Covering Brows

Hey Guys! 

A couple weeks back, I posted a before and after picture of my husband in drab makeup in honor of Pride Week! Afterwards, I had a few requests as to how to cover brows. Covering brows can be useful for so many different things! Full face paint, masks, halloween makeup and drag makeup! Here is a step by step on how to conceal your brow...

1. Start with a clean brow area. 

2. Brush your brow hairs down. 

3. Run a glue stick down through the brow then smooth the brow out straight back to form using the glue stick. 

4. Pat on a thick full coverage concealer. 

5. Slightly blend the concealer out. 

6. Gently press a full coverage powder foundation over the concealer. 

7. Apply a little more concealer where needed on the brow. 

8. Again, gently press a full coverage powder foundation over the concealer. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to to achieve the desired results. 

Since I had my brow covered I decided to go ahead and do a dramatic "drag" or "costume" eye makeup... 

1. Outline the basic shape of your new brow. 

2. Take a brown liquid liner and sketch in brow hair. 

3. Apply a brow highlight. 

4. Create a new, larger crease. 

5. Apply a dark crease shadow where you want your new crease to be. 

6. Blend in a black shadow to deepen the crease. 

Finally apply a dramatic eyeliner and a big set of bold lashes! 

Hope this gives you some fun inspiration!!! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! With that being said, Halloween is filling up fast!