Bar Tray


Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy/awesome and I've got the next few days off so stay tuned for lots of entries! Ok, so I want to talk about this trend that I totally thought I started but clearly didn't (I tend to do that sometimes oops). The "Bar Tray" - a tray filled with and array of glassware and liquor. I think this is a super simple, easy, affordable way to add a touch of chic to any home. Don't drink but think this look is super fab? I have a solution for you too! I have posted some pictures of what I've done with mine, but I plan on adding a lot more to it and looking for an actual bar cart. Something like this... 

Now, for those of you who don't drink and don't usually have liquor in the house, you could totally do a bar tray/cart with tea! If you are a tea fanatic and love loose leaf teas and silk tea bags, you could create a beautiful tray with all the different fancy tea's. You can really get creative and create an adorable little tea bar! Something like this... 

Here is the affordable little bar tray trend done in different ways that I adore! ... 

Here is my little tray :) ... 



1. These adorable tumblers were a Christmas gift from my sister and her boyfriend. They are "Countdown Glasses Set of Four" by Indigo at Chapters. 

2/5. Recently my parents gutted out a bunch of glass ware and home decore so I snagged this crystal decanter as well as the two crystal snifters. There are some really pretty crystal decanters here at - if real crystal isn't important to you, you can find regular glass ones anywhere! 

3. This decanter was also apart of the Christmas gift I mentioned in #1, also by Indigo at Chapters! Check it out, it's now 66% off! "Perfect Scotch Decanter" 

4. This martini shaker was a birthday gift from my good friend Michelle, she got it at Homesense

5. Snifters, mentioned in #2.

6. This tray came in a set with another one slightly smaller, I use the other one on my coffee table and I put books in it. They are so so pretty (more so in real life), they are glittery and twinkle very nicely - especially at night with lamps on! My sister-in-law, Morgan gave me these for my birthday! Here are some other really cool options from Pier One!

Do you guys like this trend? Would you create a bar tray of your own? Have other ideas of what kind of bar you could create or ideas in general? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you! 

(The pictures that are not of my bar tray were found on Pinterest!