Winter Accessory Must-Haves

Some of my winter accessory must-haves...

1. Cute gloves. There are so many pairs of adorable gloves out there, find something that works for you, wether they go with your purse or coat or you just want them to stand out! I love these studded long gloves. I just picked up a pinky nude pair from H&M with a fur collar. 

2. Loving a fur accent around the neck for winter. This one is an infinity fur scarf, super cute! I just got one like it from Arie.

3. Thigh high socks are a great way to stay warm but also look adorable. Love these over top of you regular tights or leotards with a pair of knee high boots! Really looks very layered and chic. I just picked up a grey pair at H&M

4. Wool fedoras are all over the place. I'm kicking myself because I was in Toronto not to long ago, at the stand alone Joe Fresh and they had a super cute one just like this and I didn't get it! Silly. I will have my eyes pealed for the next one I see, or maybe one of my loved ones will be so kind as to get me it for Christmas, who knows!! ;) 

5. These are my staples all year round but I especially love the look in the winter. HUGE diamond or pearl studs. I think they look super fab and really put the finishing touch on your look. 

6. A berry lip. Couldn't be more now and looks very wintery fresh, try some out and see what tone works best for you!