Scrub your feet with diamonds... actually!

Ok so I am a freak about scrubbing my feet and making sure they are callous free and smooth as can be. I have been using classic foot scrubbers for some time now and I thought they were as good as it gets... I was so wrong! Meet the Diamancel Diamod Foot Buffer!

Usually after buffing my feet in the shower I have to use some elbow grease and really give 'er. But with this, I started at it like a normally would and realized quickly I barely needed to apply pressure (not because of discomfort from just feeling a bit after buffing). Honestly, you barely have to apply any pressure and BAM smooth A$$ feet! I am so in love with this tool and I feel like it is well worth the investment... because it is definitely an investment at forty-nine (canadian) bucks a pop! Then again the buffing surface is infused with diamonds so essentially you are buffing your feet with diamonds... ridiculous? I think NOT! Don't your feet deserve a treat? I LOVE this!