Flawless Complexion

Hey Guys! 

I have had a few requests about doing a flawless foundation step-by-step so here it is, honouring your inquires! In the past I posted a few youtube videos and I did do one on My Foundation Routine, which by the way is constantly changing! As for my youtube videos I don't know if I plan on getting back into posting them or not. I enjoying blogging and sharing with you guys but I don't know if the youtube thing is for me. When it comes to this industry you have to choose your distinct path. I think doing youtube videos may be taking me in too many different directions. I would like to stay more streamlined in my business as a free-lance artist that has an active social media presence. I think being a youtube makeup artist is a whole other ball game! We will see though, maybe down the road I might pick them up again.  

In this post, I'm going to share more of my approach to achieving a flawless complexion on myself as well as my clients. A basic guide for what goes threw my mind when sitting down with a client or at my makeup mirror. Again, every makeup artist is different and this just happens to be my method! In artistic industries like this one, it's important to have your own flare and uniqueness but it's also about being constantly inspired by others. 

Step One (and personally the most important step): Skin Care 

It is crucial to take care of your skin. This will affect how makeup looks on the skin, how long it lasts and how effective it will be. The three key steps are: 

1. Cleanse 

2. Exfoliate (whether you use a daily exfoliator that doubles as a cleanser or an exfoliator only to be used 2-3 times a week or as directed) 

3. Hydrate

Completing these three steps daily is important to being able to achieve a flawless complexion. Personally I do my cleansing and exfoliating at night and in the morning I use a water cleanser as not to over cleanse/dry out the skin. 

I could do a whole other post on skin care in greater detail if you guys would like, but this is the basic information!

Step Two: Creating an Ideal Canvas

With your already clean, moisturized skin you want to apply a base/primer. To me, a base does not have to be a primer it can be many other things. Choose a base that works for your skin, as everyone is different. You can also choose a base based on the look you are trying to achieve. For example, I like to use an illuminating tinted moisturizer as my base. This will create a glow from underneath your foundation. Another option is a self-tanner or a bronzing gel to give an added glow and deepen your complexion (be sure to apply all the way down your neck). You could also use a BB Cream for added coverage or an oil controlling primer if you struggle with oily skin. I apply my base with the same brush I use to apply my foundation but feel free to use something else. 

Here is step two, I've just applied my Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer all over.


Step Three: Foundation Application

 Personally, I like to use a kabuki brush or a buffing brush to apply the foundation. I focus my application in the centre of my face blending outward. As most problem areas tend to be in the centre (large pores, spots etc). First off I have applied my foundation where I wish to focus it and in the second shot I have used my kabuki brush to blend it out. Today I am using Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #155. You will notice it has a bit of a yellow undertone as I am trying to correct the natural redness in my skin. 


Step Four: Conceal/Highlight

 I choose to do my concealing and some of my highlighting in this next step. First off I conceal any spots or scars with a concealer that matches my complexion. In the next picture I am applying a concealer that is slightly lighter under my eyes and anywhere else I would like to lighten/highlight. Today I am using Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Medium as my spot concealer and Benefit Fake Up in Light as my under eye/highlight. 


Step Five: Set

Before I go any further I set what I have done with a light dusting of powder. Today I used Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus. You will notice shine is reduced and everything looks a little more matte. 


Step Six: Bronzer Blush and Highlight

I have done some posts on this in the past and here is a diagram I have created to help you with your application.  

Bronzers I love: 

Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced 

Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer Superficial

Tarte Matte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Blush I love: 

MAC Azalea 

NARS Seduction 

Dior Rosy Glow 

Highlighter I love: 

Benefit Watt's Up 

MAC Eye Shadow in Shroom 

Make Up For Ever Shine On 

Also check out my Contour, Highlight and Blush Step-by-Step. Here is the photo/steps from the post as well: 

Today's finished look with bronzer, blush and highlighter: 


Hope that helped you guys out! As always feel free to contact me! oXo