Eat My Hair!

Hey Guys! 

I am so excited to share this new product I love with you... hair perfume! With the huge trend of dry shampooing and trying not to over wash our hair to avoid drying it out, hair perfume is a perfect accessory! I came across this lovely product at Tantrum in London Ontario on Richmond Street downtown! Mane Teeze by T&M has three delicious scents to choose from, Social Butterfly (my fav!), Haut Mess and Black Widow. When I researched the product further I found out some really interesting things about the brand... 

- It's CANADIAN yay! 

- The founders and creators are two very talented young women one from right here in LONDON Ontario! The other from Orillia Ontario! 

- They have landed franchises of the Blo Blow Dry Bar and are successfully spreading their business world wide! 

Love supporting local talent and this is an amazing product! I LOVE the Social Butterfly scent but they are beautiful and plan on collecting all three!