Lip Liner: How to wear it

Hey Guys! This post is to help you out with using lip liner and making it more wareable for your everyday looks!

Lip liner has had it’s fair share of hits and misses over the last couple decades. Just like fashion, makeup has trends that come in and out of style. A dark bold liner with a pale lipstick is definitely a trend we have seen come and go... personally, very glad to see it go! Today I’m going to talk about my current uses for lip liner and ways to wear it that are modern and current.

First up...

Choose a lip liner in the same colour as your lipstick and apply it all over the lip. This will be beneficial in multiple ways. One, it will prevent bleeding onto the skin around the lips and two, it will help create a super long wearing colour.  This is especially helpful with bright bold colours. Here is an example of matching lip liners to lipsticks (they don’t have to be dead on and they don’t have to be the same brand or shade!).




Lip liner is a great way to neutralize the lip. Creating a colourless base to add colour to. Reasons for doing this would be if you have a naturally red lip and wish to create a pale nude lip. Sometimes, when you apply a nude lipstick onto an already naturally red lip you get a muddy or “off” colour. To avoid this, take a lip colour that is a shade or two lighter than the lips and fill in the lips with it, then go ahead and apply the light nude lipstick over top.


Finished result, the perfect nude pout...

Lastly, use liner to subtly enhance the lips to make them appear slightly larger. To keep this look modern and chic you want to avoid over lining. Use a lip liner that matches your lip colour and line on top of or just outside of the natural lip line. This will make the lips appear larger but not unnaturally larger. Either fill in the lip with the liner or pop on a lipstick of your choice.

Lip liner is a small detail in your look that can really add that polished “professionally applied” looking finish. Lips are that much more precise and defined whether it be a nude lip or a bold lip. Hope that helped you guys out!