Scrubs and Things

Hey Dolls!

I ♡ exfoliating. Not only does it leave your skin feeling new and fresh it leaves your skin glowing and looking fabulous. I have a few scrubs on the go and some all time favourites that I will fill you in on! 

Desserted Island Soothing Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I absolutely love this oily deliciously fabulous smelling scrub! It really gives a deep exfoliation with it's larger sugary bits - they get down and dirty and slough off all that unwanted dull dry skin.  It is oil based and leaves a lovely moisturizing layer on the skin *quick tip* pat dry after showering, don't rub dry - don't want to wipe off that yummy smelling, moisturizing oil! Cake scrubs come in a few different scents I love this one as well... Milk Made Soothing White Sugar Body Scrub. Desserted Island smells like Tahitian vanilla and coconut and the Milk Made is a softer scent made with whole milk, white sugar, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil.  Some things I love about Cake Beauty is it is a Canadian born and raised company! Which is great, I love supporting Canada.  Also it is 98% percent natural! I have been a faithful client of Cake Beauty for years now and I love so many of their products. A couple other all time favourites of mine... 

 Satin Sugar Glistening Dry Shampoo & Body Powder 

- smells amazingggg and leaves your hair feeling clean and with a beautiful glistening glow! 

Milk Made Soothing Hand and Cuticle Buffer

- similar to the body scrubs this product leaves your hands and feet feeling like a baby's bottom! (I ALWAYS have this in my shower!) 

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub 

This is another scrub I am using right now and it is absolutely luxurious.  This scrub is for all skin types but is from the the Ole Henriksen anti-aging collection. I am a sucker for any and all things anti-aging! Being that this scrub helps to renew and hydrate the skin while doing so helps skin look and feel younger, short and long term! 

Raw, organic Paraguayan sugar Gently exfoliates and moisturizes dry, lackluster skin
Grapefruit, orange and tangerine extracts Purifies and brightens the skin with natural astringent, antiseptic and aromatic qualities
Honey Inhibits the growth of bacteria and locks in moisture
Linseed oil (flaxseed oil) Moisturizes with gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid    

Some other fav products from Ole Henriksen... 

Purifying Eye Makeup Remover (Pads) 

- Love the ease of these eye makeup remover pads, just grab one and wipe off!

Truth Revealed Super Creme SPF 15

- Moisturizing, nourishment and protection all in one! Anddd smells like skittles! 

*quick tip* I have been dry scrubing lately and it really goes the extra mile! (I don't suggest this if you tend to have more sensetive skin) 

- use a spritz bottle, fill it with water and lightly spray your entire body with it before you get in the shower

- grab some scrub and massage it into your skin (in the shower {without it turned on} so you don't make a mess on your floor) 

I find this realllyyyy gives an amazing deep exfoliation - next level! 

Happy Pampering! oXo