What is my pamper routine you ask? Here goes...

I've got a couple questions on what my favourite pamper session includes.  Well here it is ladies and gents, be prepared for the softest, yummiest smelling, silky smooth body from head to toe! I don't do this routine often as it is more time consuming and would be too much to do on a daily basis.  I probably do it about once a week. By all means, substitute what ever products you have at home to replace the one's I have used - this post is mainly about the process rather then products! ... but we can't forget the oh-so-beautiful products! 


First things first...

Step One: I take a hair oil (you can use any) the one I used tonight is the Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil from the body shop  and massage it thoroughly onto my scalp.  This oil is amazing! Great for hair, body, bath or massage oil. This is a personal choice for me but I hate the feeling of a dry or itchy scalp and this really soothes and moisturizes (we moisturize every other part of our body might as well moisturize our scalp!). Once I have massaged that in I give my hair and scalp a good brush - which feels amazing! (you look like a homeless greaser at this point but it's all worth it in the end!) 

Step Two: Shower. Since I have a thorough coating of oil on my scalp I always wash my hair twice. Then I put on a hair mask. Right now I am using the 3 Minute Shine Boost by Alterna from the Caviar line. It is an amazing mask that leaves your hair so SHINEY! While that is in I do the shower nessecities, shave body wash and cleanse my face with my Clarsonic and cleanser (using Korres Milk cleanser 3 in 1 cleanses, tones, and removes eye makeup).

Step Three: Exfoliate! Everywhere! Favourite thing of life. I start at the top and work my way down. (a) For my face right now I am using (and loving) Exfolikate by Kate Somerville  - massage your scrub onto your skin, gently for about 2 minutes then rinse.  With this particular scrub you leave it on for two minutes after scrubbing for added benefits but just read the directions on your product! (b) Next I exfoliate my body.  I turn the shower head away and remove most of the excess water on my skin.  Then I scrub away for about 10 minutes until I feel thoroughly sloughed! I am using the African Red Tea Scrub by Ole Henriksen. Then rinse. (c) I then scrub my my feet with a puma stone or my new found love the Diamancel Foot Buffer then I exfoliate my feet with the Cake Milk Maid Scrub Hands and Cuticle buffer (you can use it on your hands and feet). Be careful walking around after, you are basically walking on silk tootsies! 

Step Four: Get out of the shower and pat dry. I then take the same oil I used in my hair earlier and mix it with my body butter-of-the-moment (right now I'm using Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works). I mix it in my hands until it makes a paste. I would say 1 part oil 3 parts body butter.  I apply that all over my body. 

Step Five: Do a mask that suits your skins needs. I love hydrating masks so I usually stick to those. Tonight I used the Black Tea Mask by Fresh - absolutely amazing! Leave that on for about 10 minutes then rinse off. Apply your regular skin care from there. For me that is a serum, face cream, eye cream and a lip treatment. 

Step Six: Get dressed in your snuggliest pj's.

Step Seven: Load some vaseline onto your feet and slip on some socks.

Step Eight: Veg out and let the relaxation take over!   

I know, I know, a bit excessive right? But trust me! Do it once and a while and you will feel amazing after! So worth every minute spent :) Happy Pampering! oXo