How to achieve glowing cheeks!

Who doesn't love an adorably pretty pink cheek with a glow? Below you will find the products I use to create the look as well as the product placement and techniques used! Here is the look... 

What you will need...

These are the products that I use to create this look, but by all means you can use different ones that are similar! I will list the products starting with what you need to apply first. 

1. Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced (far right). Apply this as a contour/bronzer, more deeply applied into the hollows of the cheeks. Just below where your cheek pops out. 

2. NARS Blush in Seduction (far left). Apply this just above the bronzer and not quite on the apples of the cheek. I use this as almost a second contour because it's so dark. I LOVE using deep blushes to contour. 

3. Dior Rosy Glow Blush (top middle). Apply this to the apples of the cheek! 

4. Clinique Blush #101 aglow (bottom middle). I actually LOVE this blush! I use it more like a highlighter because it casts such an amazing sun-kissed glow where ever you apply this. I dust this over my whole cheek. This will give everything you just applied a defused and blended look as well as aglow! (great name for the blush!) 

There you have it, rosy poesy glow! As always, feel free to contact me regarding booking an appointment or just to ask a questions! Check out my portfolio here!