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Self Expression through ClosetSpace

Have you ever woken up in the morning thinking about what clothes you’re going to wear that day? For some, they can throw on anything from their closet and look like they just walked off a photoshoot, but for most of us, fashion doesn’t come so naturally. Although with a little help from mobile technology, outfit planning can be conveniently done with just a couple swipes.

With all the fashion management apps that are on the Mashable, it’s evident that the fashion industry is aware of all the outfit problems we have, from visualizing our wardrobe choices for holidays to the items that just end up sitting at the back of our closets. This is why in this day and age we should utilize mobile technology as it makes those daily tasks a little cheaper and less time consuming. Besides, mobile internet is among “the most powerful trends across the internet landscape” as revealed by the company managing the mobile gaming hub Pocketfruity. So digitizing our closets using an app like ClosetSpace is probably the best way to solve all of our outfit issues.

ClosetSpace is your go-to reference for fashion inspiration, turning your wardrobe into your own virtual closet that doubles as an outfit planner. Featured on numerous media outlets such as Vogue, the New York Times, and, this app is the perfect tool to help you visualize your clothes and curate thousands of ways to express your personality through your style.

When entering items into your virtual closet, the app will ask you include tags like the brand, size, color, fabric, and style, and filling up these product details will allow you to access one of its unique features called Style Stats. Style Stats manages your wardrobe by categorizing your apparel and accessories according to those product details, making it easier for you to sort through everything without rummaging through your entire closet.

The other prominent feature of ClosetSpace is the Daily Outfit Recommendations, something that members can receive via email every day. What it does is that it provides you with outfit options based on the weather that day. Most of the emailed images come from top bloggers and stylists and can be extremely useful on days when outfit planning seems more of a chore rather than something that's exciting.

For that much needed assistance in wardrobe management, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.