How to Naturally Contour your Nose

Hey Guys! 

I have been getting some requests on how I contour some of my clients nose's (in before and after's) and make it appear very natural and pretty much undetectable. So here goes! 

1. Map out the shape you want your nose to take. If you have some corrections you would like to make, you must draw your lines accordingly. If you wish your nose to appear narrower, draw the lines closer together. If you want your nose to appear narrower at the bottom and stay the same as the top then do more of a V shape. If you have a crooked nose and would like it to appear straighter be sure to draw very straight lines avoiding accentuating bumps. 

2. Soften the lines you have creating, blending down away from the bridge of your nose. 

3. Apply a lighter powder or cream down the centre of the nose and on the sides of the nose. 

4. Blend the lines you have created up into the bottom of the brow, making the line disappear into the brow hair. This will help your contouring appear seamless and more natural. 

Brushes: 1. Flat brush to apply highlight with precision 2. Stiff blending brush to smooth out lines 3. Fine precision point brush to draw precise lines. 

Products: I used a MAC shadow called Handwritten and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish powder in Light. 

Hope this was helpful to you guys! Have a fabulous day!