3rd Master Class - Individual Application Style

Hey Guys! 

As most of you know I have now hosted a couple master classes in London focusing on different aspects of the makeup application. These classes are typically geared towards someone who likes to use and wear makeup daily and wishes to expand their knowledge.  Also professional makeup artists look to further develop their skills. In these classes I have shared my current product faves, techniques on how to use different products and create different results. The style of my last two classes have been a classroom setting. Clients have come and taken a seat where they are free to take notes and watch as I demo my teachings on a model. 

For this upcoming class I am planning on teaching in a different style/setting. For this class, clients will be encourage to bring their makeup. They will be seated at a desk with a mirror in front of them and will follow along as we go using their products. I will provide a list of applications we will be focusing on so clients are prepared with the appropriate products. I will demo each step on a model as well as walk around and help each client with their different product or application tool (some of you may use brushes, some may use a beauty blender etc etc). 

This will be a very hands on learning experience and a more intimate setting. To see me for an individual lesson the fee is $100 per hour. This class will be 2.5 hours and the ticket cost is $135 plus tax. There will be refreshments and some goodies for the client to take home as well! Here are the details on the class: 

Date: January 21st 2017

Time: 1-3:30 

Ticket cost: $130 plus tax (inquire within to purchase a ticket) 

What to bring: The makeup you wish to use for a full application using (complexion, contour and highlight, conceal and correct, eyes, brows, lips and cheeks) as well as the tools you use to apply said makeup 

Location: Studio Collective Unit 32 20 Kitchener Ave London Ontario 

Provided: Snacks and refreshments, desk seating for application, standing individual mirror at your seat to comfortably apply your makeup at (that is your's to take) as well as some goodies for you to take home!