Hey Guys!

I've been playing around with the idea of getting on Tumblr for a while now. I've had a few different accounts, names and ideas behind what I thought I should focus on. I have a beauty blog where I discuss makeup tips and tricks, product 411's and the latest trends. I have an instagram account where I upload pictures and showcase my life and my passions. I have a pinterest account where I post pictures from others to create a board full of things I love.

With tumblr I decided to go a completely different route. I have always had a passion for embracing size and loving our bodies and those of you who know me can atest to that. In my social media outlets it comes out every now and then but I thought that my tumblr account could be a representation of all things curves. My tumblr account is going to showcase curvier woman, healthy body images and inspirational videos and quotes I come across. 

I want my tumblr to be a place woman of all sizes can go to escape the mold society has created. To escape the thoughts of feeling fat or ugly. I want this to be a place where woman can go to look at true beauty and see the beauty in themselves. Escape the world where skinny is beauty, where you need to see bones to see attractiveness. This will be a place to retreat and remember you are who you are. If you have to work excessively hard to change who that is, then maybe its just not meant to be. 

I am really excited about this as I too am a curvier girl. Currently I wear a size 14/16, have pretty much been this size since I was 19/20 and don't see myself changing anytime soon. Sure, I like to feel healthier and toning up is always a great feeling. I think it's always good to have goals, but choosing achievable ones is key. 

I hope you guys enjoy this new aspect of social media I'm embarking on. As always, feel free to contact me, ask questions or maybe tell me your body image struggles. I've had my fair share too and could lend some advice or just an ear to listen.  

My tumblr is called CURVATION. Click here to check it out!