As of late...

Hey Guys! 

Some exciting things have happened in the last month or so and I want to fill you in! Also just wanted to to chit chat about daily happenings as of late :) 

I was able to really enjoy the holidays this year which was wonderful. As some of you may know I left my job at Sephora to peruse my own business. This Christmas was one of my favourites yet, got to see lots of friends and family! My sister who lives in Toronto spent a lot of time here in London over the holidays, as did two of my girlfriends one from Toronto and one from Ierland! 

Christmas morning was lovely. It is mine and my husbands first married Christmas together so I made sure to make the morning special. I baked a bread pudding with a buttered rum drizzle which was a huge hit! I had my eye on this two-tone Michael Kors watch for a while and lucky me, my husband got it for me for Christmas! We spent a nice morning together opening our stockings and presents and then we head over to my parents house. Spending time at my parents house truly makes me feel in the Christmas spirit, so it was a great day to say the least! 

I don't know about you guys but I love to dress up and plan an awesome night for new years eve! Not only do I get to celebrate new years but its also my birthday new years day so my friends and family always wish me happy birthday at midnight. This year a really good friend of mine hosted a new years house party which was tons of fun. After the ball dropped and everyone got their kisses in, then out came a birthday cake from my husband and friends, it was an amazing surprise! 

I had some amazing clients for new years eve, some of which being my good friends! Was a very fun day of glamming and beautifying! 

In the new year, I had an interview at Cake head office in Toronto to be their national trainer! Cake happens to be one of my favourite beauty brands and a product I've loved for years! To my readers who have been with me for a long time you have seen Cake pop up in lots of my posts I'm sure. If you wish to read some of the reviews I've done on my favourite Cake products, head over to the search engine and type in Cake! Anyways, I got the job which is sooo exciting! I will be traveling all over Canada training Sephora cast members on this awesome brand, super excited. It's also only about 4ish months out of the year so I still have lots of time to focus on my business and you, my clients! Once the new year hit I also started to cut back on sweets and try to get back to normal eating. I made a batch of healthy apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins with protein and have started drinking kale shakes every morning! 

With a healthy step into the new year, my husband and I have decided to make trail hiking a weekly date with our puppy! There are some beautiful trails in and around the London area and we are planning on exploring all of them! On this walk, we took our pup Rosie and a big thermos of hot cocoa :) 

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Wishing you all a fabulous New Year!!! oXo