my NYE must-haves

Hey Guys! 

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were able to spend time with the ones you love! I had an amazing Christmas, makes me feel very grateful for my family and the country I live in. With NYE just around the corner, I thought I would post my must-haves. Check 'em out... 

WARMTH - I don't know about you but I will never again not wear a coat to avoid a $2 coat check. I believe that was all the range in university but now, I would pay a much greater price then two-dollars to be warm! So wear a coat and make it apart of your ensamble ;) 

COMFORT - I'm always about comfort for my feet, I will admit I'm not one of those girls who can sacrifice comfort for the most amazing looking heels... wish I could! I do admire those girls but for me my feet gotta be comfortable and warm. Platform booties are the perfect answer! 

KISSABLE LIPS - Now some may beg to differ but again these are MY personal nye must haves. Having approachable, kissable lips is more inviting for that midnight kiss then a bold red or bright pink. Guys do tend to shy away from being covered in lipstick afterwards. Now, if the guy your with doesn't care then great! And if you aren't with a guy and out with the ladies then even better, rock a stylish pout! This product here is Dior Lip Glow. It's a soft smooth balm that brings out the natural pink tones in your lips. Adds just enough colour but very little texture. 

GLITTER - Whats NYE without glitter?! Where ever you choose to rock some glitter, whether it be your top, jacket, skirt, eye makeup or shoes rock it with pride! Glitter = New Years :) 

STATEMENT PIECE - I adore statement necklaces! I think they look super sexy and polished. If you are wearing a strapless or a low cut top, a statement necklace is perfect! My only advice would be to go some what easy on the earrings. In my opinion you can still go to town with the arm candy because they are further away. Check out my boxing day finds at Forever 21, the middle necklace is what I plan to wear with my NYE outfit...

Hope you all have a fabulous NYE and finish the year in style ;) Happy 2013!!!!