Pinterest Eye Look Step-by-Step #2

Hey Guys! 

So here is another eye look I found on Pinterest and decided to recreate it! Now again, same as last pinterest eye post, keep in mind the pinterest photo is airbrushed almost to the point of looking animated and taken with a professional camera. Where my look is not edited at all and taken with my iPhone :)

Here is the Pinterest look...


Here is my take on the look... 

Step by step on how to create the look...

1. In order to make bright colours pop I always apply a white cream shadow/liner base. This helps the colours look more true and also acts as a primer. 

2. Apply an orange on the inner corner and a bright pink on the outer corner (or any colour you would like!) 

3. After softening/blending the orange and the pink just so they are barely touching, trace your crease with a small stiff brush. This doesn't have to look perfect as you will be blending it out. Use brown or black or a dark colour of your choosing! 

4. Use a smudge brush to soften the cut crease even further. Follow up with a fluffier blending brush and a lighter brown (or lighter hue of whatever colour you decided to cut your crease with). 

5. Apply a brow highlight and soften the crease colour into the highlight. 

6. Apply liquid liner and mascara and smudge some black shadow along the lower lash line blending into the wing. Apply a white eye liner to the inner rim! 

What a fun look! Have some free time? Try it out yourself! If you don't try you will never know if you can do it! It's much easier then it looks, trust me! Have a great day guys!