"Glam without the Glue"

Hey Guys!! 

Side-note... Ok so for some reason I am having trouble with my blog domain recently so for now just stick to using my original which is http://theallure.squarespace.com/. I am not to worried about fixing this because everything about my blog is changing very soon! Back to business...

Too Faced recently came out with this super innovative product called "Better Than False Lashes" I am LOVING this product! I find you have to practice with it a few times to get the hang of it but once you do it truly doubles the size of your lashes.

What is it? A 3 step process, the first step is the "Activating Mascara Base and Top Coat" (I suggest to apply a pretty thick layer making sure to really saturate the base of the lash). Next, apply a THIN layer of the "Flexistretch Nylon Lash Fibers" (apply this carefully, almost like you are placing them on the lash where you want your volume and length). Lastly, apply the "Activating Mascara Base and Top Coat".  

Now in my experience I have found it best if I apply the base coat on one eye then immediately apply the fibers, let them sit and do the same on the other eye (apply base coat then fibers).  Then go back to the first eye with the fibers and once you have given those a minute to settle in apply the top coat. Then I repeat this process as many times as I want, keeping the layer of fibers thin and meticulously applied.  

It's definitely a process but if you find that wearing false lashes in a pain or you just like really outrageous lashes on a day to day basis (who doesn't?!) you will love this product! Now I will say one thing, it is difficult to achieve perfectly defined lashes and a clump free finish.  If you don't mind a little clump and a LOT of length then you will love it.  For me, I love the look of a lot and obvious mascara, I am not really the type to apply natural mascara... I like DRAMA! 

Tips for using the product: 

- After your last time applying the three steps apply one coat of regular mascara after the fibers have set (not dry but tacky). I found that throughout the first day I started to notice a bit of fading, almost like the fibers were about to show through (they didn't) But they just weren't ultra black. The next day I tried regular mascara to top it off and they stayed black all day! 

- This product will give you a TON of length so if volume is what you need you may really need to layer in some volumizing mascara - play with it and see what works. 

- Thin and multiple layers = best results! 

- Comb the product on top and underneath lashes for a fuller longer look and this also helps with adding definition 

Here is a picture of my lashes with the system on... (sorry for the blurriness)