Eye Colour Part I: Hazel Eyes

Hey Guys!

This weekend I'm going to do a series of posts about shadows for different eye colours. I'm not one to say blue eye's must wear these colours and green eye's must wear another colour. I do however believe that there are certain colours that help eye colours pop. That being said this list of colours can be endless! 

Here is a very general rule of thumb. The two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel help accentuate each other. I tend to group the colours in two's or three's. For example, Yellow, Yellow-Green and Green are accentuate by Red, Red-Violet and Violet. This is a tool you can use to help you find colour families that will suit you best! 


I have hazel eye's so I did this look on myself. Tomorrow I will be posting a how-to on blue eye's! Hazel and green eyes can be in the same family depending on how light of a green, if you have a super light green eyes you may fall under the blue eye look as well (both would be flattering). My eye's are green somedays, yellow another and brown the next. Today they are a little bit of everything so this look could not only suit hazel and green but also brown! See what I mean by the possibilities are endless!? So to sum up this look could technically suit hazel, brown and green all very nicely. 


1.Press on a purple shade with a dense flat brush (to help avoid fallout) on to the lid. I used Hepcat by MAC.

2. Apply the same purple shade along the lower lash line using a smudging brush or a liner brush. 

3. Soften edges all around the eye using a blending brush. 

4. Use same blending brush to apply a darker plum colour onto the outer corner of the eye lid. I used Sketch by MAC. 

5. Apply the same dark plum shade along the lower lash line. 

6. Apply a brow highlight. I used a white with pink iridescent to help accentuate the purple tones in the look. 

7. Apply eye liner, mascara and lashes and there you have it! 

Here are the three colours I used to do this look, see if they match something you have in your makeup bag! 

From Left: Second most used shade in palette (Smashbox discontinued), Hepcat by MAC , Sketch by MAC

Hope this helped you guys out and like I said, this look can be flattering on most all eye colours it's just especially nice on hazel eyes!

Have a wonderful long weekend! oXo