These are a few of my favourite things...

I am going to start posting "These are a few of my favourite things" on a regular basis just like how I do the "Product 411" on the reg! It's a great way for me to share with you things I'm loving right in the moment! This post is all about some fav things that are really making me feel summery! 

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb 

I am absolutely LOVING this fragrance! It is soo feminin and pretty, at the same time very sexy and sensual. Fragrance evokes emotion in people.  I love having fragrances that make me feel a certain way or allow me to reminisce on a favourite memory. Certain fragrances I have worn throughout my life make me remember specific things that were going on at the time.  I'm excited to start wearing this one and create new scent sensations and memories that I will remember for years to come whenever I smell this scent! A little bit about the fragrance itself... 

Full-bodied and opulent, the Eau de Parfum explodes in a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes which leave their trail, like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture. A millefleurs around the freesia, Centifolia rose, osmanthus and Sambac jasmine, supported by a background of patchouli.

Bath and Body Works: Summer Boardwalk Candle 

Bought this candle yesterday and I can't stop burning it! It is supposed to be reminiscent of what a summer fair or carnival smells like... carmel corn, candy apples and salted sweet cream. It is heavenly

Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup

Ok so this product not only makes you look deliciously tanned but also evens skin tone and any imperfections. It also smells scrumptious as it is infused with almond coconut milk! I absolutely love how this product makes my skin look. I really wanted to wear it for my wedding day but I was a bit concerned about it transferring onto my gown. It claims to be transfer resistant so I put it to the test! I wore it out clubbing one night, where I was sweating and dancing. I wore a white bra and lighter colour clothing - ZERO transfer! I think the key to this was applying it on perfectly clean dry skin and letting it dry completely before getting dressed. Looks amazing on legs and decollate! But honestly apply it head to do for smooth bronzed skin! I found it evened out my skin making it look perfectly smooth and cellulite free!  

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! oXo