Welcome Cassidy!

Hey Guys! 

I have recently hired a third makeup artist to join my little team (consisting of myself and Catherine). We have commenced training and she is more then excelling. The reason for my need for a second artist was I was just turning too many of you away! With a wait list of over 50 weddings last year and with the wedding season barely started and sitting at over 30, it was due time to get a third set of hands on the scene! As when most of you inquire you are looking for the style and look that I provide for my clients, I wanted to hire an artist who was willing to learn my techniques and practice them on our clients. Cassidy comes to us with a great skill level and we've worked together and will continue to work together in training sessions to grow as artists and offer consistency to our clients. 

Here is a breif Q and A between myself and Cassidy to help you get to know her better! 

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

C: I’ve loved makeup since my mom helped me cover my first blemish in grade 7; I couldn’t believe how well it worked! At that moment, I felt so lucky yet so sorry for my male counterparts going through puberty without the magic of makeup.


B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

C:When I went to university, I became more adventurous and creative with makeup. My floor mates would ask me for tips, so I soon became the “go-to” for quick applications. After I graduated, I started branching out to help family and coworkers with special event makeup, and even did a few weddings. In December 2014, I took the QC Academy makeup course, which prepared me to start up my own makeup business. I’ve been freelancing and taking clients ever since! 

B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

C: Right now, I’m strictly free-lancing. However, MAC is the brand I am most familiar with, use, and like the most.

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

C: My absolute favourite part of the application process is when I show the client their after look. It makes me feel so happy when someone sees themselves in a different light for the first time. 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

C: I found Brittany on Instagram (as most of us do). My friend and I went in for a lesson, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had doing and talking about makeup. I left feeling so inspired. Seeing someone so in their own element, doing what they love, and being so successful - it truly seemed like the dream job I’ve always wanted. I made business cards the next day, and really started pushing myself to get as many clients as possible. When I saw Brittany was looking for another artist, I thought it was a great opportunity to assess my skill level, take more clients, and learn from the best! 

B: Where are you from?  

C: I was born in Kapsuskasing, Ontario (it’s North, wayyy North.) When I was three, we moved to Kingston, Ontario, which is where I grew up. I left to pursue a Health Science degree from The University of Western Ontario. I have a lot of family in London, and ended up really loving it here. I now call it “home” and live downtown in a house I share with my boyfriend, Jameson, and my German Shepherd, Jepp!

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

C: Yikes! O.K... Bronzer. I never leave the house without bronzer. Winter, Summer, doesn’t matter. Bronzer is also the part of the application I enjoy on clients the most because that’s when the look I’ve created starts to come together as a whole. It just makes everyone look so glamorous and refined.  

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

C: I literally use MAC Prolongwear concealer on every single client in some way. I have yet to find someone this concealer does not work well on. It’s so creamy, the coverage is fantastic, and it doesn’t crease once set with powder. I’m also really into Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow right now. Applied with a stiff angled brush, its a great way to achieve super defined brows.  

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;) 

C: Casual, Confident, and “Tomboy Chic"


B: What is the most exciting part about this new venture in your makeup career?  

C:  It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Whether I'm working with clients, shopping for supplies, or trying a new technique, I feel invigorated and that I have truly found my dream job. I think Brittany, Catherine and I will make a great team, and I’m so excited to see what my future in the makeup industry has in store for me!