Silver Smokey Eye Step-by-Step

I love doing these fun dramatic eyes! Thought I'd do a step by step for you on a super silvery smokey eye that pops. Great for a night out or a special event. It's super easy to take the drama of this look down a bit to suit the occasion or your style. Check it out... 

1. Apply a white eye liner in the center of your primed eye lid. Use something super creamy and soft. This will help the silver/white pigment adhere to the lid even better. This also helps the pigment pop even more! A little trick when applying light colour shadows is to apply a white base first, always helps them pop! 

2. Apply the loose silver/white pigment on top of the area where you applied the white eye liner with a dense flat brush. 

3. Apply a black eye shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eye again with a flat dense brush. Applying a shadow with a flat dense brush rather then a fluffy brush allows the shadow to go on super pigmented.  

4. Pick up more black shadow on a blending brush and soften the edges blending out. 

5. Mimic the top lid by applying the same white eye liner and silver/white pigment to the center of the lower lash line. 

6. Apply your brow highlight. You can use the same technique to help the brow highlight pop by applying a white base first. Then apply the brow highlight and blend out. 

Apply liquid liner and a black kohl liner to your water line, apply lashes if you wish and ta-dah! A beautiful dramatic smokey eye :) Want to see more step-by-step eye looks? Type in step-by-step into the search engine on the side bar under directory or click here!

Here's a closer peek at the look... 

Hope this was helpful to you guys! As always feel free to contact me to ask questions, request a post or book an appointment! Have a wonderful day oXo