Teal Eye Look Step-by-Step

Hey Guys! 

Thought I'd do something a little more extravagant today! With proms coming up and all sorts of reasons to glam up I thought I'd share something different! My mom got me all these amazing beautiful pigments from MAC for Christmas from their limited edition Guilty Passions set. There were four in the set and they are "Brilliantly Cool Crushed Metallic Pigments" - I used "Spruced" for this look. 

Here is the look and step by step instructions! 

1. Apply a bright coloured pigment to the center of the eye lid using your finger or a dense flat brush. 

2. Apply a dark or black shadow to the outer and inner corners in a V shape (doesn't have to be perfect). 

3. Soften and blend with a blending brush. Take your time and blend carefully as not to overlap the pigment too much. 

4. Apply a white liner to really define the brown right along the edge of the brow. 

5. Blend out the white liner then apply a warmer tone highlight to blend that into the crease. I used "Motif" by MAC - it is gold with a purple iridescent. I also applied "Shroom" by MAC directly over top of the white liner to make it pop and add a satin finish.  

6. Apply the same bright pigment you used and apply it to the center of the lower lash line. Mimic what you did on top by applying black to the inner and outer corners of the lower lash line. Apply your liquid liner and lashes and done!

**Extra Step** You can stop there or continue on by dragging the black shadow out and down to mimic the shape of the upper lid. Blend it down and fill it with white liner wings or even just a white eye shadow softly blending outwards. 

Here is a close up...

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a wonderful rest of your week! oXo