Welcome New Esteem Artists!

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to esteem! We are a team of highly skilled and trained artists offering luxury glamming services on location and in studio. It started out as Makeup by Brittany. I was a one woman show, catering to as many weddings and events as I could handle in a year. There came a point where I was just turning away too much business. From there, I added my first team mate, followed by my second, followed by three consecutive members and now two more! We now stand at a total of 8 including myself. We cater to the London, Toronto, Sarnia, Goderich/Grand Bend and surrounding area's. 

As most of you know I am Brittany Hall, owner and director of esteem. My two Senior Training Artist's are Catherine and Cassidy. They are now directly involved with training the new hires on esteem practices and skill. Catherine started with me in February of 2015 and Cassidy in August of 2015.  Our now Senior Artists, BrittKatie and Siobhan, have been with esteem since April 2016! Our newest Pro Artists, Erica and Rachael are top notch artists! They all come to us with amazing skill and natural God given talent. They see the true beauty in everyone and create pure art with makeup.  

Below is a brief Q and A with each of the new members so you can get to know them a little bit better! 

Erica Camden

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

E: I fell in love with makeup around the time I started enjoying photography. There is something about not only seeing beauty in someone, but being able to enhance it that intrigued me. I started playing around with makeup and quickly fell in love with it. 

B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

E: For a long while it was just my friends almost routinely asking me to do their makeup for any (and every) occasion. When I think back on it, it's almost like I was freelancing before I even knew what that meant! After a year or so of just enjoying the work, I began to hear from friends of friends, and realized I had an opportunity on my hands! 

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

E: If I HAVE to pick......brows. 

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike?

E: Foundation. Specifically, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick.  Every time and by far. It's not the most exciting product in the world but it's so full coverage and hydrating. Nothing looks better than a smooth canvas to work on! 

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;) 

E: Everyday-Chic, Distinctive & Modern

Rachael Alton

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

R: I don't remember a time that I didn't love makeup, but if I had to choose, I would say around 7 years old. My mom sold Mary Kay when I was growing up. She had two pink suitcases filled with all sorts of makeup that I couldn't wait to rummage through. My favourite finds were always the pink and red lipsticks. To this day, I still have an obsession for lipstick!  

B: When did you first start free-lancing and put yourself out there to book in your own clients? 

R: I first started free-lancing in Spring 2017. I finally had the push to pursue my dream when my sister's friend asked me to do her wedding makeup. I enrolled in a makeup artistry program in London, ON and finished this past summer. I've been keeping busy and only wish I would have done this sooner. Better late than never :) 



B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

E: Currently,  I work strictly freelance! Weddings & photoshoots are my focus. 

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

E: My favourite part of the process is always the end result. Seeing the look together as a whole is always awesome, but seeing how shocked my client is by her own beauty is even better. 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Esteem? 

E: I've always admired Esteem for not only their skill, but for the team itself. Being apart of such a talented and supportive group of women while still being able to embrace my own individuality as an artist; how could I pass that up?! I jumped the second I saw Brittany was hiring. 

B: Where are you from?  

E: I've been living in Sarnia, Ontario nearly my entire life!


B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)?

R: Since starting in the beauty industry, I have been focusing solely on my own free-lancing business. Esteem will be my first company experience and I couldn't be more excited! 

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

R: My favourite part is definitely when the client sees their finished look. I get so excited to watch them see themselves for the first time. It melts my heart when they do a double take and have a smile from ear to ear. I love making people feel beautiful. Best job ever! 


B: Why did you apply to this position with Esteem? 

R: I don't remember how long I have been following Brittany on Instagram but it's been a long time, back when she was Makeup by Brit. I was obsessed with her makeup skills, her positivity and passion for life. I had her do my makeup for a photo shoot then later on booked a lesson with her. I have always loved makeup and once I finally decided to start making it a career, I applied to Esteem. I can't believe I am part of this amazingly talented group of women!

B: Where are you from? 

R: I am originally from Sarnia where I grew up and lived most of my life. I now live in Auburn (near Goderich) and have been here for over 5 years now with my husband and baby boy. 

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

R: Possibly the hardest decision ever because without any of these, who am I (lol)? I'm going to choose brows! I start my own makeup routine with brows and I find they enhance my face without much effort. Plus, I don't want to live in a world without brows! 

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

R: There are so many amazing products that I love to use on myself and clients. I think the most versatile product that I can use on almost anyone is the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics. It's seriously the most perfect shade without looking too orange. It's build-able and blends to perfection. I always revert back to this one after trying new ones. Also, the Chubby Stick in Curviest Caramel by Clinique. It's one of my go to shades! 

B: Describe your personal style in three words. 

R: Classic, polished and feminine.