Business the ESTEEM way!

Hey Guys! 

It has come to my attention that many businesses are confused about our practices here. When I first started my business (Makeup by Brittany and before that my beauty blogging The Allure Beauty {for those that have been around almost 10 years!}), I wanted to create a community of artists who had the freedom to build their own lifestyle and careers. I wanted to create a place where artists could learn from my experience, but I could also learn from theirs. Where they could help me build my business and I could help them build theirs.

When someone is hired on to the esteem team, they have the freedom to have their own businesses and see their own clients! Many are confused by this practice and think it creates a conflict of interest. They are correct in the assumption I loose some bookings to my artists, it absolutely does happen (not intentionally of course) but it's confusing, seeing Catherine here on my team, then also pursuing her own endeavors, same goes for the rest of the successful members of my team. There are only so many days in the year and so many hours in the day. Esteem books in more than enough clients, and has many loyal clients who have been with us for years.

My artists and I have a mutual trust and transparency that allows for this flexibility in our practices. If a client they have seen through me contacts them (unaware they are doing anything wrong), the team member will direct them to me so I can secure their booking with the artist they were trying to book in with. I won't go into all the agreements and arrangements we use to create a well oiled, loyal and respectful work environment but that's just a little peak into how business is done here. 

This way we can create a very versatile team of artists. Some may only take a handful of bookings a year as they are busy with their own clients, or perhaps another job or their children, other artists, may show their commitment to helping esteem grow, so they too can reap the benefits of our expansion. If this way of working sounds appealing to you, please feel free to apply for a position with us! We are hiring this summer and are currently reviewing applications! 

That being said, if you are intending to book with esteem, you will speak with myself directly. You will have me planning and arranging all that goes into your event and I will be ensuring your artist is completely prepared for all the elements of your day.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more! 

Brittany Hall Owner/Team Lead