Spring Makeup

Here are some great Spring 2012 makeup trends to get you in a springy mood! 

Wet/Shimmering Smokey Eyes  

A sexy smouldering smokey eye is always hot, but this spring it is going to be huge. It's all about a dark and somewhat messy smokey look. Some tips on creating a smoke show eye... 

1. Even though the over all look will be mainly black, I still like to use at least 3 colours (black, blending colour and brow highlight) 

2. Use an amazing primer because creasing is the WORST especially with a black smokey eye, try Shadow Insurance by Too Faced.  In my opinion... BEST eye primer eva! 

3. If you really want to get runway about it, after your done your smokey eye apply a little bit of vaseline on the center of the eye lid (gives a super sexy wet look)

Dewy Perfected Skin

Forget your mattifying powder, it's all about the dew! Gorgeously highlighted skin with a supple plush look is what it's all about for spring 2012. Tips for achieve the look... 

1. Use a illuminating primer that gives your skin an all over glow, try Smooth Operator by Tarte! It is amazingly smooth and has other wonderful skin benefits built right in! 

2. Focus your dewy glow on the high points of your face with this amazinggg highlighter - Watts Up by Benefit. Apply with a brush, fingers or the sponge applicator it comes with along the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, under the brows, and where ever else you want to look lit from within! You can also apply it all over your face under your foundation as a primer then again on the high points for an ULTRA glow. 

Nail Adornment 

It's ALL about the nails. Get creative with your digits and try some of the amazing new nail products on the market! Stickers, Magnetic Polish, Glitter and Shimmer top coats and tonsss of amazing colours and hues! Don't love craziness going on on every nail? Just add a little glitz or a detailed sticker to the ring finger (or whatever finger you want!) Nails have become a huge expression of style - so express away! Also, check out some of my other posts on nails, just type nails into the search engine! Check out some of my fav nail looks... 

Influential Brows 

A strong bold brow statement must be made this spring! Brows shape the face and are super crucial to your over all look.  Check out some other posts I have done on brows by typing that into the search engine! Don't be afraid to be a little heavy handed when shading in your brows this spring.

Assertive Lips 

Expressive bold lips are a great accessory and an amazing pick-me-up. Statement lips are a great way to look done up without spending too much time, low maintenance eye, bold lip and your on your way! Rock some Tangerine Tango, Cherry Red, or Petal Pink - whatever your heart desires... 

Try some of these hot spring trends out and stay tuned for tonnss more! It's only Febuary for pete's sake! More trending to come! oXo