My Fall Staples 2012

Every fall I get very excited about fashion. When I was younger it was about the excitement of getting new clothes, notebooks and backpacks, very thrilling. Now that I'm out of school I still get this same feeling every fall, some day soon it will be for my own kids starting school. I'm kind of excited for this feeling to return but for the mean time I can just be excited about the change of season and the fashion!

Fall is my ALL TIME favourite season, I wish it could be fall all year round. I love the colours, the crispness, the smells (burning wood, spices, cold air) and of course the fashion. Thanksgiving is probably my favourite holiday, very close behind Christmas (if Christmas was in the fall then hands down Christmas would take the lead by far). I'm getting married Thanksgiving weekend and serving a Thanksgiving dinner, can you tell I like Thanksgiving? Anyways I'm rambling... back to fashion. Every year I decide on a few staple pieces that I will base my wardrobe around and bring back existing pieces in my closet to accent these staples. These are my staples this year... 



1. The Oversized Sweater

Yes it's been done before but there is always new ways to introduce it into your look. For me, this year I want to invest in 3 or 4 extremely comfortable looking/feeling sweaters. Sweaters that have a high quality feel, something that seems "worn in". A good way to introduce this type of sweater on a budget... stores like Joe Fresh, Arie, Forever 21, Gap, always have a "lounge wear" section, this section is almost like pj's but not. You can totally dress up these types of pieces. This is where you will find those lived in fabrics and sweaters that give off the "omg that looks comfortable" look. I found my first one at Arie yesterday, I bought it in a size to big and its really nice and long. Soo soft and it's got a v-neck cut in both the front and the back...

2. Leather Panel Leggings or Pants

Easy to dress up or down. Easy to wear again and again and make a new look each time. That's it. They are needed. 

3. Knee High Riding Boots

A great boot is hard to find. Especially for me, with larger calf muscles it's difficult for me to find a boot that fits them nicely. I found a pair a couple years ago and wore them into the ground, it's time for a new pair and when I find them I will probably buy two pairs. Have larger calves and know of a great pair of boots? Please leave a comment and help a sista out! 

4. Longggg Scarf

I'm on the hunt for a super duper long scarf that I can wrap around my neck like 4 times. I've seen a few and I think online purchasing will be my best bet for this, I will continue to browse and let you know what I find! 

5. Studded Big Bag

This one is already checked off my "to get" list. Got this bag at H&M, (59.99 CA) its great. Nice and big (I love my big bags), lots of room for all sorts of goodies. It also comes in black with gold studs, mine is cream with silver studs. I wear a lot of gold, but I feel like the clash of golds and silvers works especially if there is lot's of mixing going on. The bag... 

Hope you guys liked this post! Have a wonderful Sunday, muah! xox