring candy bar! 


Hey guys!

Sooo since I know a lot of my readers are apartment dwellers... sometimes there are a multitude of scents lurking around... fish, garbage, weird food smells, garlic etc.  Well I know I really hate when I get home and walk in to a unfamiliar, odd smell.  I love when my apartment looks great but especially I like it to smell great and have a welcoming environment.  I have a bunch of things I use to make my place smell good and I like to switch it up.  One thing to remember is wether you live with your boyfriend, girlfriend or roommates make sure to check with them before, make sure they like the smell too!  There are a couple different options when it comes to making your place smell great, room sprays, incense, candles, burning oil, plug ins etc.  Some of my favourites are...

Incense: Nag Champa

Incense is a great way to make a room smell amazzzing.  It can be on the stronger side and some people really prefer not to use it, so make sure to be courteous and check with your fellow house mates before lighting one up!  My fav sent ever is called Nag Champa.  This is a very popular sent and you can probably find it anywhere that sells incense.  The box looks like this...

Decorative Diffuser: (Fruits and Passions)

You would never guess that this cute little vase with a flower made of bamboo would be the reason why my apartment smells so good.  The ceramic vase holds a scented oil (of your choice) and the bamboo flower helps release the scent into the air.  You can also choose the colour of the flower to match with your decor.    Here's a pic... (I have the nude one!)


Candles:  Some of my favs are from Bath and Body works (creamy pumpkin and caramel apple... I know there fall/winter smells but they are sooo yummy and homey)

Candles are a great way to warm up a room and make it smell delish.  There are soo many different options for candles these days, other great options are...

Voluspa Candles (amaaazing, sold at chapters sometimes! *also Kim Kardashian's fav*)

LOL Candles

KOBO Candles (pure soy)

... and for those of you who didn't know, olfaction is your sense of smell!


Happy smelling :)