Cut Crease Smokey Eye

Hey Guys! 

Happy New Year! So glad to be back doing what I love :) I've been busy today and there are TWO posts coming your way. This one and another on how to achieve soft big waves/old hollywood style waves. I've been getting some requests on doing different kinds of cut crease looks so here is one for the books! I also did another one you can check out here!

I used the Naked Basics Palette (all matte) for this entire eye look. I highly recommend this palette - I'm obsessed. Here is a closer look at the palette... 

1. Start with a primed clean lid. Then apply W.O.S all over the lid. Use a flat dense brush so you can really pack it on and get a very opaque finish. Then, pick up Crave on a small brush and draw out your crease. I always suggest going just above your crease as when you blend it will come down just a touch. 

2. Take a blending brush and pick up more Crave. Apply it directly on top of the line you just drew and blend up (not to much!) in small buffing motions. 

3. Next, pick up Faint on a different clean blending brush and apply right where Crave finishes - blending up. 

4. Apply Venus as your brow highlight and apply your liquid liner. 

5. Line your waterline with a waterproof liner then drag Crave along the lower lash line until it is very black and pigmented. 

6. Grab a smudge brush and pick up Faint, soften the edges of Crave with this soft brown hue.

7. Apply false lashes.

8. Apply multiple coats of mascara to the lower lashes.  

There you have it! A super sultry smokey eye with a cut crease. A cut crease technique is great for people with hooded lids. If you can master this technique with softer more natural colours it's great and helps any eye appear much larger! 

Here is a closer look at the finished product...