Eve Lom & Sara Happ

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

As I've mentioned before I am traveling a bit with work right now so I do apologize for my lack of posts. Although I'm trying to get them to you on nights alone in hotel beds ;). I was recently in a Murale in Calgary and omg it's my other heaven (first heaven being Sephora). For those of you that have never been to a Murale I highly recommend going. It's just like Sephora in that's it's a product playground but has some different brands to check out. Also, it's Canadian! Which is super great to support. 

Of course I wanted to buy everything but I only picked up a couple key items to try. Two things that drew me to these products (which draw me to most products), the packaging and the story behind the brand. And of course the quality of the product, but thats a given. I bought some products from EVE LOM & Sara Happ that I will be chit chatting about in this post! 

Dontcha think my hotel comforter made a great back drop for my product photos? I do :)

Sara Happ - One Luxe Balm $25 CAN

Sara Happ started her brand in the kitchen. She was the first to market the "lip scrub" and wanted to create not just another balm but the BEST balm. She has basically created an empire on lips scrubs and lip balms. That's all she sells and she does it well! With all of her products wrapped in her signature "nightstand worthy" gift box and bow, she really knows how to make you feel special when purchasing her product. 

Since I have lip scrubs coming out of my ears (lip balms as well actually) I bought the lip balm. I was intrigued by the milky pink colour and the thick luscious texture. This balm is so thick, smooth and hydrating feeling. If you don't like that thick rich texture on the lips it may not be for you. I personally love the texture, also the finish it leaves is so pretty. It gives a milky muted pink colour to the lips, while it's not a cosmetic gloss and not intended to leave colour, it's just so glossy and creamy and looks great on any lip! The inspiration for this gloss is as follows: 

The supple feel of a shimmery gold YSL calfskin bag. A bottle of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Your favorite camisole; soft, sweet, nude, girly and grand. The world doesn't need another lip balm. It needs the right one. Slip into this. - www.sarahapp.com

Hmm now I'm pretty sure that description sold me right there (I heart Luxury). I've kept the box and the bow because I just can't bring myself to throw it out. The gloss also comes in a tube form for those who prefer it. 

EVE LOM - Cleanser (euro prices on the website but check out Murales website for Canadian pricing) I bought the 50mL for $55 CAN you literally need a drop of this stuff! 

This is not any old cleanser my friends. It is a solid oil cleanser made up for four aromatic plant oils that warm up in your fingers. You are provided with the full facial massage step by step starting with under and behind your ears and finishing with a sinus massage. You totally don't have to do this every time but it's nice once in a while! You can massage onto dry skin with a full face of makeup, it will break down the makeup and cleanse your skin beautifully. You then take a specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth and soak the cloth in hot hot water, ringing it out and letting it sit on your skin for 5 seconds, repeat 3 times (or just simply remove using downward strokes with the cloth if you don't have time for this pampering step). Finishing by running the Muslin Cloth under cold water and lay over face for 5 seconds to close pores, finish with your creams and what have you! 

I am in LOVE. What an amazing cleanser/treat for your face! Leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and not dried out at all, like most cleansers. I almost feel like I don't need a serum with this cleanser as it leaves a nice slip for your moisturizer to be applied on. 

EVE LOM - Cuticle Cream $25 CAN (literally use the tiniest dab!)

What can I say? Hydrating, protecting, luxurious and long lasting. Put this product on everyday for a week and you wont need it again for a while! Or just pop it one whenever you feel you need it. This cuticule cream protects the skin around the nails and also promotes nail growth. Love it. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if there are other EVE LOM/Sara Happ products you have used that you recommend! I am excited to explore more products from both these lines! Happy pampering ;)