Bring Spring Home!

Hey Guys! 

Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is always a great way to spruce up your home in any season.  But the upkeep can get expensive and replacing them on a regular basis can be hard with a busy life.  I have been loving the pastel colours of the season so I wanted to incorporate them into my home in some way without throwing off the current colour schemes (nudes, beiges, golds, burnt yellows, dusty rose). I went on a Chapters run this afternoon looking for some candles on the discount rack (gotta love the home sale rack at Chapters!) I came across this great bon bon jar... It was $19.50 with %50 off! 

Then I went to Bulk Barn to find something to fill it with.  I was drawn to Mini Eggs but I knew those would be gone in a day (especially with a boy in the house!). So I wanted to find something more long lasting... like mints! A perfect spring colour - blue pastel :) They were $3.50 for this amount. 

Ta Dah!!! 

Next on my list is to find two other jars with different shapes and finishes.  For example, frosted or crackle finishes in a tall slender jar or a tear drop shape. I plan on filling them with Lemon Drops and Lavender Candy Hearts. So you get the idea! Get creative with it and create your own little spring candy bar!