Eye Colour Part III: Brown Eyes

Hey Guys! 

Here is part three of a series of Eye Colour posts I've been doing. Check out Hazel Eyes and Blue Eyes for more information on choosing the appropriate colours for your eye! In the Hazel Eye post I talk in more detail about the colour wheel and accentuating different colours. 

For all your brown eyed girls out there, consider yourself lucky! Every colour of the rainbow flatters your eye colour and there are really no limitations on what you can do. Personally, I find a beautiful dark brown eye looks fabulous when complimented with a deep navy and cream combo. In this look I used only TWO colours for the whole eye! Unfortunately both the colours I used are discontinued shades but very easy to find duplicates of. 

Here's the look, 

1. Apply an eye primer all over the eye lid followed by a neutral cream coloured shadow with a matte finish. 

2. Use a small flat dense brush and apply a navy blue shadow with a matte finish in a V shape at the outer corner of the eye. 

3. a) Blend blend blend! Take a blending brush with a little more navy shadow on it and soften the V you have created, do so until you're happy with the result. This may take time, especially when using matte shades as they are a little more difficult to blend, but look beautiful when done properly. Don't worry you can do it, you just need to continue to blend and when you think your done your not - keep going! 

b) Take a makeup wipe and clean up any fall out under the eye. Wrap the makeup wipe around your finger so your nail is sticking threw the wipe, hold the wipe tight around your finger and use your nail (with the wipe over it as shown in the picture) to carve out a clean angled edge along the outer corner of the eye.  

4. Take the same cream matte shadow you used on the lid and apply it as a brow highlight, blend it gently into the navy colour in the crease. 

5. Apply mascara, liquid liner and false lashes if you wish! Fill in the brow to add definition to the look. 

6. Ta-dah! Beautiful golden brown peepers :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed these series of Eye Colour posts! As always, feel free to contact me!

Enjoy your Easter weekend oXo