Luscious Lips

Hey Guys! 

So yesterday I posted a look on my friend MARS on facebook and instagram. A few people were asking about the lips in the look so I decided to recreate it for you! If you didn't see the first look on MARS here it is... 

Here is how to recreate the lips and make them appear larger and fuller! 

1. Line the lips with a neutral lip pencil. Something that is a shade darker than your lips.

2. Apply Cosmo by MAC on the outer corners of the lips (upper and lower).

3. Apply Hue by MAC into the center of the lips (upper and lower).

4. Apply Spring Break lip gloss by NARS just in the very center of the lips then press together.

Here is a look at the products used to see if you have something different by similar in your makeup bag... 

A closer peak at the look... 

Hope you guys enjoyed and as always, feel free to contact me to ask any questions or to book me for your next event!