My Fall Wish List

Hey Guys! 

I can't believe it's already the end of August! Summer flew by but in a good way, I had an amazing summer filled with weddings galor, tons of beach days, and great times with friends and family. This is my first week back after my 10 days off and it feels good to be back in the swing of things! If I had it my way, it would be fall half the year, summer the other half and winter just for the month of December. I'm a fall junkie. My husband and I actually got married Thanksgiving weekend because we both love the season that much. 

Today I thought I'd share with you my wish list for this fall. Things I want, things I need... mainly things I want. Some are fall related some are just things I've had my eye on. First up, what's fall without a vampy lip? NARS came out with a line called Audacious which I'm dying to try. I have my eye on one particular colour though... Ingrid (que blissful sighing, ahhh). 

It's a super dark violet colour with a deep red wine feel. STUNning. Can't wait to get my little paws on it. 

Next up, this isn't just one particular item. On my fall wish list is a shopping spree at ASOS curve. For those asking where I like to shop, this is one of my favourite online stores. I love the styles and the sizes are usually right on. I love getting my clothes tailored to fit me perfectly. Everyone's body is so different and properly fitting clothing is so flattering and very important. I get a lot of my jeans darted and some of my blouses taken in at the waist as I need more space through the chest and shoulders. If you order something lean on the larger size and then have it tailored to fit you perfectly! It's worth the extra coin ;) Here are some looks I'm planning to recreate and purchase pieces from... 


Next up jewelry, for those that know me (or have been to home studio) know my love affair with jewelry. This fall I would like to add some more pieces to my collection. Pieces that are more dainty and feminin. Also, rings. I want to wear a ring on every finger. Here are some from Asos I like... 

An oldie but a goodie, Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. I just ran out of mine that I have been savouring and using very sparingly because it is a bit of an investment. At around $100 for the jar, it's worth every penny. I love this mask, if feels like butter and leaves your skin feeling taught and plush. I feel it's soul purpose for me is hydrating and firming although it offers much more to the skin when used regularly. I will have to pop into my local Sephora at White Oaks mall soon and bite the bullet... 


I've recently been watching the MM&L Show on youtube (literally obsessed and can't stop). Two best friends share tips and tricks on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, review products and are just hilarious. They have talked about this product in a few of their videos and now I'm just dying to try it. I think the best way to get it is off of but I'm going to look further into that. This product is by Jonathan and it's called Dirt. It's a texturizing paste that allows you to separate and create a piecey look, and let's you achieve that day-old-hair look that we all love so much. 

There you have it, my fall wish list! Please share with me some of your must have fall favourites below in the comments section. As always feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 

Have a fabulous day! oXo

Summer Must Have's of 2014

Hey Guys! 

I recently picked up some summer essentials and thought I'd share them with you. If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen a couple but I had so many questions as to what I was wearing in my recent photos, so, I thought I would fill you in on all of them! For me, summer is about ease, comfort and beauty! I want to look summer fresh but still naturally glam (a girls gotta stay up on her glam!). Check out some of my must haves below. I will be going through each individual product with you! 

Beachy Dream Waves...

Nothing worse on a hot humid day than having to blow dry your hair for a half hour and getting all sweaty! I plan on taking the easy route a lot this summer by letting my hair air dry using these Marc Anthony products! First off, I comb all the tangles out of my hair so it's smooth, then I run an oil through it to smooth and help with frizziness. Next up I apply Strictly Curls Styling Foam in my hand and tousle it throughout my hair, scrunching as I go. Then I shake it out and turn my hair upside down a few times (still scrunching). Next up, I mist on some of the Beach Spray (can be used on straight or curly hair!), scrunch a few more times and call it a day. What's awesome is you can use the Beach Spray to touch up throughout the day as well as the next day to maintain the style. Also, these products smell amazing. That is hugely important to me when it comes to hair products. The beach spray smells like coconuts :) I bought these products at my local Shoppers Drug Mart - it was about $23 bucks for both. 

Peachy Keen... 

This product is a bit of a splurge but OMG, it's my new obsession. I may have to buy a couple other shades... uh-oh! The product is by Dior and it's their Addict Fluid Stick. I purchased mine here in London at Sephora White Oaks for $36.00. This amazing lip product doubles as a lipstick and a gloss. Takes away the two step application process and leaves you with a beautiful pigment as well as a deliciously glossy finish. It feels so silky smooth on the lips, I love it! I picked up #239 Frisson, a nude peach hue (it looks way brighter in the picture for some reason). All in all I am such a fan and will be rocking this all summer long! 

Tropical Pink...

Another lip product I know, but I am going to be all about lips this summer. Keeping my eyes fresh and natural and focusing on lashes and lips! This product is unreal. SUPER pigmented, a little goes a very long way. It has a matte finish with a slight luster/moisture so it doesn't dry up and crack like a lot of mattes. It's creamy and long wearing - perfect combo. This colour looks quite a bit different on, I would say on me, it looks like a bright pink/peach pastel-ish hue. Picked this guy up at Sephora White Oaks for $20. My sister grabbed a darker hue called Mulberry which I may have to get next - a deep raspberry hue. Check out the rest of the shades here!

Dewy and golden...

This has been a staple product of mine for a while now, those who know me know I'm a sucker for a golden glow. This summer I will be religiously mixing this product with my foundation. It gives that perfect all over glow with a beautiful golden undertone. Sun Beam by Benefit can be found at Sephora as well for around $32! 


I am an oil addict. Constantly running oils through my hair as I tend not to wash it for a few days and like it to stay smooth (ish) looking. I also use oils to hydrate my face and body. This little mini on the go oil is perfect for summer to through in a beach bag and drench yourself from head to toe after a long day in the sun! The Divine Oil by Caudalie is all purpose - body, face and hair! This little guy was $10 but you could grab the full size for $52. 

Sweet Jasmine, Orange blossom and more... 

Summer scents can evoke so many memories, beach days, cottage nights or dewy sunny mornings. Bath and Body Works says this candle is...

Fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and the fresh scent of fluffy white towels evoke the endless-summer feel.

Sign me up! Also, love the mason jar packing and mint green hue :) 

Flower Crowns (need I say more?)... 

I'm a bit of a flower crown junkie. If I could wear one everyday, I would. Our wedding was almost two years ago and my husbands' Aunt constructed me one of the most beautiful crowns ever! Check it out (hehe great excuse to show a wedding photo)... 

The crowns from the first photo I picked up at Claire's for about 12 bucks each. Flower crowns are such a great accessory for summer! I think they show off your hair and frame the face really nicely! 

Below I am wearing one of my flower crowns, styled my hair using the products listed above, Sunbeam is mixed into my foundation, and I am wearing the Sephora Luster Matte lip in Pink Flush Luster... 


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 

Metal Marvels

Hey Guys! 

So if you have been following me for a while you are aware of my obsession with jewelry, whether it be costume or real I love anything that sparkles! Recently I have really been into colourful statement necklaces. I came across this awesome vendor on Instagram called Metal Marvels and I just had to order this gorgeous set! It's called Egyptian Goddess Necklace and comes in 4 different colours.  


What drew me to this line even further was the fact that is was started by a young female entrepreneur. Being one myself I just had to support the line! Katie is a recent college grad from OC California. She let her passion for business and beautiful jewelry guide her to this successful jewellery line - Metal Marvels! Not only are the pieces so pretty and unique but also are very affordable - my purchase came to $27.50 including shipping to Canada. 

I look forward to filling my jewelry station with more and more of these beautiful things! 

Also, if you like this makeup look a step by step tutorial will be going up on the QC Makeup Academy Blog very soon! As always feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have as well as booking me for your next event!  

Dressing for a curvier figure

Hey Guys! 

Ask and you shall receive! I have been getting TONS of requests on where to shop for curve friendly or plus size fashion, how to dress to flatter curvier features and how much skin is appropriate to flaunt! I will be touching on all of these topics :) 

Here are a couple emails that got me thinking this is something I need to put more of a focus on... 

I'm a really big fan of your blog/Instagram/Facebook page and just wanted to say thanks so much for all the work you're doing! As a bigger girl myself I do find days where it's really hard to love what's looking back in the mirror, but your updates help make it a little easier. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for stores that you buy all your clothes! I love your style and it's so flattering to your shape, and I was hoping you'd help make the shopping experience a little better too!

I have been following your posts after seeing it on Tumblr. I have to say that you are an inspiration for curvy woman! As one who often battles with self love and acceptance, it has brought me comfort coming across your posts and seeing how you embrace yours. Now I am slowly but surely feeling comfortable in my own skin and 'eff'ing those beauty standards! Thank you for that. Truly.

I love your work, you truly are someone who inspires me, any good books you've read on self confidence and stuff like that, because you girl are on fire :) Just wanted to tell you that! I had a bad day today with someone in a clothing store saying something to me and just wondering if you had advice or things you would recommend ? 

I have a very random question for you...I know you do more make up but was wondering if you could give any suggestion on where I could get any plus size dresses for my cousins wedding. The new stores (that I shop at) I find tailor to the thinner sizes so I'm having a hell of a time. You always look great when you post your pictures so I was hoping you'd have a suggestion for me :) 

First off I want to thank my amazing clients and followers who have taken the time to send me these kind words! YOU are all helping me with the daily battle of pushing out negative influences from the media and so forth and accepting who I am right now!

I will have to say I am kind of lucky as I can shop at both regular stores and some plus size stores as my size hovers in both options. You may not be plus size yourself but I find that if you do have a curvier shape, larger breasts, a bigger butt, or large calves or quads - sometimes it's hard to find things that fit even if you wear a size 6/8 or smaller! Sometimes it's good to check out plus size stores as trying to make something fit that just doesn't, can be very unflattering. Just get over what the tag says and buy clothes that fit well! 

  • I LOVE Asos Curve line. The pieces are so fashionable and trendy and really affordable!
  • Additionelle has super cute well made clothing that fits a curvy figure so nicely. Depending on your size you may or may not be able to shop there. I usually take their smallest size so if you are smaller then me it might be too big for you there! Their smallest size is a 14 :) Even if your not plus size but have a broader frame and have a hard time finding jackets that fit your shoulders or arms they have an amazing selection! I also find it's great to find oversized sweaters - since it's easier to find larger sizes then yours, you can grab something that is a few sizes bigger for a baggier fit. 
  • If you want some inspiration follow theashleygraham and nadiaaboulhosn -- two of my favourite plus size models that have amazing fashion sense and are great for curvy girl fashion inspiration! 
  • I also find that H&M and Joe Fresh tend to fit my figure nicely as well! 
  • Forever 21 also has a plus size line, unfortunately  they don't carry it here at the London location (although I can still manage to find some great pieces in there that fit me), you can order it online or go on the hunt for locations hear by that carry it! 
  • Another couple great places to check out is Winners, Marshalls and Reitmans! Not only do they carry a very wide range of styles and sizes but they also all have a plus size section! 

Don't be afraid to get things tailored! I have started getting clothes tailored more often in the last 5 years and it's amazing! My pants are notoriously too big around my waist as I have quite a big bottom half, so buying pants that fit my butt perfectly and then getting the waist tailored in to fit is so great. I have done the same with blazers, I have larger arms and breasts but I only wear a 34 around in my bra so I always need it taken in. 

Strategically Placing Blacks vs Colours/Patterns

I love to find pieces with panelling and colour blocking. Check out this blazer I got last summer from Target... 
Features this jacket has that you should look for when shopping for a piece: 
- Black colour blocking along the sides and underarms. This helps your torso and arms appear slimmer
- The bottom of the jacket comes to a point down the middle - this helps the eyes draw in and down creating a longer slimmer line
- The jacket cinches just below the bust - this works great for me as the smallest area on my body is right under my bra and down from there about 5 inches. 
I wore all black underneath the jacket and on my bottoms as it helped add more focus to the colour blocking on the jacket - ties it all together nicely! I also wore a plunging neckline to aline with the darting tails at front of the jacket, again drawing the eyes in and down. Picking and choosing where you show off skin is important. Since curvier girls have more skin to show, when something is just a little revealing it can seem more revealing then you intended. For me, if I'm wearing a plunging neckline showin' off the girls - I tend to keep everything else pretty conservative. Or if you're wearing a shorter dress and showing off legs, choose a higher neckline. Just my opinion in keeping it classy looking! Plus, gotta leave something to the imagination - keep em guessing ;) 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I think that all shapes and sizes can benefit from this as there are some good pointers to keep in mind in dressing for the female body shape in general! Have a fabulous day :) 



Leather Panelling DIY

Hey Guys! 

Thought I'd get crafty again with a little DIY project involving leather and plaid - two of my favourite fabrics right now!

What you will need... 

- an old plaid shirt (I got mine at Talize for $4.99) 

- a piece of leather fabric (size depends on what size your want your leather pannel to be - I got 1 meter by 1 foot ish from Fabricland for about $16 with lots left over for another project) 

- fabric glue that will work on thicker fabrics like leather. I used Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive Waterproof (got this a Fabricland for about $10) 

- scissors 

To get started... Fold the back of the shirt in half, with the fold running down the middle of the back.

Next up... Cut both sides folded together and create a triangle cut out on the back of the shirt. 

Leaving the back of the shirt looking like this...

Then take the piece that you cut out from the shirt and lay it flat over the leather fabric. 

Next up, cut out the shape leaving about 3/4 of an inch around the outside...

Now, lay the shirt on the back side with the inside of the shirt face up. Lay the leather piece on overlapping the triangle cut out. Apply the Quick Grip glue along the edge in a very thin line, pressing gently as you go. 

Here is the finished product! 

What I loved about this project is I have lots of fabric and glue left over to add leather to anything else in my wardrobe! Also, it took me about 10 minutes to do :) 

Hope this inspires you to take something from your current closet or hunt for a piece from a thrift store and create a one of a kind fashion statement! Have a fabulous Sunday everyone :) 


My Hat Find & 3 Fall Musts

Hey Guys! 

So as you know (if you've been reading), my hubby and I spent this past weekend in Niagara celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! To read that post click here! While we were there I came across this adorable hat shop called Baue Chapeau (even an adorable name!). Unfortunately their online selection is not even close to the amazingness that is in-store. The hat style that I purchased is called "Cloche" and was a popular style in the 1920's/30's. 

Check out the hat... (it's more of a deep maroon/purple as shown in the second picture) 

 I am a SUCKER for packaging and pretty boxes. This hat box took the cake. Look how pretty???

I am totally loving this wine/maroon/deep purple (whatever you want to call it) colour right now. It's so nice for fall and carries nicely into winter. This hat was $59.00, which I thought was a pretty amazing price for a beautifully crafted, timeless piece. 

 Next up, some fall staples I can't live without... 

1. Flannels! They are comfy, fashionable and warm. I actually bought one for $3.99 at Value Village and then studded it up to add some flare. Check it out here!

2. Puffy vests are back. I loved them in the early 2000's and I love them again now. So convenient and multifunctional. They've got some really cute styles and finishes out there! This is one of my faves, check it out here.

3. Leather leggings. They are a go to for the last few seasons now. I'd say they are a pretty timeless number so it might be a good idea to invest in a quality pair. They can be dressed up and dressed down, super easy to wear and very on trend. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned, next up I will be doing a step by step eye look ;) 


DIY Studded Jean Shorts

Hey Guys! 

I recently got a little crafty and made some studded cut offs. It was super easy and cheap! If you want to give it a go yourself you will need: 

- old jean shorts or full length jeans (I got mine from value village for $4.99) 

- a bunch of of studs with rivets (I ordered mine off eBay but you could also check out

- scissors/serrated knife

These were the jeans before. I got a couple sizes to big so they would be super high waisted. Then I got them taken in so they fit nicely. 

Next up, I cut them off to the length I wanted... 

Then fray the edge of the jeans, don't be scared to really go to town and get them super shredded! It's a little bit of a process so after you wash them, do it again. 

Stud it up! Lay out the studs in the pattern you want on the table then start riveting them in to jeans. 


I have tons of studs left over for whenever I get inspired to stud another article of clothing!!! Love seeing a piece and being able to recreate it on a super low budget! 

Hope this inspired you to get creative with an old piece :) Have a fabulous day!! 

Rainy Day Shop

Today was pretty gloomy and crappy out so I decided to do a little shopping! I lucked out and found lots of amazing finds. In this post I'm going to share specifically my finds from Target and Forever 21... 

For all of these accessories it cost just less then $30.00 CAN, how amazing!? I am all about crosses, studs, spikes and neons mixed with metals right now. I thought these pieces would be a great add on to my current jewelry collection, giving me more options to create the neon/metal look. I just ordered a phone case that's black with a mint green leopard print cross on the back - saw these earrings and they were a must have! 

Next up, Target! Gotta love that Target came to Canada finally. I have been a target customer for years, going over to the states to purchase goodies. It's nice to now be able to support Canada and purchase product here! There are some amazing brands/names in Target Canada as well... 

Nate Berkus' decor line, Sonia Kashuk's cosmetics and makeup brushes and Target's own Archer Farms food line, as well as items from some of this country's top design talents, like the iconic Roots label, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The last few times I visited Target I picked up this bag, each time putting it back down but continuing to think about it. Finally today I went in and it was marked down to clearance for $24.99 CAN, so I grabbed it! I love the neon accents and black piping. I really enjoy mixing tans/neutrals with neons, it's a great look. This bag also features a really chunky plastic neon zipper which I think is a totally funky detail. 

Lastly, these chic strapped heels also from Target. Snagged these guys for $29.99 CAN. Love the studded detailing as well as the zipper up the back (not shown). I had been searching for this style of heel and just hadn't found the right pair. These ones are comfortable, not to high (as I'm already a good height) and have some great details. Excited to start pairing these with some different outfits, creating a new look each time! 

Happy Tuesday, enjoy the rest of your week and stay fab ;) 

Spring Giveaway!

Hey Guys! 

So excited to get this giveaway contest started! I thought I would include some of my staple products that I can't live without, as well as some fun spring essentials.  Here it is! (minus the personalized iphone case I will also be including!)... 

Pretty great eh? Here's how to qualify: 

1. If you are not already, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and like my Facebook page. 

2. Share three post from my Facebook page (these posts must be either makeup looks I've done or a post with a direct link to my blog). Posts that do not qualify include posts I do about fashion looks or home decore. Sharing this giveaway post is a great way to start! 

3. Share three posts from my Pinterest board called "My Creations." 

4. Re-tweet three of my tweets. 

5. Like three pictures from my Instagram feed.

- I will take into consideration people who aren't members of all of these social media outlets, just share posts from outlets you have accounts with! 

- These three posts from each outlet can be done throughout the span of the contest, they don't have to be shared all within one day 

Once you complete those steps you are qualified! Feel free to tweet me, or message me on any form of social networking site to let me know you have completed the qualification steps. Once the giveaway is over I will assign a number to each of your names, enter the data into on their True Random Number Generator to ensure a fair and random draw. 

This giveaway will be running from today, Wednesday March 27th, 2013 to Saturday April 27th, 2013!

Let's take a closer look...

1. Sheer light-weight beige scarf with coral accents, a value of $16.99 from Target. I love a sheer scarf for spring, perfect way to accessorize an outfit without being to warm. This scarf is large enough that it could also double as a beach wrap in the summer! 

2. Sephora False Lashes in Celebrity with a value of $12.00. These are my favourite lashes from the Sephora collection. They give a nice amount of volume and length for everyday wear or a night out! I've worn them in a few of the looks I've posted previously :) 

3. Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream with a value of $18.00. With the changing of seasons our skin tends to get very dry. With this luscious, vitamin rich formula... dry hands be gone! Another great quality about this hand cream is it's lightweight, non-greasy, fast absorbing finish. Great for someone busy and on the go! 

4. My ALL-TIME FAVOURITE LIQUID LINER! This is the liner I've been using for ages, it's from Maybelline called Line Stiletto. It's what I use on all my looks I've posted. I get it in blackest-black and depending on when you buy it (shoppers always has different sales going on) it's value is about $10.99

5. Blinc mascara can be found at Sephora, this particular one is the beauty-to-go size (4g). Which is exactly half the amount of the full size. This is valued at about $15.00. "Blinc mascara forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" around lashes that cannot run smudge, clump or flake and slide off with a combination of water and gentle pressure" - a unique twist on mascara! 

6. Essie Nail Lacquer in "bond with whomever" - a pastel purple lilacy shade which makes for a beautiful spring nail colour! I purchased this product for $8.99 at Target but you can also find Essie at Shoppers Drug Mart, Trade Secrets etc. 

7. Three mini Bath and Body Works candles in fresh spring scents, Pineapple Orchid, Cherry Blossom and Garden Freesia. I am in love with candles and especially these three scents for spring! Value of $10.00

Still more... 

8. Pinks are so in for this spring especially when it comes to make-up! Create a springy pink fresh eye look with this amazing palette from Lancome! It's their Color Design Palette in Rose Coquette 203 valued at $54.00

9. A 5ml sample size bottle of Couture La La from Juicy Couture valued at $15.99. This is such a pretty scent for spring...

Couture La La blends bright sparkling mandarin with bold white florals for a fragrance experience that captures the essence of femininity and daring allure of the unexpected.

10. TRESemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo. I am a dry shampoo freak, can't get enough! I'm always trying different kinds and seeing what else is out there. This is a travel size of 56g valued at around $3.99. Also great for a rainy spring day when your hair is feeling lifeless, give it some volume with this product! 

Lastly, I'm also including a personalized iPhone case! The winner of the giveaway can let me know whether they would prefer a 4/4S case or a 5 :) Value of $20.00. If you love this case and want one for yourself let me know, I'm selling them for $20.00 :) 

Bringing the total value of this giveaway to $185.95!!! Good luck to everyone, I wish you all could win!

Toronto & Thrifting

Hey Guys! 

I recently went to Toronto for the day with my Dad, sister and brother. We had a fabulous day! Went to a Raptors game - curtsy of my Mom - a Christmas gift for all of us. Raptors played the Lakers and won which was amazing to see!

Then we explored Kensington Market for a couple hours (which is where I came across the amazing find). Afterwards we headed to Uncle Betty's for dinner! All in all a great day. My sister introduced me to a thrift store called Bungalow in Kensington Village. I am in love! So many amazing gems and tons of unique pieces! This is my Dad on the left - what a cutie!?

I found this amazing denim jacket. When I saw it, it was love at first sight. I thought it was super unique and so versatile! So many ways to make it a new piece over and over again. I love finding pieces that you can work so deeply into your current closet with accessories, shoes etc.  This jacket was $75 and worth every penny! 

Love the massive collar...

The side slits add a casual comfortable feel...

The pockets stole the show for me... 

I love thrift shopping, you just gotta be in the mood to dig for good finds! Have any amazing vintage finds of your own? Know of some really cool vintage/thrift shops? Let me know below! oXo 

Bar Tray


Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy/awesome and I've got the next few days off so stay tuned for lots of entries! Ok, so I want to talk about this trend that I totally thought I started but clearly didn't (I tend to do that sometimes oops). The "Bar Tray" - a tray filled with and array of glassware and liquor. I think this is a super simple, easy, affordable way to add a touch of chic to any home. Don't drink but think this look is super fab? I have a solution for you too! I have posted some pictures of what I've done with mine, but I plan on adding a lot more to it and looking for an actual bar cart. Something like this... 

Now, for those of you who don't drink and don't usually have liquor in the house, you could totally do a bar tray/cart with tea! If you are a tea fanatic and love loose leaf teas and silk tea bags, you could create a beautiful tray with all the different fancy tea's. You can really get creative and create an adorable little tea bar! Something like this... 

Here is the affordable little bar tray trend done in different ways that I adore! ... 

Here is my little tray :) ... 



1. These adorable tumblers were a Christmas gift from my sister and her boyfriend. They are "Countdown Glasses Set of Four" by Indigo at Chapters. 

2/5. Recently my parents gutted out a bunch of glass ware and home decore so I snagged this crystal decanter as well as the two crystal snifters. There are some really pretty crystal decanters here at - if real crystal isn't important to you, you can find regular glass ones anywhere! 

3. This decanter was also apart of the Christmas gift I mentioned in #1, also by Indigo at Chapters! Check it out, it's now 66% off! "Perfect Scotch Decanter" 

4. This martini shaker was a birthday gift from my good friend Michelle, she got it at Homesense

5. Snifters, mentioned in #2.

6. This tray came in a set with another one slightly smaller, I use the other one on my coffee table and I put books in it. They are so so pretty (more so in real life), they are glittery and twinkle very nicely - especially at night with lamps on! My sister-in-law, Morgan gave me these for my birthday! Here are some other really cool options from Pier One!

Do you guys like this trend? Would you create a bar tray of your own? Have other ideas of what kind of bar you could create or ideas in general? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you! 

(The pictures that are not of my bar tray were found on Pinterest!


Winter Accessory Must-Haves

Some of my winter accessory must-haves...

1. Cute gloves. There are so many pairs of adorable gloves out there, find something that works for you, wether they go with your purse or coat or you just want them to stand out! I love these studded long gloves. I just picked up a pinky nude pair from H&M with a fur collar. 

2. Loving a fur accent around the neck for winter. This one is an infinity fur scarf, super cute! I just got one like it from Arie.

3. Thigh high socks are a great way to stay warm but also look adorable. Love these over top of you regular tights or leotards with a pair of knee high boots! Really looks very layered and chic. I just picked up a grey pair at H&M

4. Wool fedoras are all over the place. I'm kicking myself because I was in Toronto not to long ago, at the stand alone Joe Fresh and they had a super cute one just like this and I didn't get it! Silly. I will have my eyes pealed for the next one I see, or maybe one of my loved ones will be so kind as to get me it for Christmas, who knows!! ;) 

5. These are my staples all year round but I especially love the look in the winter. HUGE diamond or pearl studs. I think they look super fab and really put the finishing touch on your look. 

6. A berry lip. Couldn't be more now and looks very wintery fresh, try some out and see what tone works best for you! 

Our Wedding!

Hey Guys! 

So happy to be home and back doing what I love. Thank you to everyone for being patient with your requests and bookings. As promised, I am doing a little blog post on my Wedding! There were some amazing, talented professionals involved in the day and I would like to share them with you guys! I don't have all my pictures yet, just a preview of a couple that I will share. I'm sharing with you the main points of the wedding and if you are planning a wedding how far ahead you should book things. I feel like my timing was perfect with what I had booked, I was able to get everything into place on time and there was really no last minute scrambling. If you have any further questions about all things wedding feel free to post in the comments or message me and I will go into more detail for you!   

Location (booked about 2 years before hand) - Sunningdale Golf and Country Club 

I was absolutely thrilled with the service.  I had someone help me plan everything from start to finish, food, drinks, timing of the evening etc etc. She was an amazing help and went above and beyond constantly. The night went so smoothly, the food was all served together and was piping hot and delicious. Since our wedding was Thanksgiving weekend we served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a Pie Bar for dessert! I highly recommend booking your wedding with Sunningdale, they are awesome! When I have my pictures I will post a selection so you guys can see what the room and decore looked like. 

Photographer (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Jess Shields Photography

She was AMAZING! I felt like I had a girlfriend there with me taking pictures and having fun along the way. She was very professional, was so keen on all my ideas and helping me make my vision come to life. She is extremely talented and creative and her prices are perfectly reasonable. Going to continue to use Jess for all important events coming up in our lives, maternity photos, family photos etc etc. Thanks again Jess! Here are some pictures... 

Photobooth (booked 1.5 years before hand) - MUGZ Photobooth

This was the attraction of the night! Everyone had so much fun running in and out of this booth, taking fun and crazy pictures! This would count as a favour for your guests as well. As each guest goes home with every picture they were in in the booth! Here are some pictures from the night and what the print out that your guests will receive looks like... 

Dress (purchased about 1 year and 4 months before)  - Kleinfelds

I LOVE my dress! Absolutely perfect. My experience at Kleinfelds was so memorable and if you can do it I highly recommend making the trip to NYC. Every dress you can imagine and a very wide range of price points and sizes. 

Hair and Makeup (suggest you book hair/makeup at least 4-5 months ahead) 

As you all can assume I did my own makeup and hair for my wedding (so if you liked it, contact me for your wedding!). Since I am lucky enough to know so many talented artists I was able to hire a couple good friends and colleagues. Britt Havens did the hair styling for my bridesmaids, she is an amazingly talented young woman and I highly recommend her for your next event! I had Jackie Boldock do the girls and my mothers makeup, everyone was thrilled! Jackie is an UNREAL artist, with loads of experience! 

Cupcakes and Cake (suggest about 8 months before hand) - Boombox Bake Shop 

They were absolutely delicious! Homemade, and you could taste the love every bite! Highly recommend booking with Boombox

The Flowers (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Springhill Flowers

Mary at Springhill is absolutely AMAZING! She completely understood exactly what I wanted.  She made my vision come to life through her amazingly talented and creative work with flowers. I was blown away when she arrived the morning of the wedding with the bouquets, they were exactly what I had envisioned and I couldn't have done it better myself! I HIGHLY recommend booking with Springhill, you will be completely taken care of and given exactly what you want for the price you want. Thanks again Mary and Springhill! Here is my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets... 

My Headpiece (hand made by Monica Viani) -

Monica is my husband's Aunt and she is unbelievably talented! She has a huge background in hat making for theaters and is extremely experienced! We were able to work together to create exactly what I wanted. She has an eye for beauty and made a stunning headpiece for me that is of amazing quality. Highly recommend her for creating your wedding accessories! (you can check out the headpiece in all the pictures posted above!) 

My Shoes - TOMS wedding collection 

This was the best decision ever! My feet were in absolute heaven all day! Since my dress was so big no one really saw my feet but when they did I had these adorable pink satin TOMS peeking out. SOOOOO comfortable I was able to dance the night away! At the end of the night the one thing that didn't feel completely and utterly exhausted were my feet, yay! My Husband also wore TOMS, his were black perforated leather and he was just as comfortable, actually in his words he siad he felt like a Ninja in them... ?? Guess thats good! We got some really cute pictures of the two pairs of TOMS together, can't wait to see the rest of my professional pictures! I will totally share more then I get them ;) 

This was the best day of my life and it made me feel so loved and special.  I am so lucky to have the family and friends that I do and this day made me realize that even more! I married the man of my dreams and I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together with our friends and family close by! Hope you all enjoyed this and if you are planning your wedding I wish you all the best! And if your just a wedding junkie I hope this scratched an itch! Talk soon, muah! oXo 

My Fall Staples 2012

Every fall I get very excited about fashion. When I was younger it was about the excitement of getting new clothes, notebooks and backpacks, very thrilling. Now that I'm out of school I still get this same feeling every fall, some day soon it will be for my own kids starting school. I'm kind of excited for this feeling to return but for the mean time I can just be excited about the change of season and the fashion!

Fall is my ALL TIME favourite season, I wish it could be fall all year round. I love the colours, the crispness, the smells (burning wood, spices, cold air) and of course the fashion. Thanksgiving is probably my favourite holiday, very close behind Christmas (if Christmas was in the fall then hands down Christmas would take the lead by far). I'm getting married Thanksgiving weekend and serving a Thanksgiving dinner, can you tell I like Thanksgiving? Anyways I'm rambling... back to fashion. Every year I decide on a few staple pieces that I will base my wardrobe around and bring back existing pieces in my closet to accent these staples. These are my staples this year... 



1. The Oversized Sweater

Yes it's been done before but there is always new ways to introduce it into your look. For me, this year I want to invest in 3 or 4 extremely comfortable looking/feeling sweaters. Sweaters that have a high quality feel, something that seems "worn in". A good way to introduce this type of sweater on a budget... stores like Joe Fresh, Arie, Forever 21, Gap, always have a "lounge wear" section, this section is almost like pj's but not. You can totally dress up these types of pieces. This is where you will find those lived in fabrics and sweaters that give off the "omg that looks comfortable" look. I found my first one at Arie yesterday, I bought it in a size to big and its really nice and long. Soo soft and it's got a v-neck cut in both the front and the back...

2. Leather Panel Leggings or Pants

Easy to dress up or down. Easy to wear again and again and make a new look each time. That's it. They are needed. 

3. Knee High Riding Boots

A great boot is hard to find. Especially for me, with larger calf muscles it's difficult for me to find a boot that fits them nicely. I found a pair a couple years ago and wore them into the ground, it's time for a new pair and when I find them I will probably buy two pairs. Have larger calves and know of a great pair of boots? Please leave a comment and help a sista out! 

4. Longggg Scarf

I'm on the hunt for a super duper long scarf that I can wrap around my neck like 4 times. I've seen a few and I think online purchasing will be my best bet for this, I will continue to browse and let you know what I find! 

5. Studded Big Bag

This one is already checked off my "to get" list. Got this bag at H&M, (59.99 CA) its great. Nice and big (I love my big bags), lots of room for all sorts of goodies. It also comes in black with gold studs, mine is cream with silver studs. I wear a lot of gold, but I feel like the clash of golds and silvers works especially if there is lot's of mixing going on. The bag... 

Hope you guys liked this post! Have a wonderful Sunday, muah! xox 

PiP Studio

Hey Guys! 

I just received a BEAUTIFUL bridal gift from one of my bridesmaids who lives in Ierland. It was a lovely package of goodies, which included a stunning mug set from PiP Studio. After opening and enjoying a lovely cup of tea in one of these gorgeous mugs I decided to research the brand further. The mugs are very well made and have gorgeous textured gold lining throughout the cup which I love. The style and packaging of the product is beautiful and sterdy, I wanted to know more... Turns out they carry tons of beautiful things all the way from bedding to bags (their makeup bags and totes are to die for!). The downside... it costs an arm and a leg to ship to Canada. There may be other ways to get it, I haven't looked into it to far as of yet. For those of you traveling this is definitely a brand to keep an eye out for! This is the beautiful set my girlfriend got me... 

Some other favs... 

PiP Chinoise Duvet Cover Light Blue

Birds of Paradise Beauty Case Large

PiP Bathrobe Birds in Paradise White 



Now they also have the most STUNNING wallpapers and I am obsessed with ALL of them so check them out here... 

But if I HAD to pick a couple favourites they would be... 

PiP Cross Stitch Pink/White Wallpaper

And the PiP Chinese Rose Grey Wallpaper


Thanks Siobhan! I love my PiP set and I plan to continue to grow my collection into the Home Textile, Bath Collection and Wallpapers! Hope those of you who are interested are able to get your hands on some PiP! 

Pastel Pants & Polyvore

They're everywhere. You've seen them... do you like them?  I am soo loving this trend, I think there adorable! So many ways to rock them, you can dress them up or dress them down - great to accessorize with too! 

Since pastels are everywhere this spring/summer it's so easy to pair these pants up with something. Pastels on pastels look great! My philosophy on this trend is if you think you are going over board on the pastels... your not! 

Have you guys heard of Polyvore? It's a really cool shopping/fashion inspiration site where you can put together sets of clothes/shoes/accessories and see the look as a whole.  You can follow other Polyvore users and see their "sets" similar to pinterest. I threw my "Pastel" set together in 2 minutes but you can get really creative (which I plan on doing), taking pictures from where ever you want and creating a "collage" of a certain look.  

Happy Hump Day! Have a good rest of the week everybody! oXo 

Layering Trend

I am totally in love with this accessory trend! I'm always trying to think of a different way to switch it up and I have become a bit obsessed with buying new bracelets.  If you haven't figured it out yet I'm talking about layering bracelets with a watch or on their own combining different styles and colours. Having a great watch to complete this trend is key, but don't want to drop big $$$ on a MK watch? Accessory stores have come out with great affordable options.  It's nice to have one expensive staple watch but then maybe purchase a few less expensive ones to create a different look. Here are some great affordable options to re-create this trend in as many different ways as possible for less... 

Some watches I ♥ for less... 

This Aldo watch comes with four different bands (which is a great option and really helps with creating a different look everyday!) only around $30! 

Looking to spend a little bit more? Fossil watches are amazing! They are very well made and long lasting - paying a little more might be worth it! This one is a BEAUTY and its only $95... Check out more of the beautiful collection here! 

I came across a web site called The Watchery - they sell discounted luxury watches! I haven't ordered from them before so I can't vouch for their reliability but I read some reviews and it sounds good. They also ship almost everywhere and you can find pretty much every brand including Bulgari, Cartier, Fossil and MK. A price point for any budget! (I'm totally considering purchasing my next watch from them-let you know how that goes) 

As for some options to layer with here are some braclets I love... 

$12 (ish) from Aldo 

$14 (ish) from Aldo

$10 (ish) from Claire's. Went in there the other day and they have stepped up their game! They still have their kiddy stuff but they also have some super cute accessories. It's nice because unlike buying things from Aldo, you may find pieces that 3 of your girlfriends don't already have.

Happy layering! oXo 

A Taste of Spring!

How time flies! Spring is right around the corner which means it's soon time to switch out your winter hand bag and pack away the parka! There are tons of new trends for this season, I'm going to fill you in on some of my fav's! 

It's all about birds! Bird prints, bird accessories, birds birds birds! They are popular in a small print or large print - so many ways you can rock this trend. Manish Arora, an Indian fashion designer who last year was appointed creative director of the womenswear collection of the French fashion house Paco Rabanne, envisions the bird trend a little different then you or I... 

Let us be inspired by his vision and work it into our everyday wardrobes with more wearable toned down options such as these... 

Another great trend for spring (one of my favourites which I will definitely be investing in) is the "Peplum" style dress or skirt. Super flattering on pretty much every body type. 

**Penny Saver Tip** Want to create the look without purchasing a new piece? Take a top that is a bit longer and has more fabric through the body and pair it with a pencil skirt the compliments the top or is close in colour.  Then belt the top! There you have it, your very own Peplum dress creation! It will look something like this... 

It's ALL about pastels! Which I couldn't be happier about - I ℒℴѵℯ pastels! Pairing pastels together is so much fun and so extremely feminine. I've also noticed it's all about the fabric those pastels are on, which tend to be super delicate fabrics like chiffon, lace, silk etc. 

The silloutte that seems to be popping up everywhere is a drop waist or no waist at all... take a look! 

**Penny Saver Tip** Want to create your own drop waist? Easy! So many options but one I came up with is... Pair a longer pleated chiffon skirt with a long graphic T, something like this... Also layer in a light weight long tank to add to the drop waist effect - try something in a pastel ;) 

More spring trend posts to come but some things to keep your eyes peeled for in the mean time are...  

- digital imaging prints 

- colour blocking 

- matte satin 

- pleating 

- sea and garden themes 

so MUCH more to come!