Product 411 - Fakeup

Hey Guys! 

Haven't done one of these in a while eh!? I used to do product 411's a lot more and I'm going to start them up again! Today's Product 411 is on the new-ish Benefit Concealer "Fakeup." There are a few reasons I decided to blog about this product, first off I personally love it and it's the concealer I've been waiting for my whole life. Secondly, I have been getting a lot of requests lately asking me about pictures I post of clients, either before and after's or just "looks" and how I achieve that "lightness through the t-zone". Well here goes... 

What I love about this product: 

- so hydrating for the under eye area

- never looks cakey or dry 

- doesn't draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles 

- looks super natural 

- medium coverage 

- I use the "light" shade on practically EVERYONE 

- can be used to highlight when contouring 

- easy applicator stick 

- great for adding hydration and coverage to a dry flakey pimple 

- great for dry under eyes that tend to look cakey with most concealers 

A closer look at the product... 

The style of applicator/packaging is like a lipstick style, it rolls up and rolls down. That ring you see around the outside of the product is almost like a moisturizer, then inside is where the concealer is. As you apply it they mix together creating an amazingly hydrated and creamy application. 

Below is a picture of one of my clients. I have drawn in where and how I apply the product. Using small strokes I apply the product in V shapes with three lines...

I apply this product after I've applied foundation. Using a small concealer buffing brush I then use small circular motions and smooth the product into the skin blending it into the foundation for a natural finish! All in all I LOVE this product and highly recommend it!