Handbag Essentials

Here are the essentials you will find in my purse on an average day... 

1. My wallet, a given ;) This one was a birthday pressent from my husband by Deux Lux!

2. A brush or comb to tame my mane. 

3. Gum or mints! As a makeup artist I am a freak about always having gum in my mouth when working with a client. Because of this I have become a little like Dwight (in that episode of The Office where Jim tricks him into needing a mint everytime his computer turns on!), I NEED MY MINTS! 

4. A touch of fragrance, whether it be a roller ball, solid perfume or a mini perfume like this adorable mini Miss Dior! Whatever I am in the mood for that day I will pop in my purse. I don't really care if it isn't the same one I applied that morning - not a huge stickler about matching scents. 

5. This is somewhat of a new gadget for me - it's an Ollo Clip for your iPhone! There are a couple different lens options which allow you to take amazing close ups, fish eye shots, wide angles and more! If you are a photo junkie this is super fun. I keep it on hand because you never know when the photography urge will strick or you might be driving into an amazing sunset you want to capture! 

6. Lip balm is a must. I have ten thousand and today it just happens to be an EOS Balm in Strawberry Sorbet. 

7. Hand cream. I can't live without my hand cream. One in my purse, one in my car, one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom... the list goes on! This one is also by EOS it is their Berry Blossom Hand Lotion! I like it because it is super light, perfect for on the go as it doesn't have any residue. 

8. I always bring my lipstick touch up and gloss. Whatever I applied that morning I pop in my bag to touch up with during the rest of the day! 

9. I am super oily and tend to get ultra shiny (yum.), therefore a powder touch up is a must. I usually bring my Mineralize Skin Finish powder by MAC and a brush - but it will again depend on what my look is that day. I usually only apply this through my t-zone, where I tend to get oily as not to dull my blush and bronzer :) 

This list of essentials changes as per what I am up to that day - a longer day away may call for more touch up prodcuts! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post and as always - feel free to contact me with any and all questions or to book me for your next event!