Makeup Room!

Hey Guys! 

I just recently started re-organizing and re-decorating my makeup room. I thought I would share some of the neat things I found and ideas I had on how to do this! For those of you who love makeup and want to organize your personal collection a little better or for other makeup artists out there who need some inspiration! I know there are tons of youtube tutorials on different ways to organize your room but this is how I did mine! 

First off I went to Solutions (my new favourite place). I checked to make sure they have a good return policy because I knew I wanted to buy a bunch of different things to see what worked and what didn't. Turned out, I used everything I bought and everything worked out perfectly! 

They actually have a ton of cosmetic specific organizers which was awesome, go to their website and type in cosmetics or lipstick and they will all come up. I bought the "Lipstick Holder With 18 Spaces" ($13.99) as well as the nail polish holder. 

Next up I wanted to organize my foundations. I actually used a "Letter Tray Organizer" ($9.99) for this and put my most used foundations, tinted moisturizers and primers face down in this. I was a bit worried about the bigger bottles fitting but everything did. I bought two of these. 

I wanted a way to have my palettes out without taking up too much space, well my most used palettes anyways. So I grabbed the "File Rack" ($12.99) and I use this to stack my palettes in, the ones that are too short I just stand them upright. There were so many options for this, all sorts of file holders or magazine racks that could also work! 

I wanted my most used lip glosses, lip liners, eye liners and mascaras close at hand so I bought four of the "Mesh Pencils Cups" (on sale for $3.99). Now the ones that I got have a little divider inside that splits the cube up into sections of four. These were on sale and they are not on the website so I think they are being discontinued but any of their pen holders will work! I bought about 6 of these and used the other ones in my big drawers to organize overflow. I also put my alchole bottles, makeup romover, setting spray ect. in another one. 

I bought a couple "Mini 3 Drawer Organizer" ($9.99). I put my most used single eyeshadows, concealers, and setting powders in here. Love these! 

All in all it was a very successful shop at Solutions and I totally recommend them or any other organizing storage store near you to complete your makeup room! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, I love hearing from you guys! 

MUAH! oxo