Contour, Highlight & Blush Step-by-Step

Hey Guys! 

So I have recently had a few requests asking how I contour/highlight and apply blush - so I decided to do a blog post for you! This is an "everyday contour" meaning, it's not overly intense and can be worn without people seeing distinct lines of contouring on your face (which is what you would see on Kim Kardashian in person). Intense contouring photographs well but is quite unnatural looking in person. I make it look more natural with blending it out with bronzer and blush. Here is a step-by-step picture that I will describe in detail below...


1. Apply your foundation and finish your complexion as you normally would without bronze/blush/highlight. Apply bronzer as you normally would, for me I apply with a medium sized brush threw my cheeks, along my jaw line and into my hair line (this technique is apart of contouring and is called a "burnout"). You want to apply the bronzer right into your hairline, if you have light hair you have to be carful with this step. Doing this will also make your forehead appear smaller. Then use a tapered brush (fan brush or any brush for contouring) and apply a line of dark bronzer, dark foundation powder, or even dark brown eye shadow in the hollow of your cheek - roughly beginning near the middle of the ear. You can also use all liquids/creams but for this tutorial I used powders. 

2. Pick up some of the product you used to draw your contour line and buff out with an angled blush brush.

3. You shouldn't be able to see as distinct of a line anymore. I then took a deep tone blush (Raizin by MAC) and blended that into the back hollow of the cheek bone closer to the ear. This will soften the contour line you have created that much more but also add depth. 

4. Apply your blush more towards the front of the apple of your cheek, blending back into the deep tone blush. I used Azalea from the Pro Palette by MAC this colour can only be purchased a pro store locations. 

5/6/7. Apply a highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, down the center of your nose, on your cupids bow, along your temples and a bit above you eyebrows. I used a cream highlight - I find carefully blending out with my fingers is best. I used Benefit's Watt's Up - a beautiful soft focus highlighter that gives a delicate champagne glow. 

8. I then took a powder for a lighter skin tone (using Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC in Light) and lightly buffed it over the highlight. Not only does this set the cream and help it not to separate but it also softens it and blends it into the rest of the powder on the skin. Ensuring there are no visible lines or unevenness. 

Hope this helps! Always feel free to request certain topics you would like me to discuss!