Layering Trend

I am totally in love with this accessory trend! I'm always trying to think of a different way to switch it up and I have become a bit obsessed with buying new bracelets.  If you haven't figured it out yet I'm talking about layering bracelets with a watch or on their own combining different styles and colours. Having a great watch to complete this trend is key, but don't want to drop big $$$ on a MK watch? Accessory stores have come out with great affordable options.  It's nice to have one expensive staple watch but then maybe purchase a few less expensive ones to create a different look. Here are some great affordable options to re-create this trend in as many different ways as possible for less... 

Some watches I ♥ for less... 

This Aldo watch comes with four different bands (which is a great option and really helps with creating a different look everyday!) only around $30! 

Looking to spend a little bit more? Fossil watches are amazing! They are very well made and long lasting - paying a little more might be worth it! This one is a BEAUTY and its only $95... Check out more of the beautiful collection here! 

I came across a web site called The Watchery - they sell discounted luxury watches! I haven't ordered from them before so I can't vouch for their reliability but I read some reviews and it sounds good. They also ship almost everywhere and you can find pretty much every brand including Bulgari, Cartier, Fossil and MK. A price point for any budget! (I'm totally considering purchasing my next watch from them-let you know how that goes) 

As for some options to layer with here are some braclets I love... 

$12 (ish) from Aldo 

$14 (ish) from Aldo

$10 (ish) from Claire's. Went in there the other day and they have stepped up their game! They still have their kiddy stuff but they also have some super cute accessories. It's nice because unlike buying things from Aldo, you may find pieces that 3 of your girlfriends don't already have.

Happy layering! oXo