Master Class 5.0

Hey Guys! 

Brit Hall here, owner and team lead, and I'm very excited to announce our next masterclass date... Friday September 22nd 2017 from 7-9:30pm! I'm always switching up the style of class I do and this time is no different. This class is what we are calling a "Live YouTube Tutorial." Another switch up to this class is that my Senior Artist Catherine, will be co-hosting it with me! We are going to complete two different looks for you. Catherine is going to complete a Winged Liner Look and I will be doing a Sun-kissed Glow

This class will be a lecture style class where in which guests will be seated taking notes and or pictures. As this is a "Live YouTube Tutorial" we want to ensure that guests are able to fully focus on what's happening up front. Sit back and enjoy the show! 

We will start with a tutorial, break for refreshments and then follow with the second tutorial! Typically our lessons run about $100 an hour, the ticket cost is less than that for 2.5 hours, a fab deal! 

Tickets will be $85 plus tax, you can inquire for purchase here!

Catherine (senior artist) and Brit Hall (owner and team lead) 

Catherine (senior artist) and Brit Hall (owner and team lead)