15 Minute Hair 15 Minute Makeup

Hey Guys! 

As promised, here is my 30 minute getting ready routine! Since you have committed to reading this post, I'm sure you can commit 30 minutes to getting ready! I think 30 minutes is a very reasonable amount of time to spend getting yourself ready in the morning. Spending five minutes as you are running out the door is not enough time. Spending these 30 minutes will set the tone for the day. 30 minutes spent on yourself with no interruptions will calm you and get you feeling prepared for the day ahead! 

Waking up just a bit earlier to do your hair and makeup will give you that extra skip in your step. First impressions are very important and who knows who you are going to meet that day? If you aren't willing to take care of yourself, in the professional and personal world people may ask themselves... "Well if she doesn't take care of herself how will she take care of me? Or this presentation? Or this commitment?" Presenting yourself and clean, polished and put together is a big part of your impression on the world. 

After showering and blow drying my hair my next step is styling my hair and doing my makeup. I always start with hair so curls can sit while I do my makeup. If I'm straightening my hair I will do it after my makeup although this blog is about being able to curling your hair in 15 minutes or less! 

Loose, beachy, soft waves/curls are very in. Don't spend all this time curling little tiny pieces and making each curl perfect. Follow these steps for tousled loose curls: 

1. Split your hair in half putting half on each side of your shoulders. 

2. Take a piece of hair (depending on how thick your hair is the amount you curl will vary), I usually take about a 1 inch section. My hair isn't overly thick so that makes for about five, 1 inch sections on each side of my head I need to curl. I hold each curl in place for about 30 seconds each. 

3. Wrap your hair around the wand away from your face. Start the curl about 1/3 of the way down your hair. The reason for this is we are going for that relaxed curl so starting at the root will give too tight and too bouncy of a curl. 

4. Depending on the length of your hair, that will determine how many times you wrap the hair around. But how I like to think of it is you leave out 1/3 of your hair starting from your root, wrap about 1/3 of your hair around the wand, then leave out about 1/3 of your hair at the bottom. Looking something like this... 


See how I am wrapping the hair around in an elongated, stretched out fashion? This will create that wavy look we all know and love. With my hair length, I start curling about 3 inches from the root and leave out about 2.5 inches at the bottom to be straight - allowing me to wrap around the wand twice. 

5. Finishing curling and spray with hair spray. Let these sit without running your fingers or a brush through while you do your 15 minute makeup routine... 

1. Apply your favourite foundation all over your face, blending in with a kabuki brush or foundation brush. 

2. Apply concealer to areas that need it - under eyes, around the nose and mouth, spots etc. 

3. Next you can set with powder and go in with bronzer/contour. Apply your bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, along the top of your forehead and under your jawline. 

4. Apply a blush just above your bronzer blending in to your apples. 

5. Fill in your brows! This is a very important step. If you don't fill in your brows, please start ;) It will make ALL the difference and really complete your look. Giving you that polished look without a noticeable amount of makeup. Use a powder, gel, pencil, pen - whatever works best for you! Avoid applying product to areas that don't need it and are already full for a more natural even look. 

6. Apply a neutral beige (one shade lighter than your skin tone) all over the lid. 

7. Apply a neutral brown into your crease giving the eye some definition. 

8. Apply the same shadow you used on your lid as a brow highlight. 

9. Apply liquid liner if you are good at applying it/fairly fast. If not substitute this step and use a dark brown or black shadow and smudge it into the lash line, or use a pencil liner to do the same! Be sure to really blend the product into your lash line. Lift up your upper lashes by pulling your eye lid up and tight-line your upper waterline/lash line. Doing this will really help add volume to the lashes as well. 

Lastly, apply mascara or false lashes - whatever is quicker/your fave or most appropriate for your day! 

To finish off the look apply your favourite everyday lipstick. If you have time, line your lips with a lipliner that matches your lip colour or natural lip. This will help your lips last longer and add more definition. Below I am applying Spice Lip Liner by MAC and Chatter Box Lipstick by MAC. I tend to go with pink/peachy hues for an easy everyday application. 

Now that makeup is done lets go back to hair and finish it off. I take a brush and lightly comb through my curls, you can run your fingers through or shake your head upside down if you wish. Soften up the look and finish with more hairspray. I usually spritz in a couple sprays of shine spray or run a dry oil through. This is because my hair is on the dryer side, if you don't have this issue and your hair is silky and shiny then skip that step! 

I timed myself while doing this look and it took me 28 minutes - not bad! Here is the completed look... 


As always, feel free to contact me regarding this post or any other post! As well as to book me for an appointment or to inquire about other business related matters!