Holiday Glitter Eye How-To

Hey Guys! 

Here is a look I did last night for a dinner out, it's a great look for this time of year. Sparkle and glitz always says 'holiday season' to me! 

The Look:

How To:

1. Apply a neutral brown smokey eye (or whatever eye you like!), apply everything except lashes - even your liquid liner! 

2. Apply a product to adhere the glitter to the lid I use a product called Glitter Glue (apply only to the area where you wish to apply the glitter). I apply this product with a small concealer brush, something like this.

3. Apply the glitter pigment with the same brush (just wipe off the remaining glitter glue, the slight dampness remaining on the brush will allow you to pick up the glitter with ease).  

4. Press the glitter onto the lid, don't brush just press to avoid fall out. 

5. Use a blending brush to slightly soften the edge of the glitter.

6. There will be a little fall out, it is some what unavoidable with loose pigments and glitter. Do your eyes first if you want to be really careful, that way you can just wipe the excess glitter from under your eyes with makeup remover. If you think you can do your eyes last with minimal fall out, a little trick to pick up fallen glitter on your cheeks - use a piece of tape! (it's sticky enough to take off glitter without removing your foundation and other makeup!) 

7. Lastly retouch your liquid liner if glitter as gotten on it, apply your mascara and false lashes and viola! 

Some of my favourite glitters and pigments...

Makeup Forver Glitter

Mac Pigment

OCC Cosmetic Glitter 

Enjoy your weekend! Please let me know in the comments if you tried this look with success or if you have some questions! Always feel free to contact me privately as well!