Smokey Eye Do's & Dont's

Hey Guys! 

When it comes to the smokey eye there are so many different approaches to application and techniques. It's important to still use colours and tones that compliment your features, rather then just recreating a look you've seen on someone else. 

A common problem people have when creating a smokey eye is that it ends up looking more blue-ish grey then smouldering black or grey. The reason for this is when you mix black and grey together they make blue. It's almost unavoidable. You have to be very careful with the type of grey you use to avoid this blue effect. Rather then using a grey use a soft brownish taupe. I find that always makes for a great smokey eye. Your able to soften the black and blend it down without changing it to a dark blue. This is the exact palette I used to create the look, it's by Stila and it's called "in the know" it can be found at Sephora! These are the colours I used and where I used them... (refer back to this picture when reading the step-by-step diagram) 


Using more of these brown hues with your smokey eye will help tone down the look, making for a more wearable everyday smokey eye. Heightening the intensity with a bold liquid liner can bring it from day to night! 

1. Apply the lid colour all over the lid softening into the crease. 

2. Drag the same colour along the outer corner of the lower lash line. 

3. Apply the first crease colour into the crease blending out thoroughly. 

4. Apply the second crease colour (black) into the crease blending thoroughly. Apply the black in a smaller more concentrated area then the dark brown just applied into the crease. 

5. Apply a brow highlight, blending down into the crease colours. 

6. Apply the "blending colour" (shown above in the palette diagram) where the brow highlight meets the crease colour. This will soften the look and help it appear even more blended and seamless. 

7. Drag the second crease colour along the outer corner of the lower lash line. 

8. Clean up the corner. 

Apply false lashes or mascara and liquid liner

Hope that helped you guys out! Give it a try and let me know how it goes ;)