DIY Studded Jean Shorts

Hey Guys! 

I recently got a little crafty and made some studded cut offs. It was super easy and cheap! If you want to give it a go yourself you will need: 

- old jean shorts or full length jeans (I got mine from value village for $4.99) 

- a bunch of of studs with rivets (I ordered mine off eBay but you could also check out

- scissors/serrated knife

These were the jeans before. I got a couple sizes to big so they would be super high waisted. Then I got them taken in so they fit nicely. 

Next up, I cut them off to the length I wanted... 

Then fray the edge of the jeans, don't be scared to really go to town and get them super shredded! It's a little bit of a process so after you wash them, do it again. 

Stud it up! Lay out the studs in the pattern you want on the table then start riveting them in to jeans. 


I have tons of studs left over for whenever I get inspired to stud another article of clothing!!! Love seeing a piece and being able to recreate it on a super low budget! 

Hope this inspired you to get creative with an old piece :) Have a fabulous day!!