Product 411

Hello to all my beautiful alluring readers! 

OK... its official. I'm going to go broke from buying nail polish! At work we just got a new Nail Studio and the colours/finishes/styles/combinations are ENDLESS! I'm going to be all about the nails for a bit so I just wanted to fill you in on my latest purchase that I LOVE! 

My new favourite top coat: Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat 

Reasons why I love it... 

- not to thick not to thin

- supa dupa shiny and glossy 

- sooooo quick drying! 

I do love a super thick juicy top coat but the problem with those is you get half way down the bottle and its too thick to get anymore out (Kaitlyn!)

My next purchase was a nail colour from Nails Inc: Wellington Square

I love this colour it is going to be my easter mani/pedi colour that I plan on doing Friday :) It's a deliciously creamy pale orange... 

I love nails inc. not only for their amazing choices in colour but always for the adorableness that is there polish names, for example... Kensington Park Road, London Town, Notting Hill Gate etc etc! 

Give your self a festive Easter mani/pedi too - and maybe try out a nails inc. shade ;) Let me know which one you tried and how you liked it! Happy Easter Dolls! oXo