Hey Guys!

Hope you're all enjoying your day. Unfortunately I have to share some kind of upsetting news. Going forward I am going to have to implement a more stringent policy on deposits and cancelations due to a select few who have abused my trusting nature. Up until now I have been very trusting, trying to build professional and personal relationships with most of my clients, believing that I could depend on their word (and I can, 99.9% of the time!).  That has now worked against me a couple times, especially since becoming quite busy.

It is unfortunate that I have had a bride cancel on one of my most highly demanded Saturdays. I had to turn away 5 other brides for tomorrow because I had a wedding booked. Now, the day before, they have cancelled and I am left high and dry. Not nice or fair to myself (as this is my bread and butter) or my other brides who have inquired and would have held to their booking. I apologize to anyone I had to turn away and it's a shame I showed my loyalty and commitment to a client who did not return the favour. That being said, I now have some openings for tomorrow morning! If you need your makeup done contact me! Sorry for the rant I'm just feeling a little down and in the dumps :(  

Thank you to all my committed and loyal clients and readers! Have a fabulous weekend :) 

Brittany oXo